30 Funniest Drummer Fails – Including a guy throwing up during a drum solo…

If you had the chance to watch Whiplash, you would know how stressful drumming can be. While bleeding fingers, calculated revenge, and murderous teacher are far from the truth, the movie gives a great insight to the life of a drummer. To laypeople, drummers appear cool and snappy – drumming away the beats in their own world.

However, don’t be fooled. It can take a lot of time and patience to be on fleek at all times. If you think drummers have it easy, you are wrong. There have been many spectacular drumming fails in history and some of them will make you laugh out loud. If you think we are exaggerating, check these out!

It is easy to get carried away when you are playing your favorite musical instrument.


If you tend to go frantic while drumming, make sure you don’t poke your eye!

Festivities and drums go hand in hand! In South Asian countries, it is a common practice to play drums whenever there is a happy occasion. Be it a wedding, a birthday celebration or a festive holiday, drums are mandatory.


However, at times, your excessive enthusiasm can take over your mind and logic, and you end up hurting a few people. We are sure this awesome drummer in red only wanted to share his bliss with others, but OUCH! Next time you see a groom and bride making a grand entrance, warn the people around the drummer! Let’s not turn a wedding into a funeral.

You either LOVE Metallica or loathe it… there is no in-between. And then there is Lar Ulrich.

Often cited as the worst drummer ever in the whole wide world, it is no wonder that Cliff asked Jeff if Lars could actually even play drums. Don’t believe us? Watch their documentary “When Metallica ruled the world” on YouTube! In the past, there have been a number of spectacular drumming fails by Ulrich that made us question his ‘talent and career’. Going off the track, missing beats, dropping odd beats, and living in his own world are some of the major concerns fans have had. However, fans still can’t decide for sure if he is actually an awesome or a dreadful drummer. Well, watch the video and make up your mind!

When your parents buy you a brand-new drumming set and you want to show it off to the entire world as soon as you wake up that you forget to dress!


We hope that eyeball is still intact! It can be hard to control your raging emotions when you have sleek drums right in your home!

Or when you don’t have a drum and you are too eager to learn.


We are glad that you are so passionate about drumming, but please keep your calm! Play the drums, not the people around you!

Here we have a great compilation of drumming fails.

There is a drummer who casually drops the sticks during the show and grins sheepishly as if it happens all the freaking time! The epic fail is followed by a flabbergasted singer and guitarist watching their band-member go ballistic on the instrument. The next fail is hilarious, and you might even feel a little bad for a drummer who falls off his chair as he tries to take the life out of his drum. You will see several more drummers falling of their seats as if gravity has some sort of grudge against them!

If you want more drumming fails, watch this video, and laugh your way through it.

We have a couple of players falling off their chairs, dropping sticks and poking their eyes with the sticks.

There are even a few cymbals flying off as if they were sneaky UFOs planning to disappear from Earth. How can they just fly off in the middle of the song? Come back please!

It can be a daunting task to play an impressive solo in front of a large crowd.

But can a drum solo make you puke out your guts all over the drums? The answer is yes!

We think it was quite marvelous of him to keep drumming till the end… He held it up because the show must go on. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to vomit during a live concert. Check the reactions of his team members. Poor guy will never hear the end of it!


Biggest drum fail of them all: Animal taking on Buddy Rich…


When you drum, make sure others around are enjoying the beat!

We get it… You don’t like your job!


Buy a drumming set and live your dream!

Or perhaps, some of us should just stick to our mundane jobs.

Not all of us are cut out to be drummers…


Anyone can have a bad day though. If you truly love drumming, don’t give up and practice on!

If renowned musicians can make blunders and if a guy can puke in front of shocked spectators, then it is perfectly okay to make a small mistake once in a while. Just don’t get crazy over your drumming sets and poke your eyeballs. Bang on!

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