Behringer XD80 Review


Value for money






Sound quality



  • MIDI Capability
  • Compact and relatively quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated metronome
  • Affordable price tag


  • Not for pro performance
  • Rubber pads
  • Relatively limited drum module
If you wish to find a nicely performing and compact electronic drum kit, you should check out Behringer XD80. It’s an affordable e-drum kit that’s great for beginner drummers.

It is simple to use and comes with a decent entry-level drum module. Since it is within reach for most novice drummers, we’re going to talk about it in more detail.

Construction and Quality

Similarly, as we have mentioned in the introduction, the Behringer XD80 comes with convenient and straightforward setup that you can use with ease. At the same time, it is compact enough so that you can play it wherever you are.

The idea is that you will get super user-friendly kit, which is perfect for drummers that have not played electronic drums before. Within the package, you will get an entire drum kit, but some accessories you have to purchase additionally.

You will not get a drum amp, headphones and drum throne, which means that you have to make an additional expanse. Apart from that, you should remember that this particular drum kit is simple to set up especially if you are using manual that you will get within the package.

You will also get an electronic drum that features LCD as well as user interface, which is simple to use along the way. You will also get four 3 x 8-inches Dual-zone snare and tom pads as well as three 3 x 12 inches dual zone cymbals so that you can enjoy with it.

It comes with one hi-hat trigger pedal, kicks pad, kicks drum pedal, generic drumsticks and 15 different rack clamps that you can install based on your preferences.

Sound Modules

The best thing about the Behringer XD80 is that you will get user-friendly sound modules as well as other exciting features that will help you along the way. You will get with it integrated metronome as well as 15 different drum kits, 17 sounds, USB port and ten presets.

Since it comes with USB port, finally, you will be able to transfer sounds from your drum kit into the computer and vice versa. Therefore, if you are producing, you can integrate it with any DAW of your choice.

When you have in mind that you will be able to find it for the affordable price tag, when compared with other drum kits within the price range, you will get a vasvariety of sound modules that will increase the learning capacity.

You will also get digital compatibility, which is an excellent addition when you have in mind the amount you have to spare for it. However, do not expect any high-end sounds, because everything is quite entry level.

We have mentioned above that you will get the icon-driven user interface, which means that you can get the sound module, which is integrated with the corresponding pad, and sound you decide to choose.

That way, the navigation through sounds is much more convenient and faster than other drum kits that you can find on the market.

You have to press the icon on the pad, and you will be able to use the sound module based on your preferences. You can also get sound through speakers or headphones that you can input inside. That way, you will be able to produce 175 different drum sounds with ease.

Integrated Metronome

Having integrated metronome is great if you are a novice player that wants to improve your skills. Have in mind that metronome will help you stay in the tempo and you can adjust it so that you can get extra practice.

Having it inside your electronic drum kit is great for beginners because it will help you develop sense of timing and rhythm. Therefore, if you are using drum tabs, you will be able to adjust metronome so that you can practice with more accuracy than without it.

Available Kits and Sounds

Behringer XD80 electronic drum kit comes with ten different styles in which five of them are programmable by you. That useful addition will help you create your method as time goes by.

Sounds are sufficient so that you can use them with ease and without feeling overwhelmed. At the same time, you will get 175 sounds within the sound module, which will allow you to set each of them to work with your kit.

Have in mind that sound and sample library affects the overall price tag for most electronic drums nowadays. Therefore, you will get limited library when compared with other more expensive solutions on the market.

USB Port

Finally, you will be able to rest assured, because this particular drum kit comes with USB port, which means that you can connect your drum with computer with ease.

That will allow you to produce and record your patterns and beats based on your playing style and preferences. You will be able to use ten different drum sounds so that you can record.

You have to turn on a DAW that you are using, and in matter of minutes, it will be integrated and fully connected with it.


Behringer XD80 is good entry-level electronic drum set. It comes with limited library but an affordable price tag, which means that you do not have to spare the entire fortune to get it.

  • Value For Money – 9/10 – Since Behringer XD80 is basic and entry-level electronic drum kit, you will get only limited sound modules. However, it is simple to use it, and you can use it for years after purchase. It is highly durable and responsive, which makes it great solution for novice players.
  • Features – 7/10 – We have mentioned above that, you will be able to get it for the affordable price tag, which is why you will not get the same features as other drum sets on the market. However, even though it is not featured rich, you will get basic ones such as MIDI capability, an integrated metronome and sound library that will allow you to become better player than before.
  • Playability – 7/10 – It is responsive, and you will get three cymbals as well as toms, snare, kick tower and hi-hat pedal.
  • Sound Quality – 7/10 – Even though you will get the limited sound library, it is still high quality, and you will be able to use it for years after purchase. Since you can listen to everything through speaker or headphones, you can find different ways to enjoy the excellent sound quality that you will get with this affordable electronic drum set.

Final Verdict

In overall, what makes Behringer XD80 electronic drum set great is its simplicity and affordability. It is drum kit that’s great for beginners, and it will deliver you decent performance for novice players (or more experienced players looking for a quiet practice option).


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