The 10 Best Drummer Necklaces


Want to get a necklace for the drummer in your life? Or perhaps you’d like to let your identity as a drummer shine even more through jewelry.

Either way, we’ve put together 10 of the best and coolest drummer necklaces that you should consider.

These are all very affordable. You’re not going to see any very high cost items on this list.

There are options for men and women. We’ve also included necklaces ranging between subtle or flashy. All in all, there should be something for everybody!

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Let’s get down to the list!

1. Drumstick Necklace for Men and Women

A very nice looking stainless steel necklace with drumstick pendants.

They are clean, smooth, and the necklace itself is one that fits nicely.

This is quite a popular necklace for drummers. It's quite a noticeable and great looking necklace, while also not being too flashy. This once really strikes a good balance between the two.

We've put this necklace as the first option on our list. If you're not sure what necklace to buy, we recommend this one!

2. Spinningdaisy Crystal Miniature Drum Set Necklace (Gold)

This is a great gold-colored necklace for drummers that would probably be more suitable for girls (but there's nothing stopping guys from wearing it!).

As a drummer, if you look closely at this one, you'll see that it's created from the perspective of a person look from behind the drum kit.

It has a gold-colored chain along with a lovely drum set pendant.

The bass drum has crystals in a nice pattern and the overall set is really nicely detailed and designed.

If you're looking for a very inexpensive gold-colored option that looks great, this might be your option!

3. Spinningdaisy Silver Plated Crystal Drum Set Necklace

This is quite a similar design to one above, except it's in a silver color instead and it contains more crystals.

As a drummer, you'll also notice at the angle of the drums make it look like you're looking from on front of the drum kit (i.e. from the perspective of an audience member).

You didn't need to know that, we just thought it would be an interesting side note.

The silver color and crystals make for a more subtle look.

It's very suitable for both guys and girls!

4. X8 Drums Djembe Drum Necklace

Maybe you're a drummer or percussionist that thinks "Gold? nah... Silver? nah..."

If you're in that school of thought, let us introduce the X8 Drums Djembe Drum necklace.

It includes a corded black necklace connected to a mini drum that is about 1.5-2 inches high. There are also some nice beads of different colors on the necklace.

It's a very nice option for any drummer, but it would be particularly great for those that play the djembe or are interested in world music.

5. FollowC Love Cross Pendant for Drummers

For Drummers that love to fuse their passion of music with a Christian church.

It's not uncommon to see worship bands with full kitted out drum sets and stage gear!

This one certainly won't be for everyone, but if it's your thing then it's worth checking out.

This one is a steel necklace with a steel cross pendant that has a black colored front.

The cross includes 4 illustrations that make up the word "LOVE" (these are a hi-hat stand, bass drum, drumsticks in a shape of a V, and 2 single bass drum pedals that make up an E). Fairly creative!

6. Snare Drum Necklace - Blue

A necklace with a fantastic looking snare drum charm.

This is one of the nicest and well designed drum charms on the list.

This necklace is a silver chain with a really nice and realistic looking snare drum, with all the details of the lugs and hoops.

The tops and bottom are clear, and the charm is even detailed with a nice sparking blue drum wrap.

All in all, a very nice option.

7. Emerald Park Snare Drum Charm Necklace

A nice silver necklace with a compact snare drum charm.

This is a lovely one. It has a nice detailed and thin charm, with a silver head and black sides.

The top of the silver head includes the design of tension rods on the outside of the hoop, which adds a nice realistic effect to the charm.

It's a really nice option for both men and women. The charm is subtle, but also is very noticeably a design of a snare drum.

8. Emerald Park Jewelry Drum Set Necklace

A snare chain necklace with a simple drum set charm.

The drum set doesn't look quite as realistic as the options above, but if you're looking for a simpler looking charm then this might be one for you.

The bass drum on the charm includes a musical staff design.

9. Ebsem Music Drum Necklace

A nice necklace with a leather cord and alloy pendant.

This necklace has a very interesting look.

It's quite different to everything else so far on this list because it contains multiple charms and pendant items.

The leather cord can be adjusted to make either a very small or long necklace, or any size in between!

The pendant items include a drumset design quite similar to the previous necklace, along with some other nice looking items.

10. Men's Fashion Drum Necklace

A very affordable necklace with a snare drum charm and hand/drumsticks design.

This one has quite a similar look to the Emerald Park Snare Drum Charm necklace.

The main difference between them is a design on the front head of the charm.

This is also a steel necklace with a black color on the outside of the snare drum charm.

Definitely worth checking out!

So that’s our list of the best necklaces for drummers. Necklaces like this can be great stocking fillers, birthday presents, or even just out of the blue gifts for drummers.

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