The Best Roll Up Electronic Drum Kits 2017

Roll-up drum kits are a great option for drummers that are low on space, low on budget, in need of a quiet practice solution, or those who travel a lot.

These kits can be easily stored, folded, transported, and played on a tabletop or floor. They generally contain everything you need to get started, including foot pedals. You can also play using inbuilt speakers or connect your headphones for quiet practice.

Roll up drum sets are a great gift for both adult and kids that would like to practice and record playing drums.

MIDI roll-up kits allow you to connect your roll up drums to your laptop and record your beats. This can be great for tracking your practice, as well as recording into music production software.

Here is a comparison list of our best-recommended roll up drum kits:

The Best Roll Up Electronic Drum Kits

with built in speakers, foot pedals, drum-sticks, and power supply, MIDI compatible
with foot pedals, drum-sticks, and power supply

RockJam Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit (With Speakers)

The Rockjam MIDI roll-up drum kit is our top pick. This features 9 drum pads and two pedals. Drummers usually use at least one kick pedal and one hi-hat pedal, so this nicely replicates that experience.

This kit comes with everything you need to get you started. The pack includes the roll-up kit, drumsticks, power supply, and pedals.

It also contains a built-in speaker. There is also a headphone input so you can practice really quietly.

This kit can be connected to your computer via a USB connection so you can record your playing.

This really is a great option for both beginners and experienced drummers that need a quick and portable way to practice their drumming.

This video below shows the RockJam electronic roll up kit really nicely. It shows the compact size of the kit, as well as being midi compatible so that it can optionally communicate with top of the range digital audio production software. Therefore at a cheap price, you really do get a lot of bang for your buck.

In the video below demonstrates this roll-up kit being used with a computer (using Ableton Live). However, this is not required to use the kit. All you need to do is plug and play, the MIDI options are only optional in case you want to get even more features out of this!


RockJam Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit (Without Speakers)

This roll-up kit is a more entry-level model. It does not contain a built-in speaker or a midi connection. However, if you only want quiet practice without recording then this would be a nice cheap option for you.

Note: You need headphones or speakers to use this roll-up drum kit. Check out the Amazon basics headphones if you’re looking for a cheap set.

Here’s a video of this this. Keep in mind that you need external speakers to hear the drums.


The Best Roll Up Electronic Drum Set – Conclusion

The two electronic drum sets mentioned in this article are among the best. There are many available on the market, but you will find that many of them are actually the same models under different brands.

The 2 models mentioned will cover most bases. Either go for the option with speakers if you want more functionality, or go for the cheaper option if you have a lower budget.

Be sure to ask if you have any questions!

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