The 5 Best Vocal Mics for Singing Drummers

Quite a lot of drummers take on the role of backing vocals or even lead singing. In this case, the microphone needs to be carefully selected for the task. Since the hands of drummers are taken up by playing drums, and the kit surrounds them almost completely, it’s a bit difficult setting up the microphone … Read more

Miking Drums – How to Set up Microphones on your Drum Set

Ask any sound engineer about his worst nightmare and the answer will usually be the same – drums.  Considering the size, loudness and the number of parts, it’s no wonder that this instrument is by far the hardest thing to mic. On stage or in the studio, it’s always complicated, especially if you don’t have … Read more

The 5 Best Overhead Drum Mics – Our Top Pick

Good quality overhead mics can make a massive difference to sound quality, both live and in the studio. In fact, you can even get away with a very minimal mic setup if the overheads are of good quality and well positioned. In this article, we’re going to delve into the best overhead drum mics that … Read more

The Best 7 Kick Drum Mics Available To Buy Online

We can all agree that finding appropriate kick drum mic can be challenging. That is the main reason why you should do your research comprehensively so that you can make a quality purchase. It does not matter if you are new to drumming world or doing it for past years; you probably enjoy the sound … Read more

The Best Drum Mics for Acoustic Drums

On the lookout for a good set of drum mics to have you covered for studio and live performances? We’ve got the list for you! If you are new in the world of drum mics, you should know that acoustic drums are probably the hardest instrument to mic. The reason is quite simple. Acoustic drum … Read more