Should You Buy a Double Bass Drum Set?

Most drum kits have one big bass drum, surrounded by smaller drums and cymbals. With the development of harder sounding music styles, drummers started using a second bass drum to add more intricate low-end rhythms. In this article, we’re going to compare what are the differences between playing two bass drums and a double bass … Read more

The 6 Best Kids Percussion Instrument Sets – Our Pick

On the lookout for a great percussion instrument set for kids that will cover all the bases? We’ve got you covered! Playing an instrument is a great way for your kids on so many levels, especially their motor skills and eye-hand coordination (we have written a separate article on this topic here). Percussion sets are … Read more

The 3 Best Cowbells for Drummers

The sound of cowbells can quickly make you think of music from the 80s, as well as Latin percussion grooves. This article goes through 3 of the best cowbells to add to your drum set The cowbell originally wasn’t made as a musical instrument. As the name suggests, it was a bell to be worn … Read more

All About Guiros…

Latin music wouldn’t sound the same without this distinctive percussion instrument. The Guiro’s ancient origins, that date back to the Aztec era, make it one of the oldest instruments around today. It is fairly easy to play. It is light and it perfectly fits a human hand. Most of all, it adds a typical Latin … Read more

The 5 Best Vocal Mics for Singing Drummers

Quite a lot of drummers take on the role of backing vocals or even lead singing. In this case, the microphone needs to be carefully selected for the task. Since the hands of drummers are taken up by playing drums, and the kit surrounds them almost completely, it’s a bit difficult setting up the microphone … Read more

The 5 Best Foot Tambourines – Our Pick

Foot tambourines are very useful for solo performers and scaled-down band performances. It can be used in many different ways to really supplement your music and your performance. It’s rarely used in studio, because there you can just play the normal tambourine after you recorded your song and add it on, but it’s proving to … Read more

The 5 Best Congas for Sound Quality and Price

When you think of Caribbean islands you can’t help yourself but think about the conga drums playing those wild Afro-Cuban rhythms and sounds. Instantly, you will connect that iconic sound to the colors and smells and tastes of the Caribbean, imagining people dancing on the streets and just relaxation everywhere. Of course, congas are now used all around … Read more

The 6 Best Stomp Boxes to Add a Kick to Your Performances

The stomp box is very popular little instrument that produces a kick sound with your foot. It’s a great option for one-man acts and scaled-down performances. They often require external amplification, but some models are fully acoustic. If you think of the stomp box, you are most likely to remember some American blues singer in … Read more

All About Hand Drums…

Any percussion you could play with your bare hands, without the help of sticks or other tools, falls under the broad category of hand drums. Note: If you’re looking for an article about hang drums then check out our article about that here instead. Hand drums were already very popular in the ancient world and … Read more