Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Review

Focusrite made a name for itself in the audio interface world with its Scarlett series and for a good reason. They made a series of interfaces, ranging from solo, with just 1 in and out, to huge studio interfaces with 18 inputs and 20 outputs. All in all, there is a reason why they are now known for their … Read more

DrumDial Review – Precision Drum Tuner

If there’s one common thing that many drummers feel inferior about, it’s tuning drums! Drum tuning can be quite a difficult task to get the hang of, and the Drum Dial makes this process quite a bit easier. The Drum Dial is a useful drum tuner for drummers that measures drum head tension so that you can … Read more

Soundbrenner Pulse Review – Feel the Groove

Locking in time is an incredibly important part of performing music. Playing to a click through in ear monitors is a great option, but it can feel very intrusive in certain musical situations. Enter the Soundbrenner Pulse! Is it important for musicians to use metronomes? In my opinion, absolutely, they can seriously improve your ability … Read more

Feel the Bass with the ButtKicker Concert

At first viewing, you might think a product called ‘ButtKicker’ is a complete joke. It’s really not, and I think you might be sold on this concept by the time you’re finished reading! A principal element of drumming is the feel of the low-end bass. This can sometimes be lost particularly when playing on stage … Read more