Yamaha DTX522K Review

If you wish to find the best electronic drum that will suit your budget as well as playing level, you should consider Yamaha DTX522K electronic drums, which is a very solid mid-level set. It contains numerous features that are not present in other series, and you will find out that it comes with advanced features … Read more

Roland TD-1DMK Review – All Mesh Electronic Drum Set

Roland’s all-mesh electronic drum sets have been traditionally isolated to their mid and high-level sets. Now with the release of the TD-1DMK, you can experience Roland’s fantastic mesh heads for an affordable price. If you wish to find a perfect electronic drum set for an affordable price tag, you should consider Roland TD-1DMK. It comes … Read more

Alesis Surge Mesh Kit Review – Electronic Drum Set

Electronic drums are not just expensive toys for professionals anymore. These days, you can find plenty of affordable kits that work well for both beginners and intermediate players. Still, a big drawback of these entry-level kits is rubber drum heads. Every drummer prefers natural feel and sound while playing, even with headphones in ears. Moreover, … Read more

Alesis Command Mesh Kit Review – Electronic Drum Set

You probably remember when electronic drum set market was only limited to two Japanese giants: Roland and Yamaha. They were the first that created a wide array of potential electronic kits for appropriate customers. In the last few decades, the electronic drum market exploded and became battleground due to technological advancements. Finally, you do not … Read more

Roland SPD-ONE Review – Individual Electronic Percussion Pads

Roland have been a big player in the percussion pad market for many years. Their pads have generally been ‘multi-pads’ with many different functions. The SPD-ONE offers something new. The various models of the SPD-ONE were brought out to fulfil a small number of functions, but do them very well. As a result, they’re smaller, … Read more

Roland TD-17KVX Review – Our Verdict

With the new TD 17 Series, Roland once again justifies its reputation as a top electronic drum set producer. This is quickly becoming one of the new go-to kits for drummers that want a solid mid-level electronic drum set. The new model comes in three different versions. Although they use the same module, the differences … Read more

Alesis Strike Multipad – A New Serious Contender in High-End Sample Pads

Alesis have sneakily brought out a new electronic drum pad with sampling and looping capability, the Alesis Strike Multipad. This has some similarities in look to the Roland SPD-SX, but also with onboard looping. This is a great thing for the sample pad market. To this date, there are only a few high-end options that … Read more