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As a musician, you always want to learn and practice more, and as a drummer, that usually means either self-learning that’s so much harder and takes up more of your time or paying expensive drum tutors for the lessons. Melodics is a piece of software that enables you to practice and learn playing keyboards, pads or electronic drums.

It’s an app that allows you, through music lessons from different artists working with Melodics, to master the playing of keyboards, pads and electronic drums. It has a free section with 60 lessons and much more lessons with a paid subscription. The app essentially works on the same principle as Guitar Hero or Rock Band games – the whole point is to press suggested keys accordingly to the graphic on the screen. If you play it right, you will get a higher score. 

The app itself started in 2015 as just a finger drumming app, made solely for pads playing and exercise. With time, they included electronic drums and keyboards, which need to be connected to the computer with USB or MIDI port, so that the program can recognize them. You can remap your device differently through the Melodics to get the customization you need. Through Settings screen you can get a list of devices your computer is connected to, so you can choose different devices to play on. The app itself supports almost all electronic drum kits out there, so you shouldn’t have a problem with connectivity and using the app.

The app itself is rather well built. The graphics are clean and intuitive, making everything user-friendly and easy to use. It is not a big piece of software, so you don’t need some fancy computer to run it properly. After you download the app, you will be asked to make a profile, just registering your email, and you can get started immediately. The program will ask you what your preferred device is – so you get to choose between electronic drums, pads or keyboards.

And if you don’t have any music devices and you just want to try out the program to see how it feels like – no problem, you can just play it with your computer keyboard (not recommended for any serious practice though). When you start the program, it will offer you different lessons, which are sorted through grades of difficulty, so you can start with basic beginner exercises and progress through to some more advanced stuff. If you are using free mode, you will notice that most of the advanced lessons are locked for subscription users only, making it really a beginner’s app if you don’t want to pay upfront. An only minor setback that you can experience with using this app can sometimes be lagging – on few occasions, there were some exact moments in songs that had lags in them, so you could never get that perfect score, but the developers are aware of that and are working on always improving the app.

Lessons are split into several stages, so you gradually build-up and get more things done. Usually, this means that first, you start with one or two keys (i.e. just snare and hi-hat) and then through several stages add more and more until you can play the whole song as it goes. After every lesson, you will get notified how you did, with a detailed score of how many mistakes you made and what were they. After a while, you will want to get back and make every song perfect, not missing anything when you play it. 

Different songs by different artists are made specifically for this app, and you get a fair amount of them to choose from. Also, all of the songs are in different styles and genres so you can practice anything you like – rock, rap, hip-hop, trap, DJ, you name it, it’s there. But, most of the songs are locked for free users which brings us to the main question – pricing. Currently, this app will charge you 14.99$/month if you choose to get an annual subscription – meaning you will have to pay 178.99$ anyhow for one year. Besides that, you can get a monthly subscription for 29.99$/month.

At first look, these prices look a bit steep, but if you think about it, this app is in the price range of other apps in the learning and practice niche. Also, this app takes away your need for a tutor, which will cost you at least same amount of money, and most often it will cost you even more, and this way you can get lessons and practice every day, whenever you’re ready. So, even though the prices look kind of over the top, if you think about it, this will be a good investment over longer periods of time. But, even using a free part of the app will help you learn stuff, as there are 60 free lessons in different grades of difficulty so you can always get back and work on them.

As a drummer, you will get your money worth for installing and using this app. Even if you just choose free lessons, you will get efficient and good exercise, in case you are a total beginner just looking to learn the first steps or you have some experience and want some practice. From first lessons, which are basically just learning to hold your tempo and some basics rhythms, to some more advanced lessons, you will get to use the whole of your drum kit, gradually learning to play. App itself recommends at least 15 minutes of practice a day, which is good, as you will gradually with time get better and better as a drummer.

Even though this app will never replace the live experience of playing, it definitely has its value in everyday practice, especially if you are a beginner. As a professional drummer, you can learn some new tips & tricks from this program, which will allow you to progress and become even better at your drumming. Also, don’t be fooled by simple looks of this program – playing this right will definitely take some getting used to. Even if you are professional, you will have to take at least a few hours of practice to get used to the feeling, but once you get a hang of it, it will get easier. 

All in all, Melodics is a great piece of software that will help you learn and grow as a drummer, be it that you are a total beginner or already have some knowledge of playing drums. Especially for beginners, this app will prove its worth as a teaching and learning mechanism, that will allow you to get a hold of basic drumming skills. With everyday practice, you should in time become a decent drummer, and you can always use this app for practice and learning something new, as its base of songs and artists included is growing every day.

Apart from really good teaching mechanism, Melodics is actually just plain fun – with the scoring system in place, you will just want to get that perfect score, playing over and over the same song, essentially doing the most boring and yet most vital stuff for any musician looking to improve on his playing skills. Great interface and ease of use will get you hooked up and you will enjoy every minute spent with this app and your drums. And that’s everything it takes to start being in love with your drums and eventually becoming the best drummer in the world! Or in your room anyway…

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