Roland TD-25KV Review – Electronic Drum Set


Value for money






Sound quality



  • Fantastic mesh heads
  • 3 cymbal pads + standalone hi-hat stand
  • Kick pad is big enough for double bass pedals
  • Great drum module
  • Amazing build quality


  • The rack can be a bit too compact for tall drummers
  • The module is good, but not all of the built-in sounds are amazing. Make sure to update your module with all the new kits from the Roland website.
The Roland TD-25KV electronic drum is a great choice that would suit even advanced drummers. It includes enough of the features of the flagship Roland v-drums, while being at a much lower price.

It’s mesh heads are fantastic, it includes 3 cymbals and a standalone hi-hat stand, and the kick pad is big enough to support double bass pedals.

You do not have to worry about family and neighbor’s noise because the mesh heads are perfect for quiet playing.

Let us see what Roland TD-25KV electronic drum will provide you:


Since we live in a world where technology is all around us, it is essential to implement it in your musicianship. However, Rolland took a different approach, and with this particular model, they stripped back the layout and design of electronic drum modules.

It comes with basic features that will supply the user with fewer modules than other drum sets, but you will get high-end sound quality. Therefore, it is much more appealing and more comfortable to handle and use.

In case you enjoy multi-layered vibraslaps or making samples for your online streaming platform, you will have your dreams come true. Check out this video to learn more on this particular drum set.


Even though it is stripped down from technological modules that you can find on other drum sets, it does not mean that you will get a lack of functionality and features. You will be able to get it in two configurations:

  1. The first one includes 10-inches floor tom pads, ten inches PDX-100 snare pad, and pair of PD-85 pads for rack toms. At the same time, you will get two crash cymbals and a ride. The idea was to strip away the fat so that you can improve the quality of things that you will get.
  2. On the other hand, the second configuration includes the same snare pads, but it features smaller PDX-8 and PDX-6 mesh pads on floor and rack toms. You will also get one crash and one ride cymbal pad.

Both kits contain the appropriate hi-hat trigger, which is mountable to mechanical stand that you use for real hi-hats. You will be able to choose 18 different kits inside, which are categorized by six different styles as well as Roland’s coined ‘SuperNATURAL behavior modeling’.

The main idea was to provide you a more adaptive kit to your playing so that you can get realistic sounds based on your performance. At the same time, you will find audio recording feature on-board as well as USB connectivity and multi-effects.

It has everything you will need for practicing and gigging.

The Sound Features

The first thing that you will notice when you see clean and glassy layout looks fantastic. When compared with other modules that you can find on the market, it seems excellent.

It does not contain dust-collecting faders, but they are replaced with illuminated rotaries as well as 11 soft press switches that you can use on backlit screen. Remember the time when you had to scroll a tiny cursor so that you can check out different settings.

Today, you can rest assured because due to sizeable rotary control that you will find in the middle of the module, you will be able to navigate with ease through the kits without any additional hassle.

You can choose sounds based on different categories. For instance, the standard will provide you studio kits that are compatible with any genre, but they lean towards the pop sound, while you can choose other types as well for a more realistic perspective.

Apart from that, you can find Dry Funk so that you can make backbeats, large hats and punchy kick drums, which will allow you to make beats with ease.

At the same time, Custom Maple will also provide you modern rock sound, while Vintage is similar to weight sound with the deep snare of classic rock’n’roll. For metalheads, you will be able to choose Speed Metal kit.

You will also be able to consider graphics for muffling and instrument settings so that you can make everything clear and pleasant. It is simple to edit, which means that you will be able to do it while playing.

Sensors on the snare pad can detect stick positioning across the head so that you can get the perfect snare drum and wealthier sound response when compared with other drum sets within the price range.

You will also get the addition of playback and sound recordings, and you can do it internally with a USB memory stick that will capture ideas for a song or record your performance via MIDI for demo tracks.

The best way to hear how it sounds is by watching this video:

Customer Ratings

In overall, Roland considers this particular drum set as the mid-range, but when we compare it with specific mid-range sets; you will still get the great value for the money.

You can upgrade sounds on the kit from the Roland website. It is straightforward, you have to plug and play, and you will get both a realistic and responsive instrument for your future requirements.

The main disadvantage that most users stated is the expensive price tag. Therefore, you will have to make an initial investment that will be worthwhile.

At the same time, due to less technological perspective, you will have fewer modules and samples when compared with other drum sets within the price range.

  • Value for Money – 8.5/10 – Nearly all Roland drum sets are expensive when compared to the others, but they are still very good value for money in terms of build quality. It will provide you exceptional build quality that should last for many years.
  • Features – 7/10 – Roland took a ‘less is more’ approach for this v-drums kit, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The realistic approach and sound quality are fantastic, and you will be able to compensate for everything due to it.
  • Playability – 9.5/10 – Roland is well known for amazing playability in their v-drums kits. The multiple cymbals, great mesh heads, standalone hi-hat stand all make these a very suitable practice and gigging alternative to an acoustic drum set.
  • Sound Quality – 9/10 – The best thing about this particular drum set is an outstanding sound quality that will provide you realistic approach and perspective, both from the pad response and the drum module.


Final Verdict

In overall, Roland TD-25KV electronic drum set is an excellent choice that will provide you one of the best sound qualities for the price you will pay.

If you’re looking for the most important features of Roland’s flagship electronic drum sets, but don’t have the budget to pay for them, then this is a great mid level option for you!

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