Simmons SD600 Electronic Drum Set


The SD600 is a mid-level kit by Simmons, one of the pioneers of electronic drumming. This is a compact kit that includes all mesh heads, a full kick tower pad and kick pedal, and a pretty decent drum module with 35 different preset kits

Simmons generally use very nice-sounding samples with good dynamics, so I recommend that you check out the demo video below.

Who is it for?

This is quite an affordable kit while still having the setup of something that beginners and intermediates can get some serious practice on.

It’s compact while still being having adjustable drums/cymbal pads within its rack, and there are enough sounds on the module to keep you going.

Experienced drummers can also find use in this set as a practice one for home or use its parts for adding to their original performance drum kit.

Pads, cymbals, hardware

The kit itself is built from the standard pack of one 10”, dual-zone toms, and three 8” ones mimicking the snare and the toms in the standard acoustic drum set.

All of the toms are tunable, meaning that you can set the tension in the kit, adjusting for how much rebound you can get when playing the kit.

As for the cymbals, you will find a 10″ crash cymbal pad with choke function, 12″ ride cymbal pad, and a 10″ hi-hat pad, together with a standalone pedal.

When it comes to pedals, you’ll also find a kick tower and a hi-hat pedal that comes with a kit.

All of the pads are made out of mesh fabric, giving you a better feel than older rubber pads, which was the intention of the maker.


The module is the brain of the electronic drum kit and is essentially what makes the most difference in the drum kit.

This module is pretty decent and fits in while within its price range. On it, you’ll get a total of 336 sounds that come inside 35 preset kits.

Apart from this, you can also edit up to 10 of your own kits, giving you a total of 45 different kits that this module can hold.

As for the design of the module, it’s sleek and sturdy, with nice big buttons and a small LCD screen.

The main feature of this module is the connectivity that’s available with your phone or tablet. It comes with a stand on which you can easily rest your mobile device.

The SD600 has a Bluetooth connection, through which you can connect and control your module through a free app that is downloadable through App Store on your iOS device.

This gives you full control and is much easier to use than to scroll through the menus using buttons on the module.

It also has an additional ¼” jack for one crash and one tom, so you can just plug it in and have a new instrument attached.

Apart from that, you’ll find a standard set of Mono/Stereo two TRS jacks, 9v power output, USB, and AUX connection.

Simmons SD600 vs SD1200 Electronic Drum Set

Simmons SD1200

Although the SD600 already has a decent amount of features, the SD1200 is in every way a more complete and higher-end drum kit.

The pads on the SD1200 are visually much deeper and look way more like acoustic drums and they are bigger. The overall build quality of the rack is better. The snare also has a standalone stand to allow for better positioning.

The SD1200 module offers quite a few more internal sounds as well as lots of options to customize the sound.

Simmons SD600 vs SD350 Electronic Drum Set

Simmons SD350

The SD350 is an even smaller drum kit that is perfect for kids or to be used as an ultra-light practice kit that can be easily folded and put away.

Everything about the SD350 is about compactness and the ability to get it as light as possible.

This is a good option if you live in a small apartment and don’t want your drum kit to eat all of your living space.

Since it’s smaller it does have fewer options and is not really made for performance and recording, but as a practice kit which might suit your situation and budget!


The Simmons SD600 is a great addition to the budget drum kit market. It has all of the characteristics of a full electronic drum kit and with pretty nice internal sounds.

It is not a premium buy, so don’t expect it to blow your mind away, but for this amount of money, you can’t really expect more.

You should be able to get a nice acoustic feel from this and if you’re a beginner, that can do wonders for your technique further down the road.

All in all, this is a nice-sounding, budget-friendly electronic drum kit that you should definitely check out if you are looking for a new set.

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