Yamaha DTX450K Review – Electronic Drum Set


Value for money






Sound quality



  • Very good build quality
  • Bass drum tower for additional convenience
  • Coaching feature for beginner drummers
  • Built-in metronome
  • Great brand


  • All rubber heads
  • Maybe a little expensive for an all-rubber kit
Yamaha DTX450k is a very popular entry-level electronic drum set. This particular kit is a great choice for beginner drummer because it can provide you the ideal practice aid that will function well for seasoned players.

It comes with typical electronic configuration, which means that you will get three cymbals and five drums as a standard full-size set. The sounds you will get on it are decent but not professional, as you already understand.

They are great for band rehearsals and home practicing, but it is not amazing for live performance, which means that you should likely choose a different set for live gigs.

Construction and Hardware

The first thing you should remember when it comes to Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum is that you will get a five-piece drum set with cymbals and rubber pads. Pads come from the gum-rubber type of material that will suppress the noise and provide you springy rebound.

Playing on pads will feel similar, as using a practice pad, but you will also have a rim that will increase the versatility. Have in mind that rim tends to be soft, similar like pad surface and it will feel great.

However, snare pad will provide you rim triggering capabilities, and you will get three zones of sounds that are divided on 7.5-inches diameter. You will be able to produce a wide array of sounds by using extra triggering.

Rim clicks and rim shots are playable with it, but you will not be able to do it on tom pads that will only respond when you hit a drumhead. For most people, this is acceptable, and still, you will get high end responsive when striking the tom pads.

Apart from the three-zone snare, you will get kick tower bass drum pad that comes from a combination of rubber, metal, and plastic. It will sit upright so that you can play it as an acoustic bass drum.

You will have a mountable slot at the base of the bass tower so that you can easily connect it with bass drum pedal. Even though pad is small, you will be able to use it for both single and double bass pedal.

You will also get three cymbal pads that have ten inches in diameter, and you can mount them on cymbal arms that you can position on drum rack based on your preferences.

The rack can easily hold anything, and the only components that are not directly mounted onto the frame are bass drum tower and hi-hat foot controller. Hi-hat is on standard position, and you can use the module to make adjustments with ease.

The hi-hat pad comes from a rubber material that will cover one-half of cymbals. You will not get multi-zoned triggering feature on cymbals, which is another disadvantage that you should remember.

Sound Features

You will get 169 sounds with Yamaha DTX450 drum module. You will be able to enjoy in these sounds and ten drum kits that you will have pre-programmed for additional convenience and enjoyment.

Every single kit comes with a title that will help you determine its use and role. Most of them are created by using a wide acoustic range of Yamaha kits. You can choose kits such as percussion, electronic and acoustic.

The best thing about it is the ability to combine different kits so that you can customize the sound based on your needs. You will also get ten demo songs, and the quality of the sample sound is decent when compared with other electronic drum sets within the price range.

You will also be able to enjoy built-in metronome that will allow you to learn how to practice your tempo and how to stay on time during the exercise. Similarly, as a metronome, you can adjust built-in songs and change their tempo so that you can improve your skills.

The great thing about entry-level electronic drum sets is that most of them include drum coaching modes which a great addition that will help you along the way. You can choose Groove Check that will monitor your playing along metronome.

By using this mode, you will get real-time feedback on your timing, and if you play too slow or too fast, you will be able to understand how to improve your playing. You can easily connect it to your laptop or computer, which is an excellent feature if you enjoy in home recording.

You can quickly send you the performance to computer DAW in MIDI or audio format. It comes with USB connection as well. You will get outputs that will monitor your sound, and you can plug your headphones to play without disturbing anyone else.


We can easily say that Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum set comes with specific advantages and disadvantages so that you can play wherever you are. That is why you should check out these factors before you make up your mind:

  • Value For Money – 6/10 – This set is on the entry-level side, and you get good value for money in it. You get Yamaha quality drums, though the industry is now offering more affordable sets with good features. Therefore, there may now be better options available.
  • Features – 7/10 – When compared with other drum kits within the price range, this particular one comes with decent features that will improve your playing style. Since it comes with additions such as metronome and coaching, you will be able to learn more on drumming after acquiring this particular set.
  • Playability – 7/10 – Drum pads are good quality and will allow you to get a realistic approach during the playing. The bass drum pedal works perfectly, and you will be able to use it similarly as acoustic drums.
  • Sound Quality – 7/10 – You will not get the sound quality you expect to get from professional grade electronic drums, but you will still be able to enjoy in modules and songs that you can play along. It has a relatively limited module with only ten drum kits.

Final Verdict

In overall, Yamaha DTX450K electronic drum set is a very decent entry-level kit. It comes with decent features that will allow you to learn how to play and it will assist you along the way.

Of course, its sound quality and playability are not the same as more expensive kits on the market, but you will still be able to enjoy it.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to tell us all about it in the comment section below, and we will answer you on short notice.

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