Yamaha DTX522K Review


Value for money






Sound quality



  • Durable construction
  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Great for beginners
  • Silicon snare pad


  • Freestanding hi-hat which decreases realistic playing
  • Rubber tom pads
If you wish to find the best electronic drum that will suit your budget as well as playing level, you should consider Yamaha DTX522K electronic drums, which is a very solid mid-level set.

It contains numerous features that are not present in other series, and you will find out that it comes with advanced features that will help you become a better drummer as time goes by.

It is a perfect solution for both established drummers and beginners. You will get everything you need so that you can get started on the instrument and so that you can deal with practice kit as well.

Have in mind that many acoustic drum kits are challenging to practice due to a significant amount of noise that they make.

If you live in an apartment where neighbors are right next to your door, then you should consider this particular e-drum that will help you practice without interfering with others.


Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum rack features additional positional options and extra flexibility when compared with other Yamaha series. The quality of materials is exceptional, and you will be able to enjoy improved stability.

You can easily mount snare on a ball joint, which will provide you the ability to play in angles that were not possible back in the day.

The cymbal stands are stronger and more significant, which means that everything will stay in place during the performance. Five-piece drum kit features three cymbals, bass drum, three toms, and a snare.

The snare features three-zone textured cellular silicone, which means that you can produce various sounds based on where you play it. Have in mind that cymbal pads are three-zoned as well, which means that you can perform multiple sounds based on modules.


With this particular drum, you will get the ability to choose up to 691 individual percussion, cymbal and drum samples and presets.

You do not have to worry because the sound quality is exceptional and it features a great deal of memory so that you can store customized presets and kits.

The module features 1MB of flash memory, and you will be able to use it in numerous ways. You can import MIDI song files, store user drum kits and create additional space for importing samples.

You will also get unique features as well as 50 different factory kits. You can build customized kits by mixing different selections and matching the sounds based on your playing style and preferences.

Yamaha engineers have compiled the number of samples, and you will be able to choose various acoustic ranges. You can get the number of clean acoustic kits as well as percussion kits that will provide you the ability to enjoy all the way.

The new presets will allow you to play EDM drum sets that are more suited for electronic music such as techno, drum and bass and electro-pop.

You will also get 37 different songs and tracks that will provide you play along and jamming capabilities. You can select a song that is simple to and mute the drums so that you can try it yourself.

Additional Features

The great thing about Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum is that you will get both aux and headphone port on the front of the panel. Therefore, you do not have to think about numerous cables, and you will be able to make a tidy setup with ease.

We have mentioned above that you will get MIDI importing possibility, which means that it functions as a MIDI player as well. That will allow you to import and download song tracks so that you can play along with them afterward.

Each track features a metronomic click that will help you play with it so that you can become more accurate than before. The excellent feature for beginner drummers is a drum-coaching function that will improve your sense of timing.

You will be able to monitor your tempo, and after the song, you will get the immediate report on how you are doing. You can play along with the module or metronome, and you will notice the visual display that will provide you the perfect timing.

As soon as you complete this particular task, you can start with additional details such as boosting the individual pieces of your playing. You will be able to compare your snare and hi-hat playing throughout everything.

The great feature is Fast Blast, and it is a challenge for intermediate players. This particular feature will monitor your speed on drum set and will give you grades based on your possibilities.

The idea is to play as fast as possible but with accuracy as well. The convenient solution will help you keep track of your progress.

You should also have in mind that it comes with Rhythm Gate mode, which is a great feature that will help you understand what micro is timing. The fantastic feature will automatically drop your playing if you stay far from the metronome.

It will activate when your timing becomes lousy, and it is an excellent thing that will help you focus on coordination.

Final Verdict

You should have in mind that Yamaha has made a kit that will appeal both professionals and beginners that are in search for electronic drum solution. That is why Yamaha DTX522K electronic drums will provide you the convenient set that you can play on.


It comes with impressive modules and dynamic ranges so that you can increase the realistic perspective during the play. Have in mind that this kit is highly expandable, so you will be able to upgrade it or swap parts from different models.

In overall, with Yamaha DTX522K electronic drums you will get everything you need and even more. Have experience with this particular drum set, share your opinion in the comments section below.

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