Online Drum Machine

Play our fun and easy online drum machine! Press the play button and then click on any of the boxes within the grid to trigger those sounds on the sequencer.

How to Play Our Online Drum Machine

Press the play button to start the drum machine.
Press the pause button to stop the drum machine.
BPM: The number in the box indicates the beats per minute. A high number will be a fast tempo, and a lower number will indicate a slower tempo. For some examples: Hip Hop often ranges between 85 and 115, pop music is often between 100-130. Electronic music varies a LOT. House music is often about 120 to 135.
Clear: The clear button will remove your selected beat from the timeline so you can start over.

What is a Drum Machine?

A Drum Machine is an electronic instrument that can produce drum sounds, percussion sounds, and other synth and sample sounds.

Drum machines are very popular in many different styles of music, and not just limited to electronic music. They’re heavily used in hip hop, pop, and many other genres. They can be used both in the studio and for live performances. Drum machines can replace a drummer if the performer wants to use some basic loops with a solid backing track.

Drum machines can also be used as a metronome, which can help performers stay in time, which is an important skill for any musician.


There is now a vast amount of both software and hardware-based drum machines. Drum machines can come in many different forms. A very popular one is the Alesis SR-16, which is compact and portable, and they can go as high as flagship professional models such as as the roland tr-8s. Check out our guide on the best drum machines to check out some of them in action!

Drum machines now often contain sequencers (like our drum machine above!) that have fixed grids and can allow you to turn on and off sounds on that grid. They also often have different effects that can change the sound, based on many different parameters.

Future Improvements Planned for our Online Drum Machine

If you would like to request future updates to and improvements to our online drum machine, then be sure to write a comment below!

If people like this drum machine, we’d love to start adding presets and common beats, such as rock beats house beats hip hop beats and so on.

We plan to add some alternative sounds and drum samples to the drum machine, so that you will be able to switch between different kit sounds (e.g. live, hip-hop, 808).

We also plan to add in the ability for people to save their beats and come back and restore them later on.

Drum Samples and VSTs

If you like to produce music then check out our great list of drum samples, as well as our list of some of the best drum vsts online if you use software such as Ableton, Logic Pro, Garageband, etc (For Mac, you will usually need AU format plugins). Drum Plugins (in formats such as VST/AU/AAX) can be very useful to produce some great sounding drums in our track, some of them cost you, but there are still many great free options available.

Send us Your Videos!

If you’ve created any cool beats from this, then be sure to take a video and send it on to us. We would love to add some beats to this article.


We hope that you enjoy playing with this online drum machine, make sure to bookmark it so that you can come back to us whenever you’d like!

Be sure to share it if you think that might like it! Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements to our online drum machine, then please let us know.

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I've been playing drums for over 18 years. I work as both a session drummer and a drum teacher, and I love to share my knowledge and tips on this site. You can also find me on the Electronic Drum Advisor YouTube channel.

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