Drumless Backing Tracks for Drums (Free and Paid Options)

There is no better and more convenient way to work on your drumming skills but to use backing tracks. In the past, drummers were often neglected, so finding enough quality audio and video materials was a real struggle. Fortunately, things are much better these days. As the drummers’ community is growing, everything is becoming more … Read more

10 Great Apps for Drummers

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Faster Drumming – 10 Tips to Increase Your Speed and Endurance

Learning to play blisteringly fast is top of the wish-list of almost every drummer. Even some of the most advanced drummers constantly work to increase their speed and control. The good news is that some simple exercises and some changes to your technique can really make the difference between a slow and fast drummer. Before … Read more

How to Learn Drums – 5 Tips to Get You On The Right Path

Becoming a drummer can be an interesting challenge, from experienced instrumentalists to complete amateurs. If you’re thinking about taking up this hobby, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’re going to cover some practical strategies that will help you start playing drums like a pro. We’re going to talk about the essential … Read more