11 Great Drumming Movies for Fun and Inspiration

We comprised a list containing some of the best drum movies for fun an inspiration. Here you can find movies about musicians, movies that have great drum-focused soundtracks and documentaries about great drummers. Let’s get into the list! 1. The Gene Krupa Story https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052840/ The Gene Krupa Story is a movie from 1959, which depicts … Read more

Drumless Backing Tracks for Drums (Free and Paid Options)

Drumless backing tracks are a great and convenient way to practice drumming while having a lot of fun. Finding enough quality audio and video materials used to be quite a struggle for drummers. Fortunately, things are much better these days. Tons of lessons can be found on various websites, including plenty of hi-quality drumless backing … Read more

10 Great Apps for Drummers

Drumming is the workout of your entire brain. It’s often easy to plateau when trying to progress with your drumming. Use these great apps to spice up your drumming education, experimentation, and fun! Smartphones and tablets have opened up a world of opportunities for musicians. Broaden your drumming horizon with the help of following drumming … Read more