The Best Kids Electronic Drum Sets

Thinking about buying a kids electronic drum set? Musicality is a fantastic gift to give to a child.

However, it is easy to get confused by the number of options available when deciding what to buy.

Perhaps you want a simple percussion pad for a young child or a kids electronic drum kit that will get the little one off to an early start in rhythm and percussion.

I’ve listed out the top choices for each different purpose.

Here is a selection of both the starter drums and toy drums that we are going to be discussing in this article. I’ve actually also included one kid’s acoustic drum kit in this article, as this could also be something to consider.

This article is broken up into two sections:

  • Starter electronic drums: this is for the young budding musician.
  • Toy electronic drums: these are great as gifts for younger children.

You might be surprised to see larger electronic drum sets on this list. Both of my nieces (aged 6 and 10) share an Alesis Nitro kit, and they both have an absolutely fabulous time playing on them.

There are plenty of videos online of children playing behind a full drum set. I only wish I started playing behind a full kit that early!

Full electronic drum sets:

The two main drum sets I’d consider for kids are the Alesis Nitro Kit and the Roland TD1KV Compact Kit. Both of these are relatively inexpensive, and they would be very useful for many years to come.

You should seriously consider investing in a full kit if the lucky little recipient of your electronic drums is over 7 years old (or tall for their age).

These should be particularly at the top of your list if your child is approaching 5 feet tall.

For example, check out this video below of a kid playing a full sized Alesis electronic drum set:

The Alesis Nitro Kit

Take the Alesis Nitro Kit for example, this is an extremely popular model among adults and is a great trade-off between price and features. It includes all pads and pedals required.

As someone who has played behind an acoustic drum kit for over 13 years, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this kit.


Roland TD1KV

Another great model is the Roland TD1KV. Roland is a powerhouse for electronic drumming. I’ve used them for years and they are top quality.

This is a nice compact kit and has some great response. There is also a model with a mesh snare head. These are absolutely fantastic. They very nicely replicate the feel of a real acoustic drum.

For this reason, this could be a great option if you’re planning this electronic drum kit to be an entry to into a full acoustic drum set in future.


I’ve written a detailed article and guide about electronic drums, which you can read here.

An alternative option

Perhaps you’d like to jump straight into your kid using an acoustic drum set. A very popular kids model is the Mendini 13 inch kids drum set.

Please note that this is only designed for kids smaller than 5 feet tall. Otherwise, there could be a lot of uncomfortable slouching!

It’s an extremely affordable choice for a kids drum set. It could be used as your practice run before investing in a more expensive set.

This particular pack includes everything you need to get started. It includes a drum stool, drum sticks, and a bass drum pedal.

However, as this is not a full drum set (no hi-hat pedal and only one tom are included) it will offer the same amount of practice possibilities that are more fully fledged kit will offer.


Toy drum sets

Now let’s move onto the fun little toy options. These are great as little gifts, or for very young children. You can also use electronic drum pads and sets as nice toys without hassling the neighbors!

Bring in the VTech

When talking about kid’s toys, it’s very difficult to not mention VTech. They have an extremely popular kid’s mini drum-set. It’s also extremely cheap.

If you have a toddler that’s constantly drumming on household items, this could be your best option.

It comes ready to go right out of the box. There are some features and loops, but these can be turned off to allow for true freestyle playing!


Roll up practice pads

Have you ever heard or a roll-up drum set? These are very handy little gadgets that can be rolled up and stored away when not in use.

These are useful for families that are limited in space, or houses that are already cluttered toys! J

Take the Paxcess roll up drum set for example. This is a great option, which includes an inbuilt speaker. Headphones can also be plugged in, which enable quieter playing and practice.


Electronic drum set for young kids

The ‘best choice products’ electronic drum set is a lovely choice for young kids aged 3 and up. It could also be suitable for slightly younger kids.

This set is battery powered and contains a volume adjustable speaker.

The kit has a lovely, colorful design and contains light-up buttons. It also contains something that you won’t see in any other drum sets mentioned in this article: A sing-along microphone! Train both the rhythm and vocal ambitions of your young budding musician.

The adjustable sing-along kid’s drum set.


Tabletop electronic drum kit

Alesis have become a major player in the electronic drum kit market. They have released portable tabletop electronic drum pads. Although these are not exclusively for children, they are also sized very nicely for that purpose.

This is battery powered and the model contains inbuilt speaker. You can also plug in headphones and hook it up to an external speaker.

The drum coach feature on this could also be a great option for teenage drummers that are practicing their rhythm.



I hope this article has helped you make some decisions on the best electronic drums for kids.

It’s truly never too early to pick up drums. Rhythm is a skill that can be constantly improved on, and an early start can make all the difference.

If your child is approaching 5 feet tall, I would definitely recommend investing in an adult electronic drum set.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below!


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