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Who is Playing Drums for Foo Fighters Now?

The current drummer for Foo Fighters is Josh Freese, who joined the band in late 2021. He replaced the previous drummer, Taylor Hawkins, following Hawkins' ...

Roland SPD-SX Pro vs Roland SPD-SX: Improvements and Comparison

The long-awaited Roland SPD-SX Pro sampling pad is finally out, but how does it compare to its predecessor? Is it worth spending the extra money, or is the ...

Why Do Drummers Make Weird Faces?

Drummers often make weird faces due to the physical demands of their instrument and their deep emotional connection to the music. The faces not only reflect ...

How To Play The 4 On The Floor Beat

Playing the 4 On The Floor Beat involves hitting the bass drum on every quarter note while maintaining a steady rhythm with the drums. This driving and simple ...

How To Set Up Double Bass Pedals With Your Drum Set

Setting up double bass pedals involves connecting the master and slave pedal, attaching the master pedal and positioning the slave pedal next to the hi-hat ...

Are Electronic Drum Modules and Pads Interchangeable?

Many drum modules are interchangeable with different pads from different manufacturers, but not all pads are compatible with all modules. The safest bet is to ...

How Many Calories Does Drumming Burn?

Drumming is an energetic activity, and research from the International Journal of Sports Medicine agrees! Their study involved 14 male drummers and assessed ...

Alternatives to the Roland Noise Eater

Some alternatives to the Roland Noise Eater are using DIY tennis ball risers, sylomer pads, beaterless pedals, or other noise reduction measures. The Roland ...

How to Play Drums in an Apartment (9 Tips)

Playing drums in an apartment can be a bit tricky because of the potential noise and disturbance it can cause to your neighbors. But, don't worry! With the ...

How Long Do Electronic Drums Last?

Electronic drum sets can last anywhere from 3 to 20 years, depending on the quality of the components and the care they receive. Drum modules can last 20 ...

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