Who is the New Drummer for U2?

Longtime U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. is not joining U2 on their current shows due to injury. He won’t be drumming for U2 during their residency in Las Vegas this year for the series of Sphere concerts. The temporary replacement is the Dutch drummer Bram van den Berg from the Dutch pop-rock band Krezip.

U2, a long-standing presence in rock music, has consistently delivered their unique sound and electrifying performances for decades. The surprising absence of Larry Mullen Jr., who has made significant contributions to the band over the last 40 years, shocked many fans. Nevertheless, U2 has demonstrated their unwavering dedication to their art by introducing Bram van den Berg, illustrating their resilience.

  • Larry Mullen Jr. is temporarily absent from U2 due to health concerns, and Dutch drummer Bram van den Berg has stepped in for their Sphere concerts in Las Vegas.
  • U2, known for their iconic rock music and performances, introduced Bram van den Berg as their temporary drummer, showcasing their dedication to their craft.
  • Mullen Jr. left U2 to prioritize his health at 61 after years of demanding touring, though specific health issues weren’t disclosed.
  • Bram van den Berg, a 40-year-old drummer of the pop-rock band Krezip from Netherlands, brings his “song drummer” style to U2.
  • This change is not permanent; Mullen Jr. is expected to rejoin the band after the Sphere concerts, allowing him to recover and continue performing.

Why is Larry Mullen Jr. Not Playing Drums for U2?

Despite his continuous presence in U2 since the band’s inception, Larry Mullen Jr. will not be taking his place behind the drum kit when the legendary Irish rockers inaugurate the state-of-the-art MSG Sphere venue. This decision stems from concerns about the drummer’s health and well-being.

While not providing specific details about his various health concerns, Mullen Jr. acknowledged that his body had deteriorated over the years due to U2’s demanding touring schedule spanning decades. In the past, he had pushed through such issues driven by his passion for performing. However, at the age of 61, he has made the firm decision to prioritize his health and well-being.

Who is Bram van den Berg?

Bram van den Berg, the drummer of pop-rock band Krezip from Netherlands, has stepped in as Larry Mullen Jr.’s replacement. Krezip, lead by Jacqueline Govaert, originally formed in 1997 in Tilburg, Netherlands, and van den Berg joined the group in 2004. 

Notably popular in the Netherlands, where they’ve graced the Pinkpop festival stage six times, Krezip also enjoys recognition in other parts of Europe. The band has released a total of five albums, with van den Berg contributing to three of them.

Van den Berg is from the small Dutch village of Wamel and initiated his musical journey by joining his first band, One in a Million, in 2001 while studying at the Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg. In 2005, he made his debut with Krezip, and that same year, the band released its third album, “What Are You Waiting For?” In a 2005 interview with Drummerszone, van den Berg described himself as a “song drummer,” emphasizing his focus on serving the song rather than technical prowess.

In addition to his role in Krezip, van den Berg has drummed for other bands, including VanVelzen, Drive Like Maria, and Guild of Stags. He draws inspiration from various rock drummers, citing the likes of Roger Taylor, Taylor Hawkins, and Dave Grohl. Van den Berg’s approach centers on creating a full sound and prioritizing the song, a philosophy reminiscent of iconic tracks like Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” characterized by its memorable, audience-engaging rhythm.

Is this change permanent?

No, Bram van den Berg joined the band as a temporary replacement for Larry Mullen Jr. The main reason for the change is the series of Sphere concerts that are taking place from late September to late November. Berg will play 20 total shows in Las Vegas with U2.

After the Sphere shows, it is expected that Larry Mullen Jr. will be joining the band back for the next performances. So, this is just a temporary change for the longtime U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr. to have a break and get his health back. 


In conclusion, U2, the iconic rock band, is facing a temporary change in its lineup due to Larry Mullen Jr.’s health concerns, which have compelled him to step away from the drum kit for the time being. Bram van den Berg, the accomplished Dutch drummer from the pop-rock band Krezip, has stepped in as his replacement for the Sphere concerts in Las Vegas. 

Although this change is a departure from the norm for U2 and has surprised many devoted fans, it is essential for Mullen Jr. to prioritize his well-being after decades of grueling touring. Bram van den Berg’s arrival showcases the band’s resilience and commitment to delivering electrifying performances. It’s worth noting that this change is not permanent. Following the conclusion of the Sphere concerts, it is expected that Larry Mullen Jr. will rejoin U2 for their future performances.

Bram van den Berg Featured Image by: Phillip Lebowitz, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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