Who is Playing Drums for Foo Fighters Now?

The current drummer for Foo Fighters is Josh Freese, who joined the band in late 2021. He replaced the previous drummer, Taylor Hawkins, following Hawkins’ tragic and unexpected death. Although Josh had big shoes to fill, he’s done a great job as drummer for the band.

Josh Freese isn’t new to the music scene. With a rich musical background playing alongside bands like The Vandals and A Perfect Circle, his drumming prowess brings a lot to the Foo Fighters’ table. With Freese’s inclusion, the future for the band is expected to be exciting as they adjust to their new composition and move forward with future projects.

The Band’s Transition

The death of Taylor Hawkins in 2021 sent reverberations through the Foo Fighters and the wider music community, marking a heartrending period of transition for the band. Hawkins was not just a member; his exceptional drumming skills and infectious charisma were integral to the identity and sound of the Foo Fighters. 

The band’s decision to continue making music, although difficult, was essential to honor Hawkins’ memory and sustain the legacy they built together. To fill the significant void left by Hawkins, they made a strategic move to bring in a new drummer. This decision marked a new chapter for the Foo Fighters, one filled with hopes, challenges, and an unwavering commitment to keep their passion for music alive.

Introduction of the New Drummer

Stepping into the big shoes left vacant by Taylor Hawkins is Josh Freese, who became the new drummer of Foo Fighters in late 2021. This appointment was not made lightly, as Freese had significant credentials that made him an exceptional candidate for the position. 

Freese’s wealth of experience in the music industry became a deciding factor for his inclusion in the band. Having played alongside various renowned bands and musicians like The Vandals and A Perfect Circle, he brought with him invaluable experience and a distinctive style of drumming that promised to add a refreshed sound to the rock group. Freese’s professional history reveals a versatile musician ready to contribute to the unique narrative of the Foo Fighters.

Josh Freese’s Musical Background

Josh Freese’s musical journey is marked by impressive collaborations, reflecting his versatile talent as a drummer. Before joining Foo Fighters, his drumming prowess was central to notable bands like The Vandals and Devo, allowing him to leave a significant impact on the musical scene, especially punk rock.

Being part of The Vandals, an influential punk rock band, Freese proved his attribute in entertaining audiences with high-energy performances, displaying his skill in complex rhythms and fast-paced beats. His stint with Devo, an eccentric and audacious band, exhibited his adaptability to a diverse range of musical genres.

Through these engagements, Freese not only solidified his reputation in the punk rock world but also demonstrated his capacity to evolve and blend with different music styles, a trait that makes him a valuable addition to Foo Fighters.

Future Expectations for the Band

With Josh Freese on the drums, it’s looking like Foo Fighters is going to pull through. Fans can anticipate a distinct sound that blends Foo Fighter’s iconic rock with Freese’s varied drumming styles.

However, some of the Foo Fighters fans did not welcome Josh Freese well, as they had doubts about Freese’s style being different than Hawkins’ drumming. The main criticism was that Freese was rushing the beat too much, while Taylor was more “in the pocket” style drummer, which gave one of the characteristics of the band. This came to question after one of the first shows of the band with Freese, as the signature tune of Foo Fighters, “Everlong,” was played too fast on the stage.

However, changing a band member always brings these kinds of doubts to mind, as with each member transition, the band’s soul changes slightly. We have to give the band members time to know and get used to each other to come to a balance and have a little patience to observe what Foo Fighters brings to Freese and what Freese brings to the Foo Fighters table.

Of course, there was not only negative feedback but also positive and neutral ones. Most fans are hopeful about Josh Freese as they believe he will be a great contribution after the learning curve.

The inclusion of Freese also indicates potential upcoming tours and performances as the band continues to engage with their fans and create music. While taking the stage without Taylor Hawkins will be a significant adjustment, the Foo Fighters have a history of persevering and rallying in the face of adversity. As such, it’s anticipated that the band will deliver memorable performances and continue to hold a steady presence in the rock scene with their new configuration.


In conclusion, the Foo Fighters’ transition following the untimely passing of their former drummer, Taylor Hawkins, has led to a new era with Josh Freese on the drums. Freese’s impressive background, with performances alongside influential bands like The Vandals and Devo, suggests he is well poised to help lead the band into its next phase. 

Going forward, fans can anticipate a refreshed sound and high-energy performances as the Foo Fighters continue to honor their rich history while embracing this new chapter. The resilience and passion of this iconic rock group signify their readiness to continue making music, symbolizing their unwavering love for what they do and their determination to honor the legacy of their past members.

Josh Freese Featured Image by: Lipservice21, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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