Alesis Unveils The Nitro Max Electronic Drum Set

The Alesis Nitro Max is the newest addition to Alesis’ e-drum collection. Featuring responsive mesh head technology, a pro-grade drum module, a vast and realistic sound collection, and Bluetooth connectivity, this e-drum kit surpasses its predecessor (the Nitro Mesh Kit) by a mile.

The Alesis Nitro Max kit comes with various upgrades from the previous Nitro model (alesis nitro mesh). I’ll explain the differences between these two versions as well as highlight the Nitro Max’s new features and overall standing as the newest member of the Alesis family.

Alesis Nitro Max At a Glance

  • The Alesis Nitro Max is a superior version to the Nitro Mesh kit. It has a larger snare pad, and a slightly larger collection of sounds and kits, in addition to the BFD Player, features Bluetooth connectivity, and comes with a 90-day subscription to Drumeo.
  • The Alesis Nitro Max is an 8-piece electronic drum set with a 10” dual-zone snare drum, three 8” toms, three 10” cymbal pads, and a kick pad tower.
  • The Nitro Max kit comes equipped with the BFD Player that connects your PC or Mac to your drum kit and turns it into a premium MIDI controller.
  • The BFD Player includes 440 sounds and 32 premium drum kits, in addition to 25 onboard drum kits and 15 kits for user custom creation.
  • The kit also comes with 60 built-in play-along tracks, 60 free Melodics lessons (included in the 30-day trial), and a 90-day subscription to Drumeo to learn and play.
  • The 4-post aluminum rack system offers good stability, flexibility, and even portability (foldable). You also get all the necessary connection cables, in addition to the power supply, drumsticks, and a drum key.

Alesis Nitro Max vs. Nitro Mesh

Both e-drum kits look similar but differ in several ways. Let’s go over the similarities and differences between the two.


  1. Both Nitro versions are 8-piece e-drum kits that feature a dual-zone snare drum, three mesh toms, three cymbal pads (10″ crash cymbal with choke, 10″ ride, and 10″ hi-hat with foot controller), and kick pad tower.
  2. Both come with a 4-post aluminum rack stand with a controller, power supply, drumsticks, a drum key, and a cabling system.
  3. Both the Max and Mesh kits come with 60 play-along backing tracks for practice.
  4. Both include a 30-day free trial of Melodics (premium subscription) to learn and build a foundation.
  5. Lastly, both feature tunable mesh heads and a vast library of sounds to play and experiment with and include a metronome, sequencer, and performance recorder.


  1. While both kits feature 8 pieces, the Nitro Max has a slightly larger snare drum pad (10” dual-trigger mesh) than the Nitro Mesh (8” dual-trigger mesh).
  2. The Nitro Max kit has a slightly larger collection of sounds, and drum kits, and includes the BFD Player with additional sounds.
  3. The Nitro Max kit also features Bluetooth connectivity that isn’t available for the Nitro Mesh kit.
  4. While both kits include a 30-day free trial subscription to Melodics, only the Nitro Max has a 90-day subscription to Drumeo.
  5. The Nitro Max e-drum set is a more complete version that comes with better and newer sounds, an integrated phone holder, and an overall more acoustic-like vibe.


The Alesis Nitro Max e-drum kit is the newest addition to the Alesis family. It greatly surpasses the previous Nitro version (the Nitro Mesh kit) in a few key points such as a large snare pad (10 inches), a slightly larger sound library and kits (including BFD Player), Bluetooth connectivity to play along to your favorite tracks, and comes with a 90-day subscription to Drumeo. While the Nitro Mesh kit is still a great and affordable option for beginners, the Nitro Max kit is a more well-rounded choice overall.

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Mike O'Connor

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