Alternatives to the Roland Noise Eater

Some alternatives to the Roland Noise Eater are using DIY tennis ball risers, sylomer pads, beaterless pedals, or other noise reduction measures. The Roland Noise Eater is a popular solution to lower the volume and vibrations of your electronic drums, but it’s quite expensive.

Keeping it quiet while drumming can be a tough task. But hey, we’re in luck! Technology has given us plenty of options to keep the noise down without compromising our rhythm.

In this article, I’m gonna share some tips and tricks for keeping your electronic drumming quiet, without sacrificing your groove. I’ll take a look at a bunch of different methods that really work, and compare some popular products like Roland Noise Eaters to see if there are any good alternatives out there. So, if you’re tired of disturbing your neighbors or family members with your beats, keep reading!

Understanding Roland Noise Eaters

Roland Noise Eaters are pretty cool gadgets made by Roland, to help reduce noise and vibrations from electronic drum kits. They aim to make drumming quieter for everyone involved, by cutting down on the amount of vibrations that get transferred to the floor.

Alternatives to the Roland Noise Eater

Tennis Ball Riser as an Alternative

An alternative to Roland Noise Eater is the tennis ball riser, which offers a budget-friendly solution for noise reduction in electronic drums. Made from a simple platform supported by tennis balls, it aims to lessen vibrations and noise transmitted through the floor during a drumming session, just as the Roland Noise Eaters do. If you want to make a tennis ball riser yourself, then check out the video below:

DIY Noise Eaters – Sylomer Pads

For those interested in do-it-yourself noise reduction solutions, Sylomer pads offer a viable alternative to Roland Noise Eaters. Sylomer is a versatile and durable polyurethane foam material designed to efficiently absorb vibrations and lessen noise transmission. Similar to Roland Noise Eaters, these pads aim to minimize noise pollution while providing a quieter drumming experience. For a tutorial on how to make this for yourself, check out the video tutorial below:

Use a Beaterless Kick Pedal

The Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal is a great solution for drummers who want a quieter alternative to traditional kick pads. Unlike regular kick pads that use a beater mechanism, the KT-10 eliminates the need for one, which significantly reduces noise levels.

Roland KT-10 Beaterless Kick Pedal
View Price at Thomann (Europe)View Price at Amazon

Although many beaterless pedals don’t feel great to play, the Roland KT-10 is very responsive.

It uses a responsive trigger system that detects foot pressure and accurately conveys the intensity of the strokes, providing a more authentic drumming experience. This pedal is ideal for drummers who want to practice or perform without creating excessive noise levels. Overall, the Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal is an effective and practical option for drummers looking for a quieter playing experience.

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