The 5 Best Electronic Snare Drums (2022)

electronic snare drum

Drummers often consider upgrading their electronic snare drum for improved sensitivity, larger pad size, and more triggering options (e.g. dual-zone or 3-zone pads).

An electronic snare drum is one of the most important items of your set. If you are thinking about upgrading your electronic snare drum, we’ve included options for all budgets in the list below.

The 5 Best Electronic Snare Drums (2022)

1. Roland PDX-12 Dual Trigger Mesh Snare Pad
Editor's Choice - A great all-round, 12” electronic snare drum with a tunable head
2. Roland PDX-6 V-Pad Snare
A good quality, budget 8” snare drum pad
3. Roland PD-128S Snare V-Pad
Pro Option - Top of Roland's V-series, 12” snare pad with tunable mesh heads and dual triggers
4. Yamaha DTX Series 3-Zone Drum Pad - 8"
An 8” Yamaha drum pad with three trigger zones on the drumhead.
5. Yamaha DTX Series 3-Zone Drum Pad - 12" Snare Drum
12” pad made with branded Yamaha TCS silicone an accurate acoustic-style feel

1. Roland PDX-12

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Our editor’s choice is the Roland PDX-12. This is a 12” dual-trigger mesh snare pad is one of Roland’s best V-series electronic snare drums.

This pad has dual trigger sensors, giving you the ability to easily play any rolls or rimshots.

You can also tune the head. This way you can control the rebound of your drumstick.

All in all, this is a great large pad for anyone looking to get a quality made electronic snare drum for their e-drum kit.

2. Roland PDX-6 V-Pad Snare

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If you’re looking to get a quality made snare drum but not splash out tons of money for it, Roland PDX-6 is the way to go.

This is the smallest of the V-series snare pads. It’s an 8” snare pad with a mesh head with triggers on the head and the rim.

This is a great buy for any house practice set and a great buy for any beginner to learn the basics of drumming on.

3. Roland PD-128S Snare V-Pad

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For a pro, you want the best the market has to offer and Roland’s best one on offer is the PD-128S. This snare pad is as close to the real acoustic snare drum as you can get, both visually and playing wise.

It’s a dual-zone triggered 12” mesh pad. The triggers are in the rim and the head, with the rimshot playability as close to acoustic snare drums as you can get. The Mesh head is tunable of course, giving you the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the head for your playing style.

Also, wrappings on the shell are interchangeable, so you can adjust the look of your snare drum to your drum kit easily.

The high-end, high-quality item that’s made to be used by professionals, with both high levels of sensitivity and build-quality that we have come to expect from Roland.

4. Yamaha DTX Series 3-Zone Drum Pad – 8″

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Yamaha is a household name of electronic drum equipment and their DTX series proves as a very worth contender.

Some drummers love the feel of the Yamaha DTX silicone heads. They are less bouncy than mesh heads, but still provide a very strong acoustic feel to them.

This 8” pad has three trigger zones. Since it’s 8”, it’s compact and doesn’t take up too much space.

5. Yamaha DTX Series 3-Zone Drum Pad – 12″ Snare Drum

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We finish off this list with this 12” DTX snare drum from Yamaha. It has similar electronics as the previous one on our list, but what sets it apart is the size and the materials used in the building.

This is a 12” snare pad, with Yamaha’s great TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) material on the head.

The snare pad itself includes a controller that allows you to change tension and even turn on and off snares (a very useful feature that you can adjust on-the-fly without having to reach for the drum module!).

How to Connect an Electronic Snare Drum to Your Module

Connecting your electronic snare drum is done in the same way as you would connect any other electronic drums.

You can connect it to your drum module by a standard ¼” cables. All of the snare drums on this list use this same connection.

Most drum modules use 1/4″ cable connection types for drum pads and cymbals.

Different Types of Electronic Snare Drum Heads

As you maybe noticed, there is a difference in the type of drum heads materials different producers use for their products.

Roland always uses their mesh for their premium drum heads. Mesh is the type of artificial material that emulates the real drum head.

Yamaha DTX pads use TCS heads (Textured Cellular Silicone Head). In the end, it all comes to your personal preference, because both will do great for any setup.

Where to Use Electronic Snare Drums

Electronic snare drums can be used both as a part of a drum set or as a standalone instrument.

As a part of your electronic drum kit, you can always replace and upgrade your snare drum to get a better sound when playing.

Of course, you don’t need a full drum kit to make use of your electronic snare drum.

You can also use it as a part of your live performance if you’re into electronic music, by connecting the snare drum pad to a drum trigger module or sample pad.

How do Tunable Electronic Snare Drums Heads Work?

Tunable electronic drums allow for players to adjust the sensibility of the drum head. This means that by turning your key you can tighten or loosen the drum head, giving you better rebound or less of a rebound of your drum stick when playing the drums.


We hope that this article has helped you learn something new about the electronic snare drum market.

Whether you’re looking for a simple upgrade for your home kit or a professional buy for your studio setting you can find something for yourself on this list.

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