Roland TD-1DMK Review – All Mesh Electronic Drum Set


Value for money






Sound quality



  • High quality mesh heads
  • Very easy to use
  • Amazing build quality
  • Perfect for drummers of all levels
  • Works with double bass drum pedals (separate purchase)


  • The drum module is good, but it's relatively limited
  • More expensive than many other entry-level kits

Roland’s all-mesh electronic drum sets have been traditionally isolated to their mid and high-level sets. Now with the release of the TD-1DMK, you can experience Roland’s fantastic mesh heads for an affordable price.

If you wish to find a perfect electronic drum set for an affordable price tag, you should consider Roland TD-1DMK. It comes with great features that will help you enjoy all the way and get realistic drumming experience with ease.

Due to double mesh drumheads that you will get with toms and snare as well as adjustable tension, you will have a similar feeling as playing the acoustic drums. You will also get a wide array of presets so that you can play along with different types of genres.

It is great for both professional and amateur drummers, but according to users, it is best for people that wish to practice more.

Roland TD-1DMK – Price Comparison

That is important because it comes with ten onboard coaching functions where you can track your progress so that you can gain better motivation to play than before. Let us see what Roland TD-1DMK electronic drum kit will offer you:

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Getting Roland TD-1DMK electronic drum set is great because it contains eight inches dual-zone snare pad as well as three six inches tom pads. At the same time, you will get three ten inches dual-zone cymbal pads such as crash, ride, and hi-hat.

You do not have to worry, because you will get a hi-hat pedal controller as well as bass drum pad within the package, which is excellent for the money that you will pay for it.

You will be able to choose four-post rack by using H-shaped central section, that will allow you to attach horizontal bars, and that will help you accommodate outer legs and gain additional stability.

This particular design will allow you to implement in-built rubber bass drum trigger pad that you can attach to the upright pole of the frame you will get with it. Have in mind that pad is wide enough so that you can accommodate two bass drum beaters.

That is excellent news for double pedal players especially ones that wish to practice the real feel. You will be able to connect any bass drum pedal to it by using an adjustable steel mounting plate. Have in mind that frame is straightforward when it comes to setting it up.

Even though positioning the rack toms is limited due to mounting brackets on the posts, you will be able to do it on the top instead of on the horizontal bars, which is common for other kits on the market.

You will be able to make a perfect setup so that you can adapt to your height and overall size. That will provide you much greater versatility than you could do it with other drum sets you will find.

Cymbal pads and arms are painted black, which means that you will have both integrated and sleek aesthetical perspective of this drum set that will blend well with the black frame. Each arm contains a ball-joint mechanism so that you can make small adjustments.

The cymbal pads are perfect mainly because of their small size, and you will have an additional layer of rubber so that you can improve the natural rebound sound. It is precisely accurate for beginner’s market, and you will get other features so that you can enjoy all the way.

Sound Features

The Roland TD-1DMK electronic drum set comes with basic presets in overall, and even though you will get a limited number of features, you will be able to navigate with ease due to a user-friendly interface, which is suited for younger, and beginner drummers.

This compact unit can mount to the top far left, or you can also tilt it back and forth so that you can have more convenient access than before. The user interface features four menus: song, coach, tempo and drums, and you will be able to control them with a single button.

You can find 15 different kit presets under the drums menu, and you can explore with +/- buttons that you will see on the set. When it comes to connectivity, you will get one output that will provide you the ability to plug aux-in and USB midi for headphones.

It also features cable-loom so that you can connect reliable and supplied pads as well as bringing the extra cymbals such as crash or ride.

You will be able to enjoy in a suitable selection of sounds that will provide you the ability to handle a wide array of styles and genres. It is compatible with funk, pop, rock, jazz, reggae, drum and bass and many more.

You will also get the percussion kit, which is a funny way to enjoy wherever you are. You can also change effects such as compression and reverb, and create customized configurations for each package based on your preferences and style of playing.

Of course, everything depends on the idea of whether you enjoy reverb-soaked kits or not. You will get high-end samples that are shorter than other Roland models that you can find on the market.

However, that is not surprising if you have in mind its affordable price tag. You will not get instrument editing ability, which means that what you see is what you get.

All mesh heads respond well, and you will be able to make open and gentle bass notes and attacking slap of snare that will provide you enjoyment. The dual-zone cymbal will give you the ability to maximize options and broaden the tonal horizons.

You can easily play ride bell for instance, by accenting the bow, but you will need some time to get used to it.


This particular electronic drum set is an excellent choice for beginners because it features a wide array of bells and whistles that will accompany them for practicing and motivation.

For instance, you will be able to enjoy in practice aids and coaching functions, apart from backing tracks and metronome. The backing loops tend to vary in style, and they are enjoyable regardless of your skill levels.

Have in mind that these tracks are not MIDI-based, as other kits within the price range. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy high-end sound quality. You can choose ten coaching modes such as Time Check that will highlight in case you get behind the beat.

Apart from that, you will also be able to choose Tempo check that will change the volume of click depending on your timing.

The best choice is Stroke Balance that will measure the velocity of your hands. You can also use the recording mode and practice timer, which are useful training tools that will help you become better than before.

  • Value For Money – 9/10 – It’s obviously more expensive than the likes of the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit. However, you’re getting a quality Roland drum set here, and the value for money in terms of build quality is top class.
  • Features – 7/10 – When it comes to features, you won’t get that many as other, more expensive sets, but you will still be able to enjoy in coaching presets that will help you practice and improve motivation as time goes by.
  • Playability – 8/10 – It is simple to use and play, and due to a realistic perspective, you will be able to transfer from acoustic to this particular one after getting used to it.
  • Sound Quality – 9/10 – Roland’s vDrums sounds are some of the best around, this kit is no different.

Final Verdict

In overall, with the Roland TD-1DMK electronic drum set, you will be able to gain the most out of your practice with great presets and with the ability to reduce the noise of drumming.

Therefore, if you want to play without bothering neighbors and others, this is one of the best entry-level electronic drum sets.

If you have experience with this particular set, be sure to write about it in the comment section below.

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  1. I love the kit but I found the kick drum (base) noise level very low on most of the drum kit settings within the module, some you barely hear at all … not sure if II have a fault so will visit the shop I bought it from to try their model.

    • Hi Dave, I found the kick sound pretty normal from that module. I think it’s worth checking against the shop’s model, or even compare against the kick sound of electronic drum sets.

  2. It’s a good edrum kit but unfortunately you can’t do cross stick.

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