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Electronic Drum Set Reviews and Buyer’s Guide – Not sure what the best electronic drum set is for you? Then this guide is for you. I take you through the main things to look out for and points to compare electronic drum sets. I also present my top recommended drum sets for each budget level.

The Best Electronic Drum And Percussion Pads – A Drummer’s Guide – Drum and percussion pads are an exceptional addition to both electronic and acoustic drums sets. In this guide, I explain the top 4 pads that I think you should consider: The Roland Octapad, Roland SPD-SX, Yamaha Multipad, and the Alesis SamplePad Pro.

4 Ways to Create a Hybrid Drum Set – Acoustic and Electronic – In this guide, I am explaining the main methods for you to create a hybrid drum set. This ranges from using percussion and sample pads to getting a drum module and connecting up external triggers, pads, and other triggering devices to it.

The 10 Best Gifts for Drummers – Fun and Practical Gifts to Make the Drummer in Your Life Feel Loved – Thinking of purchasing a gift for a drummer in your life. This guide will inspire you with ideas!

The Best Kids Electronic Drum Sets – I’ve reviewed everything from toddlers vtech drums to the best fully-fledged e-drums for older kids.

Electronic Drum Advisor is dedicated to providing you with some really informative guides to help you on your way into the world of electronic drumming. If there are any areas of electronic drumming that you would like to explore more then please write a comment below. If it’s in my experience then I’ll do my best to write the most informative content I can.

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