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Use any of the below guides as a starting point. These include gear guides, how-to guides, lessons, tips, and more. They cover a wide range of topics such as electronic drums, learning resources, drum accessories, drum recording, music production, and acoustic drums.

These drum learning materials include how-to guides, links to great resources, and recommendations for essential gear.

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These include accessories for all types of drummers. This section includes all types of drum accessories, big and small!

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Drum recording and production is another area that we are very passionate about. We really love to explore both music hardware and software. We create how-to videos to help you improve your drum production.

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This section explores acoustic drumming and percussion. We also like to cover areas on this site that cover hybrid drumming (electronic and acoustic combined kits) and low-volume acoustic drum gear.

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Electronic Drum Advisor is dedicated to providing you useful guides to help you become a better drumming and to get the most out of your electronic drums.

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