Steel Drums – All Your Questions Answered

With their fascinating sound, resulting in ethereal and exotic vibes at the same time, steel drums (steelpans) have gained more and more popularity in different genres and styles of music throughout the last few decades. Also known as steel pans, these instruments were once built from industrial containers. Nowadays, manufacturers usually employ some high-quality steel … Read more

10 Essential Drum Accessories for All Drummers

So you’ve already got a drum set, cymbals, hardware, drumsticks, and drum throne. As a next step, getting your hands on some of these essential accessories can take your skills and drumming experience to the next level. These drumming accessories provide benefits ranging from: Improving your skills Helping your practice on the move Making it … Read more

The 7 Best Drum Hardware Packs – Our Pick

Good hardware is essential for both acoustic and electronic drums. They make sure everything stays in position and they ensure optimal performance of your bass-drum and hi-hat playing. Good hardware can also make quite a difference in the overall sound quality of the drum set, this is particularly true when it comes to foot pedals. … Read more

The 4 Best Low Volume Cymbals for Quiet Playing (2020)

Low volume cymbals have become very popular in recent years for a very good reason. They retain the feel of playing acoustic cymbals, while dramatically reducing the volume. That can protect your hearing, while keeping family and neighbors happy! You get to play on cymbals that are a lot bit quieter without rubber cymbal mufflers … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Acrylic Drums

Acrylic drums have transparent shells while offering a punchy sound. They allow the audience to actually see the drummer while adding a whole new level of style to your set. We’re going to go through some of the best modern acrylic drum sets available to buy online. Acrylic drum sets are back in fashion with … Read more

Cocktail Drum Sets – All You Need to Know

Cocktail drum sets are an easy fix for a small spaces. They are convenient for smaller bands and for drummers that want a kit that’s easy to set up and pack down. When you see these drums, you can picture smokey cocktail lounges with bebop jazz playing softly in the background. Even though those days … Read more

The Best Audio Plugin Sales and Deals 2020 (VST,AU,AAX)

This is your up-to-date list for fantastic audio plugin deals. The Summer Sales for a few big music plugin companies are now underway, so it’s a great time to snap up a deal while prices are low. Music plugins can often be found at great discounts because their makers can afford to temporarily lower their … Read more

The Best Drum Risers for Acoustic and Electronic Drums

When you’re playing on stage as a drummer, it’s easy to feel underappreciated as all the other musicians are visually blocking you on stage. That’s where drum risers come into play! The fact that you’re sitting behind the wall of drums and everybody else is standing doesn’t really help in that situation. The best solution, … Read more

10 Great Mastering Plugins for a Pro Sound (Free and Paid Options)

Mastering is the final step in music production that ties up the whole song or album in a perfectly wrapped package. We often recommend getting a specialist mastering engineer to master your music in most cases. However, many producers want to do it themselves for either financial reasons or to maintain creative control. In this … Read more