The 7 Best Double Bass Drum Pedals 2021 for Speed and Durability

Double bass drum pedals
Double bass drumming is an effective and powerful way of spicing up songs in many different genres. Double kick drum pedals are often used in heavy metal, including numerous sub-genres of this style.

From thrash and death metal to southern and nu-metal, it’s one of the favorite drumming elements of metal drummers.

It’s also very present in other genres of drumming; it just might not be as obvious to the general listener.

In this article, we’re going to talk about five of the best double bass drum pedals on the market. These pedals are compatible with both acoustic and electronic drum sets. If you want more information on how to use double bass drums with electronic drum sets, then check out our guide on double bass electronic drums sets. That guide will tell you what you need to get set up.

Our Pick of the 7 Best Double Bass Drum Pedals

1. TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200
Editor's Choice - Great for beginners and intermediates, top brand and great value for money
2. PDP 400 Series Double Pedal
Budget Option - An affordable double pedal from PDP (a brand of DW)
3. Drum Workshop DWCP3002
Sturdy and adjustable. On the mid-price range for double bass drum pedals.
4. DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal
Pro Option - High-end DW double kick pedals
5. MAPEX P500TW Single Chain 500 Series
A playable and durable budget double kick pedal
6. Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive
Pro Option - From the classic range of high-end Pearl pedals
7. Axis Longboards Classic Black A
Pro Option - Very fast and smooth, great design

When you’re choosing the double drum pedal for your band, you should pay attention to few details.

For starters, it’s vital to check the quality of the pedals themselves and the entire construction. The pedals should move smoothly so that you can easily master the double bass technique even if you’re a beginner.

1. TAMA HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

One of the most famous drum manufacturers, TAMA has produced some of the most practical double bass pedals on the market. The HP200PTW Iron Cobra 200 model is one of their finest products.

The authentic power glide cam enables the drummer to feel that genuine pedal movement, which is one of the trademarks of the TAMA double pedals. Also, the rolling glide LiteSprocket gives the drummer a more delicate feel, adding to the improved responsiveness of the entire set.

You can also change the angle of the beater, which is a great option since all kinds of drummers can adjust the beater to the position of their feet.

Given that drummers have different levels of experience and physical stamina, many of them appreciate it when they can fine-tune the spring tension. With the TAMA Iron Cobra 200 double pedal, they can do that quickly and easily.

This double pedal set is a fine choice for experienced drummers, and it’s more than suitable for double bass beginners as well.

2. PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal

View Price: Amazon

Drum Workshop (DW) is also a familiar name for most drummers. They’ve been active for almost half a century. They have a separate brand, known as PDP, which has manufactured one of the most popular double pedal kits on the market: the PDP 400 Series Double Pedal.

This set offers drummers a modern design with sleek and attractive pedal boards. Each pedal has an individual chain offset cam.

Since it comes with integrated spurs and has two-way beaters, it offers the same smooth feel as some more costly pedals.

The spring tension can be changed so that every drummer can adjust it to their needs.

What’s more, if you’re a left-handed drummer, you can get the PDP 400 Double Pedal that will meet your drumming needs.

Still, if you use the heel/toe technique for double bass drumming, this set could be a bit too small for that cause. If possible, first try if the length of the foot-board suits you to see if you can apply your technique to this pedal.

3. Drum Workshop, Inc. DWCP3002 Double Bass Pedal

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Now let’s talk about an original DW double bass pedal: the DWCP3002 set.

The minimalist and sleek design of the pedals, the sturdy and durable metal construction, and the top-notch two-way beater recommend this double pedal more than anything else.

When you add the dual-chain turbo sprocket to the list of features on this double bass pedal, it’s clear that the DWCP3002 is one of the best deals on the market.

Although it can feel a bit sluggish with the default tension mode, you can adjust the tension to your preferences and enjoy a pleasant drumming feel. Other than that, this double bass pedal is often praised for its responsiveness and drumming precision.

4. DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Another product of the Drum Workshop manufacture, the DW9000 Series double bass pedal is an all-inclusive professional kit.

A bass pedal of a new generation, the 9000 Series gives drummers an unparalleled mixture of drumming speed, comfort, and force.

Thanks to its EZ adjust cam, you can easily adjust the sprockets, depending on your current drumming needs.

This double bass pedal is often admired for the infinitely adjustable cam that enables drummers to push the envelope regarding playing variations.

The 9000 Series pedals come with the tri-pivot toe clamp addition, as well as the rubber base plate. These two enhancements ensure there’s a strong bond between the drummer and this double bass pedal.

It might seem a bit too sturdy, especially if you’ve played lighter double pedals up to now, but that’s just the first impression. You’ll have a responsive, smooth feel when you’re playing the DW 9000 Series double bass pedal.

5. Mapex P500TW Single Chain Independent Universal 500

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Another well-known name in the drumming industry, Mapex, can be proud of their P500TW Single Chain Independent Universal 500 double pedal.

If you want a reliable and durable double pedal set, this Mapex model is a reasonable choice. They’re made from solid steel, which ensures longevity.

What’s also typical for this material is that it adds to the playability of the entire set.

It’s possible to make adjustments to the beater and change the spring tension.

The updated footboard and stabilizer improve the playability of the pedals.

If you’re looking for an affordable double pedal set of high quality, the Mapex P500TW is the right option for you.

6. Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Pearl is a household name in the world of drums, so don’t be surprised by the price of this pedal. This is a high-end product that is designed to deliver not only amazing quality but super-comfortable playing as well. Therefore, it’s no wonder it offers a lot of adjustabilities.

The first thing I should mention about this pedal is its construction. It is very solid and seems durable enough to stand anyone’s foot with ease. Considering the sturdiness, it’s no wonder it is also quite heavy—heavier than most other double bass pedals.

Still, the overall quality isn’t the thing that makes this double kick pedal so special. There is a couple of very interesting features.

The first one that comes to mind is Pearl’s unique Duo-Deck footboard, which makes this pedal convertible. In just a couple of seconds, you can switch from a typical shortboard to a longboard pedal, which is highly beneficial for high-speed playing.

Another great thing about this double bass pedal is adjustability. Once again, Pearl comes with a pretty unique design solution. More precisely, there are two of them—Beater Stroke Adjustment and Direct Link Adjustment. With these two features, you can easily adjust the feel of the pedal and make it lighter or heavier. There are 8 possible configurations.

7. Axis Longboards Classic Black A – Double Pedal

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Another household name and another high-end product. At the time, Axis double bass pedals appeared, and that was decades ago, they were something pretty revolutionary, thanks to the famous variable-drive lever. Even today, this is one of the main features of Axis double pedals. Practically, it allows you to change the footboard movement and beater arc ratio with quick adjustments, so you can change the feel with ease.

Additionally, this particular model comes with a beater-forward construction that allows you to increase the punch without a heavy feel. In practice, this means no more balancing between speed and punch. More importantly, this is highly beneficial in terms of fatigue and to be sure you won’t feel it even after hours of playing.

When it comes to the base design characteristics, the whole pedal is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which ensures amazing durability and rigidity. Simply, this pedal is insanely durable.

Double bass drum pedals are heavily used in metal music, among other genres.

The Role of Double Kick Pedals

Single bass drum pedals are used to play relatively simple and emphasized beats. It’s possible to play more complex beats with a single pedal (for example, using the heel-toe method), but it’s still very limited for those that are looking for fast and interesting bass drum patterns.

Double-bass pedals (or two separate bass drums) play a very large part in metal drumming. These drummers play fast and intricate rhythms. Having double bass pedals in a band opens a whole world of different rhythmic options, adding to the originality of your sound.

When you initially buy a set of double bass pedals, you might be pleasantly surprised at the initial bass drum strokes that you can perform. However, with a bit of practice, you can turn them into lightning-fast strokes!

Double Bass Drumming Technique

Check out this great video below, which shows you some tips and methods to improve your double-kick drumming technique:

The Best Double Bass Drum Pedal?

The first four double pedals in this list belong to the group of affordable products that offer fine value for money. When we compare their features, the Tama Iron Cobra 200 double pedal is our top pick for those on a budget. If you have the budget, the DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal is a fantastic choice for pro drummers.

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