The 5 Best Cymbal Stands (2022) for Durability and Quality


Cymbal stands are one of the essential pieces of hardware on your drum set. If you’re looking to add a few extra cymbals to your set, then you’re going to need cymbal stands (or at least cymbal arms that hang off other hardware).

Though, not all cymbal stands are created equal. There’s a big difference between a very cheap stand vs heavy and durable ones.

The big problem area that I’ve found with very cheap cymbal stands is the lack of durability around the knobs to adjust the height. These broke on my two main cymbal stands on my first cheap drum set all of those years ago.

A good boom stand can really help you position your cymbal correctly, though you don’t necessarily need these for every cymbal because they take up a bit of extra room.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about cymbal stands that you can use cymbals such as the crash, ride, splash, china, and other effects cymbals.

Our Pick of the Best 5 Cymbal Stands (2022)

1. DW 5000 Series Boom Cymbal Stand
Editor's Choice - Heavy-duty, quality made cymbal stand with memory locks and great price
2. PDP 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand
Affordable Option - Good quality boom stand from PDP
3. Pearl BC930 Boom Cymbal Stand
High-end, double-braced cymbal stand. Folds into itself
4. DW DWCP3700 Cymbal Stand
Mid-range stand with plastic filling on the inside. Fine-tooth tilter with a captive wing nut.
5. Mapex B200RB
Lightweight and affordable beginners stand.

1. DW 5000 Series Heavy Duty Cymbal Stand – Boom

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Every drummer should have at least one boom cymbal stand in his drum set. And if you’re looking to buy that one, I would advise you that you should look into the DW 5000 series heavy duty cymbal stand. This is the stripped-down version of the high-end 9000 series, meaning it has the best of both worlds – it’s stripped down of every unnecessary thing, but it also has all of the features that you would need from your cymbal stand.

It has 1/8” diameter tubes and memory locks to keep everything together. The locks are of the top quality, meaning they will endure the everyday stress that a serious drummer would put them through in practice and gigging the world. They are also quite light in comparison to the high-end options and every pound counts when you have to dismantle and move your drum set every other night.

2. Budget option: PDP 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

If you’re looking for a budget option and don’t want to splash large amounts of money, PDP 800 is a great pick for you. This is a double-braced, 3-legged stand which is collapsible and easily transferred. It’s light and thin, but don’t be fooled by the looks – this is one sturdy stand.

Even though it’s not the best item on the market, it will do its job properly and for a really cheap price. What more could you ask of it?

3. Pearl BC930 Double Brace Boom Cymbal Stand

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Pearl is a household name in the drumming world and it’s no wonder that their stand has made way to our list of the top stands. BC930 is a high-end, heavy-duty cymbal stand that has all the best features and can be used by any drummer in the world.

This is a three-legged, double-braced stand, with a boom arm. It is equipped with Uni-Lock tilters giving you as much versatility as you can get. The great thing about it, apart from the quality of every piece of the equipment is that the boom arm fits inside of the stand base. This means that you can elegantly pack everything up, without having to lose too much space, which is really valuable when you are packing every night.

4. DW DWCP3700 Straight/Boom Cymbal Stand

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Another stand that’s made it on our list from DW, DWCP 3700 is their latest addition in the low-end department. This is an affordable, budget version of the cymbal stand that still offers quality features and build.

The best options that this stand here has is that you can easily adjust the boom on the fly, because of their fine-tooth tilter with a captive wing nut. This means that however you put the stand, it will keep it in its place. Also, all of the tubes are filled on the inside with plastic insulators, avoiding the rattling in situations when the microphones are close to stands while they are recording. All in all, a great buy for anyone.

5. Mapex B200RB

View Price: Amazon

If you’re a beginner and looking to just getting started, you’re probably not going to need the best stand on the market, but something that’s affordable and easy to use. Mapex B200RB is just the thing you’re going to need – it’s light, sturdy, and most importantly, cheap! This is a simple, double-braced, three-legged stand with rubber tips that keep it from sliding on the floor.

It doesn’t have any fancy features, but just standard locks that are going to help you keep your cymbal in place when you play your drum set. This is a great buy for any beginner, as it fits every set, it’s cheap and they offer good quality for the amount of money you’re paying. And most importantly, they are sturdy enough to keep your hitting on them for a long time!


Boom stands vs straight stands

Boom stands, because they can reach over the other drums, offer much more versatility when setting up your drum set.

Also, many boom stands have a design where a boom arm fits into the bottom part of the stand. This allows for them to become straight stands if need be, making them a comprehensive, all-in-one tool that any drummer must-have.

They do tend to cost a bit more as there is more material used for building them, but it’s not such a cost difference if you’re serious about your drumming.

You should also note that lighter stands would need some counterweight if you’re planning on extending the cymbal far from the gravity center of the stand.


We hope that this article has helped you learn something about boom cymbal stands as well as to learn about the best items on the market today from this category.

Whether you’re a professional looking to get something sturdy and quality made for everyday gigging and playing or a beginner looking to buy his first drum set, you can find something for yourself on this list.

There are different kinds of stands, single-braced, double-braced, etc. All of this can be a bit confusing when buying your first stand especially, so I would advise the beginners to research a bit into the topic before going out and buying.

Also, you should identify what your needs are – of course, that the most expensive stand on the market is going to do you a good job. But, for your needs, some lighter, cheaper stand would most probably do a job you need as well, and for a lot less money.

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