Should You Buy a Double Bass Drum Set?

Most drum kits have one big bass drum, surrounded by smaller drums and cymbals. With the development of harder sounding music styles, drummers started using a second bass drum to add more intricate low-end rhythms.

In this article, we’re going to compare what are the differences between playing two bass drums and a double bass pedal. Also, we’re going to present to you some options for each of these.

If you’re looking for double bass electronic drum sets then be sure to check out our article on that topic.

Let’s start off with some recommended options:

1. Pearl Export EXX 8-piece Double Bass Drum Set with Hardware - Pure White

If you’re looking for a quality entry-level double bass drum kit, then the Pearl Export EXX is a great option.

This is a perfect starting point for any drummer serious about his playing, as you will get a high-quality product for a reasonable price, that will last you for decades. Pearl Export series has been around for almost 40 years and in that time, it became one of the most iconic starting drum kits ever.

This particular drum set comes with two 18”x22” bass drums, 8, 10 and 12” toms and a 14” snare drum. All of the drum shells are made out of mahogany and poplar wood mix, giving them great resonance and sound. Also, all of the drums are equipped with the Opti-Loc mount system, meaning that the drum shells are not drilled to mount the drums.

This gives the drums much more resonance and vibe when played but does interfere with the adjustability of the drums. With this set, you will get the HWP-830 series stands and a famous Pearl P-930 pedals.

With this drum set, you will get a great, high-quality beginner-intermediate drum set that will last you for years. Affordable price is just another reason to buy this set without hesitation if you’re looking for something reasonable and reliable to play on.

2. Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure Double Bass Shell Pack 8-piece - Turquoise Glass

If you’re a pro and you’re looking to spend some serious money on some serious drums, then Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure Double Bass Shell Pack 8-piece is the right thing for you. This magnificent 8-piece drum set comes with loads of options when the looks are in question – 29 different painting schemes are available.

As far as the drum set is concerned, it has two 22” bass drums, 14”, 16” and 18” floor toms and 10”, 12” and 13” mounted toms. If you wish to get an OptiMount mounting system from Pearl you’ll have to buy that separately, unfortunately. Also, you should note that this kit comes without the snare drum, so you will have to get that one separately also.

The main thing about these drums is their quality. The drum shells are made out of three types of wood – birch, maple, and mahogany. The 12” mount tom is the only shell made out of 100% maple wood.

They took that one as a reference and for anything smaller than that Pearl used a mix of maple and birch wood and for anything larger, they added mahogany into the mix. This allowed for each and every drum to have its own optimal sound.

Even though these drums come at a hefty price, they are most certainly worth it. With this set, you get the top-quality stuff the best drummers in the world use.

The perfect, pristine sound quality that will resonate whether you play it in the stadium or in practice session. Of course, if you’re a beginner, there is no point in spending all this money on a drum kit of this quality. But, if you’re a professional that’s serious about his job, you should really think about investing your money in a piece of equipment of this quality.

3. Pearl Eliminator Redline Double Bass Drum Pedal - Chain Drive

If the double bass drum looks like too much of a hassle for you then you should consider getting the double bass drum pedal to get the same effect when playing. And if you’re buying the double bass pedal then you should buy one of the best – Pearl Eliminator Redline pedal is a great option.

Besides the beautiful design this pedal has, it comes with some pretty neat features as well. The most important feature is the interchangeable cams. You can choose between 6 different cams (4 included in the package, 2 can be bought extra) that give you different feel when playing in terms of speed and power the pedal produces. Cams are color-coded and you can change them in a second, giving you unprecedented versatility when playing.

This pedal comes with skateboard bearings, adjustment springs, Pearls QuadBeater and a carrying bag. If you’re looking for an adjustable, reliable, great double bass pedal for an affordable amount of money, look no further.

Double Bass Drums vs Double Bass Pedals

When talking about differences between having two bass drums and double pedal on one drum set, the first one is quite obvious.

Having to take just an additional pedal is MUCH easier than having to haul the whole other bass drum with you. Also, when having to set up your drums, connecting another pedal is so much easier than having to set up the whole kit with an additional bass drum. Tuning is also much longer when you have to tune both drums instead of just one.

But, there are some pros for the second bass drum as well.

Even though it is a bit more hassle to have and additional bass drum, the cool factor goes through the roof when the audience sees you with two bass drums in your kit.

Also, as far as the sound goes, having an additional drum gives you much more versatility when playing and bigger and better sound. It’s quite logical that it’s not the same when you play one drum with two pedals and when you play two drums.


If you’re looking to add something new to your sound, you can always look to another bass drum. Especially if you’re playing some harder music styles like metal, you will probably have to use at least the double bass pedal to achieve the speed you need when playing. But, you can always try and play two bass drums at the same time.

The look of a huge drum kit with two bass drums will always give you more swag when on stage. It will also allow you to play more versatile sounds and have more options in your music. The less attractive side to all that is that you have to carry an additional bass drum with you everywhere. And everything that goes with that in terms of tuning, setting up, etc.

All in all, there is really no huge difference between having two bass drums and a double bass pedal. Double bass pedal is a simple and cheaper solution, but the second bass drum is worth the additional money you spend on it. It’s really up to you to choose which one you prefer, but the important thing is to rock on and play those drums the best you can, no matter what.

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