The 5 Best Double Bass Drum Sets (2023)

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of playing a double bass drum set. They look great, while they also sound amazing as both drums resonate independently from each other.

In this article, we’re going to present to you some of the best double bass drum sets available. We’ll also compare what are the real differences between playing two bass drums and a double bass pedal.

If you’re looking for double bass electronic drum sets then be sure to check out our article on that topic.

The 5 Best Double Bass Drum sets (2023)

1. Pearl Export EXX 8-piece Double Bass Drum Set (with Hardware)
Our Top Pick - The double bass drum version of the Pearl Export—one most popular drum kits for beginners
2. PDP by DW Double Bass Drum Set
Budget Option - A very decent budget shell kit with two bass drums.
3. Pearl Music City Custom Reference (Shell Pack)
One of the best double bass drum kits that Pearl has to offer.
4. TAMA Imperialstar 8 Piece Double Bass Drum Set
The double bass drum version of Tama's line of entry-level kits
5. DDrum Hybrid Acoustic-Electric 7 Piece Double Bass Drum Set
A very solid hybrid drum set which mixes acoustic and electronic drumming

1. Pearl Export EXX 8-piece Double Bass Drum Set with Hardware – Pure White

If you’re looking for a quality entry-level double bass drum kit, then the Pearl Export EXX is a great option.

This is a perfect starting point for any drummer serious about his playing, as you will get a high-quality product for a reasonable price, that will last you for decades. Pearl Export series has been around for almost 40 years and in that time, it became one of the most iconic starting drum kits ever.

This particular drum set comes with two 18”x22” bass drums, 8, 10 and 12” toms and a 14” snare drum. All of the drum shells are made out of mahogany and poplar wood mix, giving them great resonance and sound. Also, all of the drums are equipped with the Opti-Loc mount system, meaning that the drum shells are not drilled to mount the drums.

This gives the drums much more resonance and vibe when played but does interfere with the adjustability of the drums. With this set, you will get the HWP-830 series stands and a famous Pearl P-930 pedals.

With this drum set, you will get a great, high-quality beginner-intermediate drum set that will last you for years. Affordable price is just another reason to buy this set without hesitation if you’re looking for something reasonable and reliable to play on.

2. PDP by DW Double Bass Drum Set

Buying a double bass drum set can often be an expensive venture, so if you don’t have a big budget, you can be a bit restrained when buying. This double bass drum kit by PDP is a very nice, budget-friendly double bass drum set that will give you quality for a very decent price.

In this set, you will find two 22″ kick drums, 8″, 10″ and 12″ rack toms, 14″ and 16″ floor toms, and a 14″ snare. The shells are made out of poplar and come with fancy black lugs and hoops around them, making this set very attractive. They use Remo heads on their drums. You should note that hardware and cymbals are sold separately, so you will need to spend some extra money to get a full set.

This is a nice buy for beginners or people who are looking to buy a low-price, good-quality double bass drum set. The sound and build quality are really nice, even though there is nothing extra to it, but for this amount of money, you can’t really expect it to be something out of the world.

3. Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure Double Bass Shell Pack 8-piece – Turquoise Glass

If you’re a pro and you’re looking to spend some serious money on some serious drums, then the Pearl Music City Custom Reference Pure Double Bass Shell Pack might be worth considering. This magnificent 8-piece drum set comes with loads of options when the looks are in question.

As far as the drum set is concerned, it has two 22” bass drums, 14”, 16” and 18” floor toms and 10”, 12” and 13” mounted toms.

The main thing about these drums is their quality. The drum shells are made out of three types of wood – birch, maple, and mahogany. The 12” mount tom is the only shell made out of 100% maple wood.

This is a top-quality set and would work amazingly well for both recording and touring.

4. TAMA Imperialstar 8 Piece Double Bass Drum Set

The TAMA Imperialstar is a great double bass drum set which offers high-end quality for a medium price. It is made to be rugged and easy to use for beginners, but not in a way that you will outgrow this set in a couple of years.

This is a fairly standard drum set with two 22” bass drums, 8, 10, and 12-inch toms, 14 and 16-inch floor toms, and a standard 14” snare drum. As for the cymbals, you can count on Meinl cymbals and in that 14” hi-hat, 16” and 18” crashes, and 20” ride.

The shells of the drums are made out of 8mm 6-ply poplar, giving you durability while also keeping the great sound coming out of the drums.

As for the hardware, you will get all of the stands you need in this set, so it’s pretty much playable out of the box. All of the locks on the hardware are sturdy and memory locks, so you can set it up as you want, and when you’re putting the set back up, it will go so much faster.

The price of this set is in the mid-range, but you are really getting a high-end set that is durable and can follow you as you grow as a player. It will also give you a great sound, which, of course, is the most important thing for a drum kit.

5. DDrum Hybrid Acoustic-Electric 7 Piece Double Bass Drum Set

The DDrum Hybrid double bass drum set has a very nice mix of acoustic and electronic elements. This is an acoustic drum set with electronic triggers mounted all over the set, giving you an option to enhance your acoustic sound with an electronic one.

The shells are made out of birch wood, giving you quite a brittle and sharp sound as far as the acoustics go. In the set, you’ll find two 20” bass drums, a 13” snare drum, 10 and 12” rack toms, and 14” and 16” floor toms. Cymbals are sold separately, and this is something to watch out for.

At the first glance, this is a standard acoustic drum set, but the electronics are hidden within. All in all, this is a great drum set that gives you loads of options to play with.

Double Bass Drums vs Double Bass Pedals

When talking about differences between having two bass drums and double pedal on one drum set, the first one is quite obvious.

Having to take just an additional pedal is MUCH easier than having to haul the whole other bass drum with you. Also, when having to set up your drums, connecting another pedal is so much easier than having to set up the whole kit with an additional bass drum. Tuning also takes much longer when you have to tune both drums instead of just one.

But, there are some pros for the second bass drum as well.

Even though it is a bit more hassle to have and additional bass drum, the cool factor goes through the roof when the audience sees you with two bass drums in your kit.

Also, as far as the sound goes, having an additional drum gives you much more versatility when playing and bigger and better sound. It’s quite logical that it’s not the same when you play one drum with two pedals and when you play two drums.

If you’re on the lookout for a double pedal, check this one out:

Pearl P2052C Eliminator Redline Chain Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

A great-quality double pedal.

If the double bass drum looks like too much of a hassle for you then you should consider getting the double bass drum pedal to get the same effect when playing. And if you’re buying the double bass pedal then you should buy one of the best – the Pearl Eliminator Redline pedal is a great option.

The most important feature of this is the interchangeable cams. You can choose between 6 different cams (4 included in the package, 2 can be bought extra) that give you different feel when playing in terms of speed and power the pedal produces. The cams are color-coded and you can change them in a second, giving you unprecedented versatility when playing.

This pedal comes with skateboard bearings, adjustment springs, Pearls QuadBeater and a carrying bag. If you’re looking for an adjustable, reliable, great double bass pedal, then it's a great option. Though there are also a range of other great pedals available.


If you’re looking to add something new to your sound, you can always look to another bass drum.

The look of a huge drum kit with two bass drums will always give you more swag when on stage. Though of course, keep in mind less attractive side of it all, you have to carry an additional bass drum with you everywhere. And everything that goes with that in terms of tuning, setting up, etc.

Especially if you’re playing some harder music styles like metal, you will probably have to use at least the double bass pedal to achieve the speed you need when playing. So if you’re looking to buy a double bass drum set, then all of the options above are well worth considering.

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