The 15 Best Drum Lesson Resources Online – Free and Paid Options


Looking for some great online drum lessons? This article has everything, from great structured courses by top drum pros to free videos that cover just about every aspect of drumming.

Drumming is an exhilarating physical activity that’s known to boost mood and relieve stress. Drums are easily accessible, and there are several options to fast-track your learning curve exponentially. While having one-on-one lessons is the best way to get a start on and ease yourself into this new skill, various online resources offering drumming tutorials can also help you pick up this talent in no time.

Whether drumming is your hobby and passion, a way to catch a break from the hustle and bustle of life, or you are a professional drummer hoping to land a gig, online lessons can help you greatly in achieving your goals. Get ready to rock and roll, and don’t worry about missing a beat between your sessions with these awesome drumming websites.

Whether you own an acoustic kit, an electronic drum set, or even just a drum practice pad, these resources will really come in handy.

1. Drumeo

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Drumeo Edge is an exceptional source for drummers of all levels. It’s a platform with a wide array of lessons and courses led by an impressive outfit of world-class drum coaches, which we have explained in our comprehensive Drumeo Review.

Drumeo currently has 2000+ lessons and 230+ courses that you can access on-demand through their website or via their apps for Android or iOS.

They also have the “Drumeo Method” included in their membership, which is a 10-level curriculum to start or brush up on the fundamentals of drumming.

Members can submit their video for feedback from one of their pro drum coaches.

Membership also includes a large database of songs and play-along tracks.

They also have a pretty packed schedule of new lessons and videos, so the platform is constantly improving.

If you’re serious about learning drums, then I can highly recommend Drumeo.

2. Drum Ambition


Drum Ambition is a nice, structured learning resource for beginners by Simon DasGupta.

His drum lessons start from the very basics and include everything you need to get started. Each lesson includes a good quality video, along with additional supporting materials, such as sheet music and audio files.

You can sign up for the full curriculum, which currently includes 75 videos, or you can go one step further and sign up for the Pro option, which includes email support as well as a monthly live video chat to answer your questions and set goals.

The site includes a free lesson, “Creating Your First Drum Beat,” and another, “Basic Notation – an Introduction,” which anyone can access without needing to sign up.

3. Sheila E’s MasterClass

Sheila E is an incredibly influential drummer. In addition to her own act, she collaborated with Prince and Ringo Starr, as well as with many other bands.

If you want to get some top-quality instruction from a legend in drumming and percussion while also getting some great advice on mindset and “tasteful” playing, then this is certainly worth considering.

She covers everything, from getting started on drums, learning basic drum beats, playing drum fills and solos, as well as tons of other advice and instruction on working with bands, collaborating with others, and lots more. have now built up an extremely strong list of music courses, from famous music producers such as deadmau5, Armin van Buuren, Timbaland, to film scoring legends such as Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman. Even if you’re not in the music production game, these are incredibly interesting to watch and give you quite an insight into different parts of the music industry.

4. Jazz Drums with Peter Erskine

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If you’re looking for some great jazz drum lessons for all levels (Beginner to Advanced), then it’s definitely worth checking out Peter Erskine’s Jazz Drum Lessons over at Artistworks.

There are hundreds of lessons, starting with the basics and eventually getting to odd time signatures, complex patterns, and working with other textures such as brushes and mallets.

Through Artistworks, you get the option to submit videos of your playing to Peter Erskine to review. He reviews all submissions and sends you a video response to give you feedback and help identify areas for improvement.

5. Mikes Lessons

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This is one of the largest educational resources for drummers. It is an ideal place for all. Whether you need to start from the basics or kick it up a notch, the website lets you access a huge range of courses and lessons. Browse through a vast library of drumming tutorials, information about drumming kits, equipment, and learn from experts.

Become a member today with monthly, bi-yearly, or annual paid packages and receive practice tracking tools to keep track of your advancement. Mike Johnston’s Drum Lab on YouTube also has a few selected free tutorials and tips to get you started.

6. Bill Bachman’s Drum Lessons

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Bill Bachman is a famed drummer, popular for his world-renowned expertise and techniques of drumming. He is a celebrated author and a drum clinician as well. His videos offer a step-by-step course through the essentials of drumming.

You will find his videos quite helpful in improving your skills, timing, groove, and speed. There are great visuals and close-ups in his videos, covering all grounds that we tend to overlook. Subscribe to his channel with free video tutorials to improve and enhance your drumming skills and learn cool new tricks!

7. Drum Lessons at Udemy

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Udemy has a wealth of drum lessons. If you’re looking for a particular style or type of drum lessons and want to sign up for an online structured course, then be sure to check this one out.

There are some great deals on courses at Udemy, but keep in mind that not all Udemy courses are created equal. Be sure to check out the reviews on the platform before deciding whether to go for them or not.

8. Stephen’s Drum Shed

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If you’re looking for online drum lessons, a name that often comes up is Stephen Taylor. He runs the site Stephen’s Drum Shed, which is a very popular option and well worth your consideration. He has lessons for drummers of all levels and a bunch of free lessons to get you started. This is definitely one worth considering.

9. Go And Practice with Alan Tackmann

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This YouTube channel has a number of free tutorials and lessons that teach you hand and foot combinations along with other techniques like Jazz Ride Cymbal, Traditional Hi-Hat Timekeeping, and Cross-Stick Ghost Notes, amongst many others.

He has also successfully finished writing 3 books based on his YouTube channel. There is quality information about Grooves and Brush Grooves, Licks, and other drum equipment. You can admire him performing live gigs and giving insights on practice and improving your drumming skills.

10. BoomBoom Percussion

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BoomBoom Percussion is a YouTube channel run by Jen Lowe – an accomplished instrumentalist and songwriter. On this channel, she shares personal videos with information about drumming and her years of experience with drum corps.

It is a great place to learn the basics and pioneering drum techniques and tips for hand percussion, congas, timbales, and djembe. You also get to learn the basics of Cajon drumming and acquire information on amazing Meinl Cajon drums. Enjoy some of her best gigs and take your drumming game to the next level.

11. DrummerWorld

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This website is more like an encyclopedia on drumming. It was created 25 years ago by Bernhard Castiglioni in Switzerland. It features a wide range of videos with performances by skilled drummers from all music genres. Along with these, you get to explore free discussion forums run by over 60,000 members that will surely answer most of your drumming queries, free drum clinics, grooves, and sounds.

The fast and free site has fans widespread over 248 countries, with a majority of the traffic flow from Canada and the U.S. The video libraries and information are regularly updated, so the students can see and learn from the experts and masters at work.

12. Drum Lessons on Skillshare

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Skillshare is a learning community with many great quality learning videos. They have numerous drum lesson courses. A particular one of note are the drum lessons by Larry Crowe, which include two separate beginner lesson courses and one intermediate course.

There are also a lot of other lessons on drums and percussion, as well as music production and beat making.

13. Alex Ribchester’s Fun Free Drum Lessons

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This fun-filled and casual YouTube channel is managed by the drummer Alex Ribchester. He offers a wide range of lessons ranging from drumming vocabulary to casual drumming techniques and practice skills. Learn all the drumming essentials from over 190 lessons available for free.

He also has links for PDFs to read up on in between practice sessions and increase your knowledge of various drumming nitty-gritties. Enjoy the casual and fun vibe of this channel and drum along with his skillful videos.

14. Jeff Randall Drum Lessons

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This YouTube channel has been running successfully since 2009 and has various free drumming sessions available for beginners to practice and improve their techniques. You will also find live gigs and touring of drummer Jeff Randall. The tour credits include Love & Theft, Philip Phillips, and Luke Wade.

Jeff Randall is from Nashville, Tennessee, and is endorsed by Vic Firth sticks, Remo heads, and Zildjian cymbals. It is a great learning opportunity for drummers of all age groups. The lessons come with transcripts that allow you to break down and invent your very own drum grooves.

15. The 80/20 Drummer

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The 80/20 Drummer is a resourceful YouTube channel teaching you how to evolve into greatness with improved drumming techniques and lessons. It lets you have a subtle and devoted experience without getting overwhelmed.

The in-depth and thorough lessons will teach you a lot, both in theory and practical drumming. Browse through a huge variety of free tutorials on this page. It has a great learning curve for drummers of all ages. You do need to have a certain hold on the basic knowledge as this channel can help beginners advance in their talents and methods.



There are many websites and YouTube channels that can help you and prove to be a great aid in learning and advancing your drumming career. However, make sure you practice regularly and get some one-on-one experience as well—there can’t be any substitute for that. What you learn online can only help you practice at home and reinforce the knowledge you gathered through practical lessons.

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