The 5 Best Soundproof Curtains (2023)

Soundproof curtains can help to reduce noise passing through them, while also absorbing the sound waves to reduce echoes in the room.

A word of caution: Curtains are never fully ‘soundproof’. If you want to completely stop sound from entering and leaving a room (particularly low-end, bass noises), you need to do some heavy soundproofing in the actual construction of the room. However, that’s not an option for many of us!

My top recommended soundproof curtains are the NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels. An extremely popular choice for sound dampening, affordable, and quality ones at that.

My second recommended soundproof curtains are the H.VERSAILTEX Sound Dampening Curtains. An even more affordable option that also offers good sound block.

The 5 Best Soundproof Curtains (2023)

1. NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels
Top Pick - Very popular option with moderate sound dampening. Lots of different color options.
2. H.VERSAILTEX Sound Dampening Curtains
Budget Pick - Budget option for noise reduction.
3. RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains
Good quality, thick curtains with decent sound insulation.
4. LORDTEX Dark Grey Curtains
Budget-friendly curtain divider with decent sound block.
5. Deconovo Soundproof Curtains
Thermal insulated blackout drapes. Lots of different color options.

Let’s compare these in more detail.

1. NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels

Top Pick
Very popular option with moderate sound dampening. Lots of different color options.
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NICETOWN Curtains are popular sound dampening curtains. They offer great quality and serve different purposes all at once.

These curtains are 52” wide and 84” long. They come in two separate panels that are enough to cover different-sized windows and rooms effectively. You can choose from dozens of different colors (which is great, because sound-blocking curtains can often look quite boring!).

The material used for their creation is 100% polyester, giving you soft and light, yet thick curtains that are sure to keep the noise down. Everything about these is made with great detail and they look really sleek and modern, wherever you put them.

All in all, this is a great buy for anyone looking to get quality-made sound-dampening curtains at a reasonable price with good soundproofing capabilities.

2. H.VERSAILTEX Sound Dampening Curtains

Budget Pick
Budget option for noise reduction.
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If you’re not looking to splash out huge amounts of money but to keep things on a budget, window treatment curtains are the pick for you.

You can choose from several different sizes, depending on how long you want the curtain to be. They are sold as individual panels and come equipped with steel garment holes, which are durable and quality made.

These sound deadening curtains are made out of three layers of different materials. These don’t just offer sound reduction but also keep 99% of the light out. Also, they have a thermal insulating layer inside, so they will help with the heating of your space.

3. RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains

Good quality, thick curtains with decent sound insulation.
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RYB HOME is another beautifully designed and made soundproof curtain. They come in standard shapes and sizes and are packed as a set of two, which is great if you have larger windows to cover.

They are made with three-layered fabric, which is great at blocking light. As for the sound reduction, they come with a detachable felt fabric liner. This fabric enhances the soundproofing of these curtains and brings it up another level.

Since this curtain is detachable, you can control how much the sound reduction you want to have which is a great consideration point.

4. LORDTEX Dark Grey Curtains

Budget-friendly curtain divider with decent sound block.
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The LORDTEX Dark Grey Curtains is essentially a room divider curtain which is great for a home studio or any other setting basically. Made from 100% polyester, this 84″ x 100″ curtain can block sound as well as darken your room to your preference.

As a room divider, you can place it anywhere and not be limited to just the window or door, etc. Additionally, you can choose from 10+ color options and get the one you want the most. With 12 metal grommets, this curtain will do the trick at a very affordable price.

Overall, this budget-friendly curtain will block sound while darkening your room, all for a very reasonable price for which you get a decent quality sound-dampening curtain divider.

5. Deconovo Soundproof Curtains

Thermal insulated blackout drapes. Lots of different color options.
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Finishing off this list is another high-quality item that’s really going to help your noise stay where it should be.

Deconovo noise reducing curtains come in all the standard sizes and shapes and you can choose from 20+ different colors, matching any wish you might have for the design of your room.

These curtains have three layers and are great at the block of the noise as well as the sunlight when you put them on. The thermal insulated blackout drapes will help keep your space cool for better work output.

Are Soundproof Curtains worth it?

Soundproof curtains are worth every penny. They do not block 100% of the sound but offer a decent amount of sound-dampening and protect you from outside noise. Their purpose is not just to block sound but light blocking as well. With most of them having thermal insulation, they keep your space cool and fresh.

Sound acoustics and sound absorption are crucial when in the music business, especially for recording studios, you’d want noise cancelling curtains with good density and these soundproof curtains work. They are machine-washable, and offer easy installation, privacy, as well as good decor.

What are Soundproof Curtains Made of?

Usually, these curtains are made out of thickly woven materials, as they need to be as thick as possible to dampen the sounds coming at them.

The most prominent material on the market nowadays is polyester fabric, as it is durable, cheap, and easy to make. Apart from polyester, some makers use suede, wool or thick, dense cotton, or some mix of these materials.

Pros and Cons of SoundProof Curtains


  • Lowers echoes in the room: When the sound waves hit the walls of the room, they tend to bounce back – you probably noticed that when you bring a phone to your bathroom, it becomes louder somehow. This is the echo in the room. This is especially a problem in large halls, where the sound has much more space to echo around. Soundproofing curtains are great at reducing that echo and reverberation.
  • Reduces noise leaving the room and reduces the noise coming into the room: Apart from the echo, even though they won’t block the sound from coming in or out of the room completely, they will however significantly reduce it, keeping the overall volume down.
  • Heat Insulation: Since they are so dense and thick, these noise-reducing curtains can prove as great heat insulators. They will help you keep the temperature of the room at a certain level, keeping your costs down.


  • They don’t block all loud noises: Even though these ‘noise blocking curtains’ can help with noise reduction, they won’t keep your room fully soundproof. TO get this effect, you will have to have the room fully soundproofed with different materials, by the professionals.
  • They block out the light: If you want good soundproof curtains, you’re likely going to be blocking out the sunlight.
  • Aesthetic: All of the curtains tend to look very similar– they are thick and dense. This doesn’t help the aesthetic of the room, but they do the job.

Sound Proof Curtains – What do STC and NRC mean?

When you search about noise reduction you probably have heard about STC and NRC. Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a way of calculating how much sound goes through the measured material. This way you’re able to measure how much of the sound is escaping the room.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is a way of measuring how well the material absorbs sound, which will make your room sound better and reduce echoes.

In a nutshell, NRC will make your room sound better, and STC will help the sound from getting out.


I hope that this article has helped you learn something new about soundproofing curtains and how you can use them to get the results that you need. Even though these will certainly not make all noise disappear, they can be quite helpful to minimize noise transmission when used in the right way, hence one of the best purchases you can make on Amazon.

My top soundproof curtains pick, the NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels, are extremely popular for sound dampening, they’re affordable and offer great quality for the price.

My budget soundproof curtains, the H.VERSAILTEX Sound Dampening Curtains, are even more affordable while also offering decent sound-dampening.

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