Drumeo Stick Bag Review (2024)

Not all stick bags are created equal, and in the world of drumming, finding the right one can make all the difference. The Drumeo Stick Bag looked pretty promising to me, so I was excited about getting my hands on one.

Note: Drumeo sent me this as a free sample for the purposes of reviewing it, but my opinions are my own.

This is an extremely well-thought-out stick bag. Drumeo definitely understands the needs of drummers, and that certainly shines through with this bag.


Functional Design


Aesthetic Design









The Drumeo Stick Bag stands out with its great design, quality materials, and extreme attention to detail. Although it’s pricier than some options on the market, its durability and functionality justify the investment, making it a great product, overall, as well as a great gift for drum enthusiasts.


  • High-quality waxed canvas and suede construction
  • Capacity to hold 18 pairs of sticks
  • Lots of little details like the “rescue stick” sleeve, custom brush sleeve that doubles up as a stick holder, and drum keychain,
  • Features lots of compartments for organization
  • Very good quality overall


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • The design and colors are very nice in my opinion, but they might not appeal to all drummers
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Drumeo Stick Bag
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The first thing that caught my attention about the Drumeo Stick Bag was the aesthetics. The waxed canvas coupled with suede accents not only gives it a premium look but also feels very durable.

The design of the Drumeo Stick Bag is very well thought out.

  • The hooks on the top are also used for mounting on the floor tom so the bag is always near when performing live.
  • The brush sleeve doubles up as a detachable stick holder. It takes care of your drum brushes while on the go, and when you’re at the kit, you can detach it and mount it on your hi-hat to serve as a stick or brush holder.
  • The bag comes with an easily accessible compartment for a “Rescue Stick,” which is a clever little feature for live performance situations.
  • The drum key is very nice indeed and it’s really handy to have easy access to it via a keychain directly within the stick bag.

The overall aesthetic is sophisticated and will probably appeal to drummers who appreciate a bag that stands out, in my opinion. One potential drawback is that the design might not be for everyone.


The materials used (waxed canvas and suede) speak volumes about the bag’s quality. It feels sturdy and capable of withstanding the rigors of frequent travel and use. The reinforced zips welcomed addition and the overall attention to detail is great. I haven’t had the bag for a very long time, but I would be very confident in its durability.


Given the overall size and dimensions, the Drumeo Stick Bag is spacious yet manageable. The capacity to hold 18 pairs of sticks is more than enough as well as all the compartments for storing additional gear. The brush sleeve is another thing I admire as it keeps the wires straight yet it’s still easily accessible.


While the Drumeo Stick Bag does come with a relatively high price tag compared to some other options on the market, the quality, design, and features it offers can make it a worthwhile investment for serious drummers. Not only is this a good investment, but it also makes for a great gift for drum enthusiasts.


I’ve been quite impressed by the Drumeo Stick Bag. Once again, Drumeo proves that they really understand the needs of drummers, with another really solid product. While the price may be a bit higher than some other options on the market, in my opinion, this stick bag is worth the investment.

Alan Walsh
Alan Walsh

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