The 5 Best Drum Bags and Cases to Keep Your Drums Safe


While you’ve probably put a lot of effort into picking out a great drum set, buying a good set of drum bags or drum cases are very important to make sure that your drums stay free from damage.

Getting a set of these is essential if you are a traveling musician and you are frequently carrying your drums around.

Drummers often need help transporting their gear when gigging. I’ve found that band mates, friends and family members can be much more susceptible to dropping your gear. One of my best friends dropped an expensive snare of mine from a stage before and I REALLY wished it was in a snare bag at the time!

That is the main reason why we decided to present you a review and buyers guide on our pick of the best drum bags and cases.

Our Pick of the 5 Best Drum Bags and Cases

1. Gator Cases Protechtor Series 5 piece Drum Bag
Editor's Choice Affordable, medium-level protection
3. TAMA DSS52K Drum Bag Set
Another medium-level protection option from Tama
5. ChromaCast Pro Series 4-Piece Drum Bag
High-level of protection, with soft interior lining

1. Gator Cases GP-STANDARD-100 Padded Nylon Bag

Check Price: Sweetwater | Amazon

If you wish to find high quality and lightweight protection for your drums, you should consider Gator GP-Standard-100 best drum bag set. It features bags that are constructed of 600-denier nylon.

The best thing about them is the heavy line, and padding inside that will provide you perfect protection for your drum kit during the transportation. You do not have to worry because they feature comfortable carrying straps.

The tough shell will increase the durability of your drums, which is an important consideration when buying the best drum bags that you can find on the market. Gator cases are widely recognized because of their design to protect your drums wherever you are.

You will be able to find a wide array of materials, sizes and protection levels based on the type of drums that you contain.

2. SKB 1SKB-DBS4 Drum Gig Bag Set

Check Price: Amazon

SKB 1SKB-DBS4 drum gig bag set is one of the most durable solutions that you can find on the market. This particular brand is widely known for making durable cases for numerous musical instruments.

With it, you will get a reliable and straightforward set of drum cases, which are made for 10-inch and 12-inch Toms, 14-inch Snare, 16-inch floor tom, and 22-inch bass drums. If you wish to find the best case possible for long-term use, this is the best choice that you can make.

Have in mind that they come from ballistic nylon, which will make them appear sturdy and robust. The durable and robust zippers will increase the convenience when it comes to access so that you can enjoy all the way.

The interior of bags is wholly lined for additional safety. You will also get ergonomic handles as well as double stretched straps so that you can move them around without too much hassle.

We recommend you to visit this link to learn more on this particular drum bag brand!


Check Price: Amazon

If you wish to find a drumming case that will provide you simplicity when it comes to appearance, you should consider TAMA POWERPAD DSS52K drum set bag.

You should have in mind that it is one of the best selling drum bags that you can find on the market. It will provide you simplicity when it comes to carrying experience and ultimate safety for your drums and equipment.

It comes from 600-denier Nylon, which will make the outer shells waterproof and robust when compared with others on this particular list. It will maintain the protection of your drums and due to 100mm padding; you will get cushioned protection from the inside.

Apart from that, the comfortable strap will provide you convenient handling and carrying it. The portability is the key, and you will rest assured with this particular drum case.

Check more about it on this particular video:

4. XSPRO Deluxe Padded Drum Bag Set

Check Price: Amazon

This particular drum bag will provide you the possibility to protect your drums with ease. Yes, we are talking about XSPRO deluxe padded drum bag set that will increase the safety for your drums.

The best thing about it is the functional efficiency and quality of design. The price is decent if you have in mind that you will be able to protect your drums for years after purchase.

It is not challenging to get this particular protection, because all of them come from 600-denier rugged Nylon, which will make them both waterproof and long lasting in overall.

The high-end zippers will also improve the overall safety, which means that you will be able to protect them with additional sensitivity. Apart from that, the inside of the bag is perfect for extra protection due to full construction.

It comes by soft and dense padding, and you will get both shoulder straps, handles so that you can enjoy all the way, and increase the overall convenience of using it.

5. ChromaCast Pro Series Drum Bag Set

Check Price: Amazon

ChromaCast Pro Series drum bag set will provide you four-piece bag set for all drums, and the best thing about it is an aesthetical perspective that will appeal to most drummers.

Apart from the idea that you will get beautifully designed bags, you will be able to get it for a moderate price tag. It comprises heavy-duty materials, which makes them the first and favorable choice for most drummers.

You will get 14-inch snare, 13-inch tom, 16-inch floor tom, and 24-inch bass drum bag so that you can protect your drum set. They are strong from the outside and soft from the inside, which means that you will be able to protect your drums with ease.

The combination of the soft interior with affordable price tag makes this particular bag to stand out from this list. You will get both shoulder strap and carry handle for added convenience and versatility.

You should check out this video to learn more on this particular drum bag type.

The Best Drum Bags and Cases Buying Guide

It is vital to understand that drums are not affordable. Since they come with a high price tag, you should find a way to protect them along the way. You will be able to find numerous cases for your drums and cymbals, but you have to know more about them before you make up your mind.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Drum Bags and Cases

  • Hard Cases – This particular type of drum protection comes from fiber or plastic, and it can be unlined and lined. Most models will provide you either polyethylene plastic outer shell or hardened fiberboard as the source of rigidity. You can also find the ones that feature foam linings, and they are the most protective solutions.
  • Soft Bags – If you wish to get a tighter fitting and lighter option for a drummer, you should consider soft bags instead. The main benefit of this particular type is that you will need less work because the weight is reduced, which means that you can easily maneuver them out of venues and cars.
  • Hardware Cases – The unforgiving nature of transporting and storing drum hardware requires reinforced wheels, sturdy embroidery and extra-tough materials that will be durable for years after purchase. You can find hardware cases and hard-bottom bags with integrated wheels.
  • Cymbal Bags and Cases – Cymbals can be very expensive and fragile, cymbal bags are designed to hold all of your cymbals in a safe and transportable manner.

Our Conclusion

As you can see from everything we have mentioned above, it can be challenging to determine the exact bags because everything depends on numerous factors such as the size of your drums, traveling preferences and many more.

We really recommend the Gator Cases Protechtor Series 5 piece Drum Bag. They are a very popular, affordable option that come is very common drum set sizes.

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