The 5 Best Cymbal Cleaners to Bring Shine to Your Cymbals


Cymbal cleaners can be very effective in bringing back a cymbal’s original shine. This not only helps to make your drum set look great, but it can also bring out the sound of the cymbals in certain cases. 

When browsing for different cleaning products for your drums and cymbals you will find out that there are loads of different products and options on the market.

Our Pick – The 5 Best Cymbal Cleaners

1. Groove Juice Percussion Cleaning (GJCC)
Effective spray-on cymbal cleaner
2. Zildjian Company | Brilliant Cymbal Polish (P1300)
Editor's Choice - Popular and very effective
3. Buckaroo Cymbal Cleaner
Rub-on application - great for very dirty cymbals
4. Music Nomad MN110
Spray-on application

1. Groove Juice Percussion Cleaning

Groove Juice’s cleaner is a liquid spray cleaning product for your cymbals, which removes dirt and dust from your cymbals. This is not a traditional cleaner in a way that you usually get essentially paste with which you have to polish your cymbals to clean them and that takes a big amount of your time, especially if you have several cymbals that need to be cleaned.

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Groove Juice is a spray that you spray onto your cymbals, leave it some short amount of time (a minute or so) and rinse it off with water and maybe go over the cymbal one more time with a cloth.

Of course, this cleaner is safe to use with any standard cymbals out there, and the recommendation is to use it somewhere outdoors if you can since the odor of the stuff is really strong and if you’re doing it in a bathroom you could get nauseated quickly.

All in all, this is a great quick product that will give you a quick cleanse of your cymbals, especially if you clean them regularly or you have new cymbals.

2. Zildjian Company Brilliant Cymbal Polish 

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The Zildjian brilliant cymbal polish is made by one of the most renowned cymbal makers in the world. It would be actually astounding if they didn’t know how to take care of cymbals. But luckily, they do, and they decided to share their knowledge with us. Brilliant Cymbal Polish is a polish paste intended for use on Zildjian Brilliant cymbals, but it can be used on other types of standard cymbals as long as they are not plated (platinum, etc.).

This is a traditional polish paste and is used in a way that you take a bit of paste and rub it in a cymbal to take the dirt off. You should be warned that you will need a lot of clothes, as they get greasy and dirty in a matter of seconds, and after you finish with your cleanse you should take one last swipe with a clean cloth to remove a residual grease and give your cymbals a shine they had when they were brand new.

You should be advised in covering your logos or at least not pressing them too hard when cleaning as this cleaner is rather strong and will erase print from your cymbals. But, if you cover them, there really should be no problems with that. This is a high-quality product that will most definitely clean your cymbals in every possible way.

3. Buckaroo Cymbal Cleaner

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Midco’s B-200 is a little less known cleaner than two of the before mentioned, but it doesn’t mean that it is any less productive. This is a classic polish paste, which comes in a vintage-looking metal box and the sight of it is oddly reassuring that your cymbals will look perfect.

You use it the same way as any polish paste, rubbing it on your cymbals and taking it off with clean cloths. You most definitely want to cover or avoid your logos and other printed stuff on cymbals as this will take it off along with all of the dirt. It will bring shine in almost anything, no matter the wear and tear of the cymbals you have. Also, you may need to use the brush if you want to remove the dirt from grooves or folds as you may not be able to grasp them properly with your fingers.

4. Music Nomad MN110

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Music Nomad is a company that makes the guitar and drum cleaning products They provide all kinds of different cleaning products for your drums, and you can even get them in kits (e.g. drum cleaner and cymbals cleaner).

This is an acid-free spray that you can use to clean your cymbals, being the mix ox acid sprays and polish paste. You can look at it as a liquid polish paste. This, of course, means that you will need a lot of manual work to get your cymbals clean and shiny, as you will need to rub and scrub, but once you’re done, you will see that the end product is awesome. Also, be aware of removing the logos if they matter to you, as this product is strong enough to easily remove them.

This is a great product that you can use for cleaning your cymbals and the difference in the sound of your drums will be astounding, as well as the glitz of your newly polished cymbals.

5. Sabian Cymbal Cleaner

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As well as Zildjian, Sabian is one of the most renowned world cymbals produced, so it’s no surprise that they also have a Sabian cymbal cleaner in their product range. Even though this cleaning product comes in a bottle, it’s actually creamy polish paste, so don’t be fooled by looks of it.

The great thing about this product is that it can be used with both brilliant and natural finishes, so there is no need to get different products for different cymbals you own. Also, it can be used on any producers’ cymbals, without any cause for fear. You will need to put in elbow work to get all of the dirt from your cymbals, and as always you need to watch for your logo if that’s important for you, but you will get your cymbals squeaky clean and shiny.

This is a great, high-quality product that will last you for a long time and always give you the highest performance when polishing is the theme.


Whether you choose to use products from this list or some other cleaners you found, you should have in mind several bits of advice.

First of all, always check if your cymbals are compatible with the cleaner you’re using (e.g. don’t use high acid cleaners on plated cymbals as that will remove the plating). Also, be prepared to use a lot of little cloths to remove all of the dirt as they get really black and greasy, no matter what product you’re using.

Always follow the instructions of the product maker to get the best result and be prepared for a lot of scrubbing. You don’t have to clean your cymbals every day, but one or two times a year is more than enough to keep them shiny and bright and sounding perfect, which is what everyone wants.

We hope that this list helped you to find your perfect product and to get to brushing and polishing of your cymbals, to get you to the shine they had when you first got them.

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  1. I’ve tried nearly all of these mentioned and own most of them. My go-to cymbal cleaner (spray-on) is The Brite Stuff. Nothing even comes close to this cleaner…nothing. It works phenomenal on Zildjian traditional cymbals (Avedis, Ks) and does not seem to effect the Zildjian logos – I wouldn’t scrub the logos. I have used with Sabian traditional finish – careful around the Sabian logos as they are not nearly as durable as Zildjian logos. I don’t use on Sabian brilliant finish (AAX, etc) as it will remove the logos instantly – found out the hard way! Works great on Meinl traditional finish (Byzance) – again, I wouldn’t scrub the logos. Sam Ash used to carry in their stores but apparently is available online only.


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