5 Great Cymbal Stands for Durability and Quality


Cymbal stands are one of the essential pieces of hardware on your drum set. If you’re looking to add a few extra cymbals to your set, then you’re going to need to cymbal stands (or at least cymbal arms that hang off other hardware).

Though, not all cymbal stands are created equal. There’s a big difference between a very cheap stand vs heavy and durable ones. The big problem area that I’ve found with very cheap cymbal stands are the lack of durability around the knobs to adjust the height. These broke on my two main cymbal stands on my first cheap drum set all of those years ago.

A good boom stand can really help you position your cymbal correctly, though you don’t necessarily need these for every cymbal because they take up a bit of extra room.

So in this article, we’re going to talk about cymbal stands that you can use cymbals such as the crash, ride, splash, china and other effects cymbals. This article does not talk about hi-hat stands, we’ll likely have a whole other article dedicated to those at a later stage.

Our Pick of the Best 5 Cymbal Stands!

1. Gibraltar 4709 Boom Cymbal Stand

Choosing appropriate cymbal stand is not the peace of mind especially if it is your first time. Finally, you can rest assured because Gibraltar 4709 Boom Cymbal Stand comes with low-mass construction in combination with sturdy double-braced tripods that will stand the test of time. 

Apart from that, you will get stands that come with higher height adjustment as well as nylon inserts that will reduce the impact that may happen due to metal to metal contacts.  

At the same time, cymbal boom rod can fold so that you can store it afterward. You will also get cymbal tilters that feature eight millimeters of tooth adjustments.  

In overall, you will get high-quality cymbal stands for the decent price tag and exceptional durability, which is the main reason for their popularity.

Check it out by watching this particular YouTube video:

2. PDP By DW 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand

If you wish to find a cymbal stand that will feature double braced legs, you should consider PDP DW 800 cymbal standA great solution will provide you exceptional durability when compared with other stands that you can find within the price range. 

At the same time, oversized rubber feet will allow you to place it wherever you want, and that will increase the versatility for use. The combination of flexibility, durability, and strength is something that you will get with this particular model. 

You will also get contoured wing screws so that you can install and detach it in matter of minutes. The standard gauge tubing is something that stands out from competitors as well as the idea that you can choose various colors based on your preferences. 

Check out this particular hardware on this video:

3. MAPEX Cymbal Stand B200RB

This MAPEX cymbal stand is an excellent solution for both professional and novice drummers because you can enjoy in its robust construction. Finally, you will get rebel hardware that features light duty construction so that you can move it around and install it in matter of minutes. 

It comes with double braced legs as well as mirror chrome finish that will increase its aesthetical appeal. Chrome finish is also excellent because you will get an appealing stand that will stay in your possession for years after purchase. 

It is an excellent choice for drummers that require rugged, robust and lightweight cymbal boom stand that will be regular gig after gig without any additional hassle. 

4. Gibraltar SC-4425STMB Splash Tree Boom Arm

If you wish to find a cymbal stand that will accommodate you are newly bought splash, you should consider Gibraltar SC-4425STMB splash stand. It is an excellent choice that will help enjoy in perfect splash sound wherever you are. 

You will get CLRA cymbal arm attachment as well as splash tree boom arm that will help you along the way. It comes with ratchet tilter, which is 10-inches down. Gibraltar is a familiar brand that will provide you perfect hardware that will stand the test of time. 

 Apart from regular construction, it is highly lightweight, which means that you will be able to take it with yourself wherever you wish to go.  

Having stands means that you will get equipment that you can use for years, and with this particular one, the durability will be even more exceptional. 

5. Pearl BC830 Boom Cymbal Stand

The Pearl is prominent brand that constructs drum kits, hardware and everything you need for becoming a leading drummer. That is why you should check out the Pearl BC-830 Double Braced Cymbal Stand 

It is an excellent choice that comprises uni-lock tilter, which is convenient way to assemble and disassemble it without any additional problem. Apart from that, you will get double braced legs and two sections along the way. 

This particular cymbal stand also comes with positive locking gear tilters as well as slipproof cymbal positioning that will protect both your cymbals and stands from problems. 

The nylon bushing joint is an excellent solution because you will reduce the hassle of creating an impact of metal-to-metal. It also comes to with a lifetime warranty, which is another proof that you can use it for years after purchase. 

Learn more about it on this particular video:

Different Types of Cymbal Stands

Straight Stands

The most straightforward stands are straight ones, and you will be able to choose both heavy and lightweight options on the market. They are an excellent choice for simple kits and commonly used for ride cymbals in other setups. 

Everything depends on your positioning options, and you should determine whether you wish to get a boom or straight stand. For instance, in case that you want to place ride next to the bass drum, then you should choose straight, while in other setups you should choose different types. 

Boom Stands

Boom stands are going to provide you positioning flexibility, which is the main reason why they are mostly used for splashes, crashes and effect cymbals. You can choose various models such as the ones that collapse inside or disappear. 

It is an excellent choice that will provide you exceptional flexibility since you can use them as straight stands as well.  

You should consider features such as several vertical sections, single versus double bracing and the length of the boom that should be based on weight and size of cymbal you wish to place on it. 


Hi-Hat stands are different from others because they come with foot-operated pedals. You can consider no-leg, two-leg, cable-operated models on the market. 

However, three collapsible leg models are the most common ones, and you have probably seen them around. When it comes to finding an appropriate hi-hat stand, the main thing to go for is smoothness of the pedal, and both a good quality housing for the bottom of the hi-hat as well as a quality holder for the top hat.

Also factor adjustability in mind, drummer’s preference on hi-hat height vary wildly!


So that’s our roundup of some of the best cymbal stands available. A good quality cymbal stand is an investment that will last you for many years. They may initially seem like an expensive overhead, but when it comes to drum hardware “buy cheap, buy twice!”, and in my case, it’s been “buy cheap, buy three times!”

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