The 5 Best Snare Drum Stands for Acoustic Drums (2023)

The snare is a vital part of your drum set. A high-quality stand will stand the test of time and keep your snare adjusted exactly in the right position.

It’s best to find a relatively heavy-duty snare stand. More sturdy stands will generally last for far longer than using light and cheap gear. That said, if weight is a concern for touring drummers, it’s best to find a happy medium between these.

My top recommended snare drum stand is the Pearl Snare Drum Stand (S930), a great quality stand with a reasonable price attached.

My budget option is the Luvay Snare Stand. A very affordable stand that will get the job done no matter what.

The 5 Best Snare Drum Stands (2023)

1. Pearl Snare Drum Stand (S930)
Top Pick - Great quality snare drum stand.
2. Luvay Snare Stand
Budget Pick - Decent quality, affordable snare stand.
4. MAPEX Snare Drum Stand (S600EB)
Sleek And Good Looking Quality Drum Stand.
5. Yamaha SS-740A Snare Stand
Single-braced, medium-weight, quality Yamaha snare stand.

Let’s compare these in more detail.

1. Pearl Snare Drum Stand (S930)

Top Pick
Great quality snare drum stand.
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Pearl’s S930 snare drum stand is a great option. It fits 10” to 14” drums, and has a die-cast Uni-Lock tilter mechanism, which gives it the smooth and gearless tilting action.

The tripod is double-based and wide-spread to keep it stable. This stand is lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it perfect for gigging drummers. The height is on the maximum of 28”, so it’s not meant to be used as a solo snare drum stand.

This stand is perfect for snare drums, even for the more aggressive playing drummers.

2. Luvay Snare Stand

Budget Pick
Decent quality, affordable snare stand.
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Moving onto one of the cheaper of the stands on this list. This is good quality and affordable snare drum stand. It has a 12”-14” adjustable basket size and the total height of the stand can go from 18” to 23”, giving you a lot of space to maneuver and adjust everything to your size.

Even though this is a lightweight stand, it is meant to be used by beginners or in a home/studio situation, because it’s not meant to be taken apart all the time.

It comes at a cheap price, so you can use it as a backup snare stand or for practice pads if you’re a professional drummer, but if you’re a beginner it will suit every need you can have at that level.

3. Gibraltar 4706 Double Braced Lightweight Snare Stand

Lightweight stand
Light And Quality Mid-Range Stand.
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The Gibraltar 4706 Double Braced Lightweight Snare Stand is from quite a good brand that tends to offer decent hardware at affordable prices. This snare stand is a great example of that.

This snare stand is relatively lightweight, which is perfect for the touring drummers. It has a doublebraced tripod, giving the stand the added stability. It also has adjustable height, with added nylon collar insert. It can house snare drums from 10” to 15” in size with ease, so it should fit all of the standard snare drums.

This is a great quality, lower end, light stand for snare drums. As such is perfect for people who need to move it regularly and at this price it really pays off.

4. MAPEX Snare Drum Stand (S600EB)

Quality build and design
Sleek And Good Looking Quality Drum Stand.
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Moving on to the higher end part of this list. MAPE S600EB is the perfect addition to your drum set if you’re looking to add something different. First and foremost – it’s black. The majority of drum stands are made in chrome, so this is a nice different design decision.

Besides the looks, this sturdy little stand provides you with quality as well. The basket is made for 12” to 14” snare drums, with plastic ends on the basket. It also has a die-cast tilt adjuster and not the plastic one as most of the stands do. This is great to ensure the stability and durability of the snare drum stand.

On the minus side, It is a bit on the shorter side, which can be somewhat of a problem if you’re taller. But, it can also be a plus if you’re shorter, so it’s upon you. Price-wise this is a mid-range product, and it will provide you with stability and durability for your playing.

5. Yamaha SS-740A Snare Stand

Well-rounded stand
Single-braced, medium-weight, quality Yamaha snare stand.
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This drum stand stands out for all-around build and quality, all the while being medium weight. And if you ever had to haul large amounts of equipment on your back, you know how important that is.

Apart from a well-rounded build, this stand also has all of the standard options a good drum stand has to offer. It comes in a tripod build, with adjustable height and tilt of the drums. It also has good-quality feet, to provide the stand with additional stability when playing and to prevent any slip-ups.

This stand carries a reasonable price. It’s a very good value for money when considering all the positives. The quality of this stand and its medium-weight build are well worth it, so if you’re a professional you know what you’re playing for.

What to look for in a Snare Drum Stand when buying?

A few things to keep in mind when looking to buy a snare stand.


First and foremost, you want your snare stand to be durable. Sturdiness is a key factor when buying a snare stand because you want a quality build for good longevity in playing. Making a good choice before buying will turn out great in the long run, especially if you gig frequently and carry your equipment around a lot.

Overall Stability

This is a no-brainer and should definitely be considered without even thinking. For a snare stand, you want stability for smooth playing as well as not being wobbly during playing. This can sometimes be due to the surface below but in any case, a stable stand is a good stand!


The more adjustability option the better! If you buy a snare stand with good adjustability, it will only pay dividends even more in your playing and for comfort as well. Adjustable height and angle are always good to have as options, it makes for a more versatile experience and not be set in stone from the start.

Price/Value for Money

Of course, you should always consider the price, more so your price RANGE! Consider your skill level first and figure out what a reasonable price for a stand should be, and if you need a high, mid, or low-quality one.

Value for Money comes into play when you’ve figured out which stand to target and get the most out of the product. Getting a reasonably priced stand with great adjustability or sturdiness is great value for money so choose wisely.


I hope that this list has helped you in deciding what drum stand you need to buy for yourself. Whether you need it for a studio or home setting, or to take it with you on the road when playing, you will find anything you need on this list.

Whichever stand is your final choice, you can be sure that you have not made a bad decision. Just think through your decision and you’re sure to be happy.

My top pick among snare stands is the Pearl Snare Drum Stand (S930). A good-quality and great build at a reasonable price.

My budget option is the Luvay Snare Stand for those who don’t want to break their bank but also have a decent snare stand.

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