The 7 Best Custom Bass Drum Heads (2024)

It’s easier to get custom bass drum heads than you might think. You can either order a custom decal that will stick to your resonant head, or you can a get fully custom printed drumhead which will have practically no impact on the sound of the head.

Here are 7 of the best options on where to get them:

1. AZ House of Graphics

Suitable for: Those wanting a decal to cover their existing resonant bass drum head.

If you want to get your personalized decals for your drums, then don’t look further than AZ House of Graphics. They will provide you with a high-quality vinyl drumhead, for any head size from 16 to 26 inches.

You can buy the premade designs they have in their offer or you can send them your own design which they can then either mix with their existing designs or just print your own custom design. You will get a test sample to see whether you like how it turned out and if you have any changes you would like to be made.

The heads themselves are made out of quality vinyl and are self-adhesive, so you don’t need to worry about installing them properly. There won’t be a massive change in sound by putting one of these on the resonant head of your drum.

2. Evans Custom Bass Drumheads

Suitable for: Those that want to order a custom printed bass head (direct from Evans).

This is a good one for anyone that loves Evans drumheads (i.e. likely a large percentage of drummers around the world!). Evans now provides custom drumheads with their familiar quality that many drummers around the world have known to love!

The whole process is 4 easy steps and takes about 2 weeks ship. Starting from choosing between White, Calftone, and Clear for your bass drumhead, then choosing the location of the Evans logo which can be in black or white.

You can add text, your own logo, and you can upload your own image or use from their bank of images. You can pick and choose whatever you want to have on the bass drumhead.

They also offer custom marching drum heads and custom souvenir drum heads.

3. Custom Bass Drum Head

Suitable for: Those that want to order a custom printed bass head.

At Custom bass drum head, there are many great options. From 16” to 30” (even though they can make it as large as 40” if you need it, you just have to contact them first), they can make you a custom drumhead.

Whether you want to use their existing designs or you already have a design or just an idea, with free artwork setup and preparation, and shipped in 2 to 5 business days, which means you can get them in less than a week.

This manufacturer works with Aquarian, Evans, and Remo bass drum heads, which are the top 3 drum head manufacturers.

The greatest thing about this seller is that they sell actual drumheads and not just vinyl covers, so you get full sound without any possibility of a sound dampening or getting worse in any other way. Also, owners are drummers, so you will have an understanding from them whatever your needs may be.

4. Vintage Logos

Suitable for: Those that want to order a custom printed bass head.

At Vintage Logos, you can get anything you need for your drum set or your whole band. Whether you want an actual drumhead custom-made with your design, or their premade designs, or design made by Vintage Logos based on your instructions, or you just want a drumhead vinyl cover, this is the right place for you.

This seller works with Aquarian, Evans, and Remo bass drums from sizes 16” to 32” and they will enable you to get anything you want on your drumhead. Apart from drums, you can get speaker grill cloths, stickers, banners, displays, and other stuff you might need on stage to get the crowd to remember your band name.

They worked with several different famous drummers such as Roger Taylor of Duran Duran or Joey Warniker of REM and others, so you know that you’re getting a high-quality product of them.

The prices are normal and you won’t find many cheaper places around that provide you with such quality products, from drumhead to covers and all of the other stuff they produce.

5. DrumArt

Suitable for: Those that want to order a custom printed bass head OR decals for existing drum heads.

DrumArt is a one-man enterprise run and owned by Jim Feck, the graphic designer, and drummer from Albany, NY.

This website will offer you anything for your drumhead, whether it’s a full custom drumhead making, to just vinyl covers or marching band covers.

You can choose from more than 8 million preexisting designs or you can make your fully custom design.

The prices are complete with design preparation, possible artwork making, shipping, and the making of the wanted items, so there is no need to worry about any secret costs that might be hidden anywhere else.

6. RiotStickers

Suitable for: Those wanting a decal to cover their existing resonant bass drum head.

Riot Stickers is a stickers company from Cary, North Carolina. They can provide you with vinyl drumhead covers for your custom design.

As with the others, they will make you a custom vinyl drumhead cover, cut to your exact size, and you can send them your artwork or ask them to make custom artwork for you or with your ideas.

The great thing about this seller is that they have free shipping all over the continental US, so you don’t need to worry about shipping costs, and also they will ship internationally.

7. MaxHeads

Suitable for: Those that want to order a custom printed bass head.

MaxHeads is yet another custom drumhead platform service. They offer custom-made drumheads from 16″ to 24″ in size and they have one of the most straightforward platforms you will see on this list.

The pricing is not that different from all the other ones on this list, maybe just a tad more pricey but nothing outrageous. Regarding services, you pretty much have what all the others are offering as well, you choose whether to have a logo, a text, an image on your drumhead and simply place an order.

Quality is something you will surely get, as all the mentions on this list, including this one, provide a safe and quality service. MaxHeads also have a shop feature with lots of different merch on sale but also offers custom banners & backdrops if you’re on the lookout for those kinds of things.

MaxHeads is a good quality custom design platform, not just for drumheads but for all kinds of custom-made products!


I hope that with this list I’ve made it easier for you to choose which service you would like for your drum set. Whether that is to get a full custom drumhead design made or to just buy a vinyl cover for your drumhead, there is a ton of options for you out there, and you can get them for a fairly reasonable price.

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