Gammon Percussion Full Sized Adult Drum Set – Review


Value for money






Sound quality



  • Very affordable price tag
  • Contains everything you need to get started
  • Full sized, adult drum set
  • Decent sound quality


  • The cymbals are not great, and they are what you would expect from a budget drum set. These can be upgraded later
  • The stock drum heads (Also, can be changed/upgraded)
If you’re looking for an affordable, entry-level drum set, then the Gammon Percussion full sized kit is an option that you should definitely consider.

This drum set is not going to win awards on professional sound quality, but it has everything that you need to get started with playing drums (drumsticks, hardware, stands, cymbals and drums of course)

In fact, you could even upgrade the drum heads and cymbals on this drum set later to actually make it sound quite decent for gigging and even recording.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is a full-sized Adult Drum set. On the other hand, if you wish to purchase your children a good drum set, you should check out the Gammon Percussion Kids drum set, which is a Junior drum set. It is similar to an adult drum kit, but it’s smaller and more appropriate for kids to start drumming as soon as possible.

Check out this video for a review that will help you understand more on Gammon Percussion drum set.

Construction and Design

This drum set comes in a package that includes everything you need to set up your kit, even if you have never played drums before.

They are real wood drums, with a nice finish. The appeal of construction is high, and you will be able to upgrade it as well based on your preferences.

You will get still stands that will make sure that you will hold your drums in place while banging them. You can also adjust them based on your convenience to increase overall comfort while playing.

You will also get a drum stool with this pack. We’d recommend upgrading to something better though if you’re planning to play this for long periods of time. Check out our article on the best drum thrones for more information.

The drum set follows a standard design of a snare drum and it’s own stand, a bass drum, 2 rack toms with hardware, a floor tom with legs, and cymbal/stands and pedals included.


1. Full Drum Set

We have mentioned above that Gammon Percussion drum set comes from five pieces that include two mounted toms, floor tom, snare drum, and bass drum. It includes all the hardware you need to get started.

Therefore, this is much more than a drum shell pack (which would only include the actual drums and no other hardware at all!)

You will get a DVD manual that will come within the package so that you can do it with ease, or find a tutorial that will help you along the way.

2. Sound Quality

This is another important consideration that you have to make before finding entry-level drum set, and that is the sound quality you will get by playing it. You will get the sound of an instrument that will increase the motivation and interest of any drummer.

The Gammon Percussion drum set will cover everything you need. Since they come from real wood and sturdy construction, you will also get high-end heads that are great to provide you fantastic sound quality for entry-level drummer.

Of course, the idea is to understand that you won’t get a flawless sound from these, but when compared with other drum sets within the price range, the quality is quite good.

The drum heads that come with the kit is not great, but you’d never expect top class heads from a budget drums set. We’d recommend upgrading these after a while with some good Remo, Evans or Aquarian heads. Check out our guide on the best drum heads for more information.

The budget cymbal that comes with this is perfectly fine for beginners when it comes to learning and practicing. After a while, it would also be worth upgrading to a better set of cymbals.

3. Durability

Have in mind that drum set’s longevity depends on the quality of its parts and how long you use it and how frequently as well. It is important to remember that a good drum set should last years.

These drums are pretty durable for their price. They are certainly not as durable as more high-end drum sets, but unless you plan to constantly gig with these, then they will say in good nick.

Here’s another video which shows it in action:


You can understand by now the reasons why Gammon Percussion drum set is popular for beginner and entry-level drummers. When it comes to a beginner’s drum set, you should be smart when it comes to choosing the best one. You should consider these criteria:

  • Value For Money – 9/10 – The best thing about Gammon Percussion drum set is that you will be able to find it for affordable price tag when compared with other drum sets that share similar capabilities.
  • Features – 9/10 – The main feature of this particular drum set is the ability to enjoy in its exceptional durability, ability to install it in a matter of minutes by watching DVD tutorial and due to a wide array of components that will help you enter the world of drumming with ease.
  • Playability – 8/10 – It is simple to play, and you will be able to use it without affecting your motivation during the times of practice. Since it is full set, you will get everything you need so that you can learn how to play and to find advanced kit afterward.
  • Sound Quality – 7/10 – The drums sound good for their price range, and you will notice it as soon as you sit on the throne. However, the main disadvantages are the cymbals, which is a common problem for entry-level kits. The drum heads are also not amazing.

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Final Verdict

In overall, Gammon Percussion will provide you everything you need from an entry-level drum kit that you can find on the market. The main issue comes with its cymbals and drum heads, but when you have in mind the price tag you will pay for it, you can’t really expect much more from this set.


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