Ringo Starr Teaches Drumming & Creative Collaboration in a New MasterClass

masterclass.com has released a brand new course by Ringo Starr where he teaches drumming and creative collaboration. I’ve got a masterclass subscription so the minute I heard about this I went straight to my account to check it out!

The masterclass starts off with him playing on a drum kit and talking about how he’s a left-handed drummer playing on a right-handed kit. He plays in the classical closed-handed position, but he still leads with his left hand and he works with what it’s got based on this. He concludes “and that’s what makes me, me.”

I think it’s a good setting to start off a Ringo Starr masterclass. He’s is one of the most influential drummers of all time, and he achieved that with sheer musicality and originality, rather than through technical drumming chops!

The course comprises 12 video lessons (1 hour and 49 minutes in total), where there’s a bunch of different lessons including a little bit of history where he talks about the early days, he discusses tips about playing in bands, what are the essentials you need to get started, some tips and techniques on how to play drums, how to play with feel and musicality, performance tips, and more! Learn more about the class here.

Ringo Starr needs no introduction. Of course, he is the incredibly influential drummer that is best known as the drummer of The Beatles. He also founded the Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band in 1989, which is a super-group of highly-influential musicians that tour with Ringo Starr.

Masterclass.com previously released the Sheila E. masterclass where she taught drumming and percussion and we’re excited to see what else Masterclass up with for future drum instructors. We will keep you posted on whatever else comes along.

Mike O'Connor
Mike O'Connor

I've been playing drums for over 18 years. I work as both a session drummer and a drum teacher, and I love to share my knowledge and tips on this site. You can also find me on the Electronic Drum Advisor YouTube channel.

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