Left-Handed Drumming (Differences, Challenges, Pros/Cons)

Do left-handed drummers face extra challenges as they learn to play drums? How hard is it for left-handed people to play drums right-handed? Aren’t drummers supposed to be ambidextrous? Does playing left-handed yield any unique advantages? A drum set in a left-handed configuration simply mirrors a standard right-handed setup. Your hi-hat goes on the right, … Read more

10 Great Songs with Double Bass Drumming

Are you looking for some songs with fantastic double bass drumming? This is the list for you! This list includes both old songs that majorly influenced double bass drumming as well as modern metal songs with blazing fast double kicks. The standard of double bass drumming has gotten very high among modern drummers. A whole … Read more

9 Key Drumming Styles – Diversify Your Playing and Listening Skills

Drumming can mean a lot of different things. Most people who don’t know too much about different drumming styles use this term to describe each and every musical use of drums. Those who possess deeper knowledge of these instruments can recognize different playing patterns. The purpose of this text is to introduce various drumming genres … Read more

The Moeller Technique – Drumming Power and Endurance

The Moeller technique is a great drumming method that can swiftly improve your skills and teach you how to save energy while drumming. Also, learning this technique is a great platform for some more advanced drumming styles. This article explains how you can learn the Moeller technique, as well as explaining its origins. Have a … Read more