How to Play Backing Tracks Live (Gear, Tips, Options)

Want to know how to play backing tracks live? This article takes you through the different options you have available, from using your iPad or laptop on stage to getting your hands on some dedicated hardware. Different Options to Play Backing Tracks Here are some of the easiest and best ways to play backing tracks … Read more

6 Ways to Prevent Blisters When Drumming

Blisters can be a real hindrance for drummers. Thankfully, making some changes to your technique can completely stop blisters from reoccurring! Long sessions with tight drumstick gripping and heavy drumming can make blisters much more likely to form. However, drummers with great technique and experience usually don’t get blisters. You should not think of blisters as … Read more

How to Soundproof Your Drum Room

Every musician spends a big part of life in practice sessions. While that is great for us, it’s not that great for our families, neighbors and other people in the close environment. Many instruments are loud, but very few match the volume of an acoustic drum set. Keeping the noise to an acceptable level can … Read more

How to Hold Drumsticks The Right Way

It is essential to learn proper form while drumming. It is your foundation of great technique and staying injury-free. Many drummers often skip over the basics of learning how to hold their drumsticks, in favor of learning more advanced techniques. However, this can easily set you up for failure. In this article, we’re going to … Read more