Drumeo Edge Review – Is It Worth It?

The process of becoming a well-versed drummer has always required regular practice, hard work and proper teaching methodic.  However, improving your drumming skills is much more different today than it used to be only a decade or two ago. Today you can learn from the best in the world through online tuition.

Drumeo is one of the most popular online drumming education hubs. This guide reviews what Drumeo offers to its subscribers through its Drumeo Edge

1)     Drumeo on the go

One of the most important features in every learning process is well-paced, gradual progress. Drumeo offers the right video lessons and tutorials for your level. Also, those video courses aren’t just randomly chosen, but they’re meticulously put together, so that they carefully pave the way for every new skill you acquire.

Moreover, becoming a part of the Drumeo drumming community means that you’ll always have someone to rely on in case you come across an obstacle in your playing practice. That way, you (literally) won’t miss a beat in your learning curve. This is extremely important, because having instructors and drumming advisers by your side all the time will give you inspiration and additional willpower to move on with your drumming effort.

Additionally, learning drumming via Drumeo will expose you to some of the most influential drumming performers of all times. The founder of the website, Jared Falk is constantly expanding the list of top-notch educators, raising the bar for the competition and providing the Drumeo students with first-class tuition.

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2)     Renowned drumming instructors

Just like every other famous school, Drumeo pays special attention to their educators. Taking the first look at its homepage reveals some drumming icons of the 20th and 21st century. This element of covering a wide range of generations is extremely important. It shows the intention of people behind Drumeo to connect players of different ages and styles. Here are only a few instructors, just to illustrate what drumming heroes Drumeo collaborates with.

Carmine Appice

One of the most influential prog rock drummers – the original drummer of Vanilla Fudge – and the member of the famous trio Beck, Bogert & Appice is one of the veteran contributors to the Drumeo website. He’s still active, both as a stage performer and as an educator. In this video you can see him showing us how to play some linear drum beats.

Antonio Sanchez

A highly praised Mexican drummer is one of the most important musicians on Drumeo. He has played with the likes of Chick Corea, Chris Potter, Pat Metheny and many other jazz musicians. Also, in 2014 he composed the soundtrack for the Birdman movie. Since 2002 he’s been the drummer of the Pat Metheny Group. See the video below to hear one of Antonio Sanchez’s drum solos available on Drumeo.

Peter Erskine

Another “baby boomer”, just like Carmine Appice, played an important drumming role in the 1970s, most notably as the drummer of Weather Report. After his tenure in this jazz fusion super group, he played in Steps Ahead. His long-term experience as a band drummer and a featured musician makes him a perfect choice for Drumeo lessons, like the one where he’s playing brushes in different music genres.


Daniel Glass

Daniel Glass is a genuine drumming scholar with a great blend of theory and practice. He’s been playing in the Royal Crown Revue swing band since 1994. What’s more, he’s also performed with a number of renowned artists, like Brian Setzer, Chita Rivera, Bette Middler and many others. Thanks to his knowledge of the history of American popular music and instruments in general – especially the development of drumming kits – and his on-stage experience, he’s an invaluable instructor for Drumeo.


3)     Drumeo cutting it to the chase

As you can see, many famous drummers have decided to show their skills on Drumeo. This is extremely important regarding students’ inspiration and enthusiasm.

No matter how enthusiastic you are about playing drums, too conventional a teacher might kill your zest. With Drumeo, you’re cutting it to the chase at once. The painstakingly created lessons on this website will help you immediately apply the newly acquired drumming skills on the real stuff.

That way, you won’t have to wait for dozens of lessons to play your favorite drum solo. On the contrary, your instructors are here to enable you to express your music preferences in your lessons.

What’s more, every student is given their own personalized learning plan, so that you always know where you are and where you’re going with your playing skills.

Further, the variety of drummers teaching on Drumeo will give you an insight into different music genres. As a result, you won’t only improve your drumming skills, but these lessons will fine-tune your general music affinities, as well.


4)     Give and get support from Drumeo community

The number of Drumeo followers and users is growing as we speak. The Drumeo YouTube Channel has about 652,000 subscribers, whereas their Instagram page is followed by 268,000 people.

Knowing that so many people support something you’re a part of is extremely important for your self-confidence.

First of all, being a part of that community means that you can always turn to someone and ask for clarification and support. Apart from your wealth of instructors on the website, many other attendees will follow your progress. For example, you can record yourself playing a lesson or a song and get comments from other students.

You’ll be able to get support for your efforts, but also to endorse other people who are trying to perfect their drumming skills.


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