Drumeo Edge – An Honest Review (2021)


Drumeo is one of the most popular platforms for learning drums online. Its impressive array of lessons and courses, led by an even more impressive outfit of world-class drum coaches would certainly pique the interest of most drummers. After spending time on the platform, I’ve gathered my thoughts to help you figure out if it’s for you.

Please note that Drumeo provided me with a free membership in order to evaluate the service. However, my opinions are my own and I am honestly explaining my thoughts about Drumeo Edge in this review.

Drumeo has 2000+ lessons and 230+ courses that you can access on-demand through their website or via their apps for Android or iOS. The content caters to all levels of drummers, from beginners to advanced players.

This volume of content might initially sound a bit daunting, which is why they added the “Drumeo Method”. This is a 10-level drum curriculum, with hundreds of videos, which sets out a step-by-step method on the foundations and fundamentals of drumming. This would be particularly useful for either beginners, those looking to “fill in the gaps”, or simply for those that want a structured refresher course.

Drumeo also includes 1000+ popular songs with sheet music. I was particularly impressed with their coverage of advanced songs.

They also give you the opportunity to submit your own drum videos for feedback from one of their pro drum instructors. This is a very useful feature of the membership, which I explain a bit later in this article.

The Drumeo platform has progress tracking where you gain “XP” for completing lessons. Your Drumeo profile rank (e.g. level 1, level 2) increases as you complete more lessons. This “gamified” approach is executed well within the platform and I think it serves as a nice motivational tool to keep progressing through the lessons.

Is Drumeo Edge Worth It?

I’ve been extremely impressed by Drumeo Edge. I would highly recommend it to drummers of all levels. It has a wide depth of well-structured courses from some of the best drum pros in the world, across a wide variety of different styles and techniques.

The 2000+ lessons in the Drumeo membership mean that you will always have something to work on. This should help you break through the plateau in development that often occurs for musicians when they get to the intermediate level of playing an instrument.

Drumeo vs Private Lessons

Drumeo has an almost infinitely greater depth of content and instruction than you’re going to get with private lessons. If you’re serious about drumming and don’t need someone to look over your shoulder then it’s a great option.

However, private lessons with a great drum instructor would allow for more personalized learning with complete dedication to you directly. The value of private lessons varies greatly depending on the experience and skill level of the teacher.

If you’re going to go for Drumeo Edge, I’d recommend making good use of the video feedback feature to ensure that you don’t develop bad habits with your drumming technique.

In terms of cost, Drumeo would work out as a lot cheaper than regular private lessons.

Be sure to keep reading, as I have included up-to-date information and screenshots about what is currently available in Drumeo Edge.

Video Courses

Drumeo Edge includes 230+ courses from a large list of instructors across a variety of different topics and levels.

Courses include:

  • Many video lessons with on-screen drum notation
  • Assignments relevant to each lesson
  • PDF sheet music and downloadables (e.g. drum tracks, backing tracks, etc).
  • Practice mode, where your time is tracked as your play along with exercises.
  • The ability for members to discuss lessons and ask questions through comments

Drumeo Method – 10-Level Course

If you’re just starting off with playing drums, then one of the best places to begin on this platform is the “Drumeo Method”. This includes 10 levels of lessons that take you from a complete beginner to learn the foundations and fundamentals of drumming.

Jared Falk, a co-founder of Drumeo, starts off at the very beginning at level one, where he takes you through everything you need to know to get playing your first few beats, fills, and songs.


This is a comment one of the members of the Drumeo community left under one of Jared’s beginner videos, which I completely agree with: “Jared has a way of telling you what you should perhaps have known, without patronizing.”

They then quickly move on to basic theory and ear training, which includes topics like drum notation and rudiments, led by some other great instructors.


It then accelerates to help you learn more intermediate and advanced techniques to play on drums, as you go through the remaining levels.


I was also delighted to see lessons from the amazing drummer Dom Famularo, whose drumming books and videos had a major positive impact on my drumming, back when I started following him about 16 years ago!


Drumeo also gives you access to 10 world-class drummers, which includes lots of video content from them, in addition to weekly live events and personalized feedback.

Each coach has a particular strength and they cover a variety of different styles and disciplines in relation to drumming. You can pick and choose who to follow or you can just follow them all!


There are also 1000+ songs that Drumeo can help you learn to play. These are based across all levels from beginner drummers to advanced players.




For example, you can start with something as simple as a basic Snow Patrol song, and go all the way up to advanced prog rock songs! I’ve been pretty surprised with the depth of drum scores that they have, particularly for advanced songs.

In the song mode, it will show a video on the left-hand side which will usually allow you to hear the song, on the right-hand side it will show you the sheet music which navigates in real-time as you’re playing the video.

You can also switch to synthetic drum sounds if you just want to hear the drum track by itself. You can also download the sheet music for each of these songs, which is great if you want to take it offline, and just go behind the drum set and play.

Play-along tracks

Currently, Drumeo also has over 300 play-along tracks across a variety of styles. These are backing tracks that you can play along with. You can toggle the metronome as well as drum-track. Therefore, these can work as drumless backing tracks which are very useful practice tools.

Submitting Your Video for Feedback

“Student focus” allows you to submit your video for review, where a pro drum instructor at Drumeo will give you feedback on the video, based on your skill level, what your goals are as a drummer and what areas you want to focus on.

In order to do this, you simply fill out a small application form and upload your video to YouTube. If you want, you can just make the video viewable via a link, so it will not show up on public search results for YouTube.

This is available from beginner, intermediate to advanced players, So it doesn’t matter what level you’re at.

There are very frequent Student Focus videos that are uploaded, where one of the instructors will look through a batch of drumming videos that have been submitted, and they will give really good feedback to them.

The feedback tends to be very constructive and this is a good opportunity to identify bad habits in your drumming and areas for improvement that you may not have yet identified.

This is the closest thing that you can get to personalized instruction without having one-to-one lessons.

Drumeo App

You can log into Drumeo from your web browser on your computer or you can use either their Android or iOS app.

I personally used the Android app and I found it to be pretty seamless and nicely put together.

You can pick up from where you left off across different devices, so you could start a lesson on the website and continue it later on your phone.

This is great if you want to watch some lessons while you’re on the move.

You can also save lessons for offline viewing, which is great if you do not have an internet connection.

However, keep in mind that some of the videos cannot be downloaded if they have copyrighted material, but most of the most important lessons, such as in the Drumeo Method should be completely fine to download offline.


Drumeo has a pretty packed schedule of upcoming live lessons and other releases that you can see on the platform.

When videos go live, they do so in a similar manner to YouTube Live, where members can comment in real-time. It’s a great way to interact with the drumming coaches.

The busy schedule of videos illustrates that Drumeo isn’t just a static collection of video lessons. There’s always something new and they’re constantly adding content to it.

If a release catches your eye, you can subscribe to it and save it on your Drumeo calendar.


Drumeo also offers separate “Packs”. These are individual courses that explore a drumming topic in detail. These are either available for purchase separately through their online drum store, or some packs may be included with Drumeo Edge membership (check their website for more details).

The list of packs include some well-known ones such as “Creative Control” by Thomas Lang and “Anatomy Of A Drum Solo” by Neil Peart.

The first pack I watched out was their ‘Electrify Your Drumming’ pack by Michael Schack. He’s a well-known guy within the electronic and hybrid drumming world.

I was smiling ear-to-ear quite a few times throughout these lessons, either due to his great drumming skills, his concise explanation of beats across electronic music styles, or simply just due to his high levels of enthusiasm!



Drumeo also includes a bunch of different shows across a lot of different topics. Some of them go outside of the usual lesson format, such as the “Drumeo Podcast”, coverages of events, drum brand documentaries, gear guides, Q&A videos, and more.


This is a really nice area to explore drumming even further while going outside the usual lesson and course format.


Drumeo also has a strong community. There is a pretty active forum with 1000s of topics posted. If you have any questions, thoughts, or even off-topic discussions, then this is the place for it.

I liked the area where students create discussions to seek feedback from other members, while also posting their goals publically, which can keep them motivated by staying accountable.

Exclusive member forums like this are often of much better quality than the average public forum, which tends to be a lot more difficult to moderate.

Drumeo Kids App

A nice extra feature is that you can download a separate “Drumeo for Kids” app for kids to be able to watch episodes and introduce them to drumming. The “Rhythmic Adventures of Captain Carson” is a 20 episode series from Drumeo designed for kids that explain musical grooves through different styles of music.


Drumeo is a very impressive learning platform for drums. It seems to be run by people that genuinely share a passion for drumming and it includes a wide array of well-produced content from a long list of world-class drummers.

If you have followed any of Drumeo’s videos on YouTube, then you will get a pretty good flavor of the type of quality to expect from them. The Drumeo Edge membership really takes it to the next level and contains 230+ courses and 2000+ lessons, which will keep you going for a very long time!

Drumeo would be useful for all levels of drummers. I can highly recommend Drumeo Edge to any drummer that wants to speed up their development, while also making your practice far more effective.

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