10 Great Drum Stores Worth Visiting

Things have changed a lot in the industry of musical instruments in the past two decades, as online sellers are dominating. Still, nothing can replace the experience of good old specialized physical stores like Resurrection Drums, Drumcenter, Long & McQuade, and more.

There are quite a lot of these around. Most of them are equipped amazingly well and usually owned by drum enthusiasts, so you may count on excellent service as well.

Some of these stores offer a wide range of products, in a great price range. Others specialize in high-end products, such as vintage or custom drums. In any case, the overall experience is great, as most of these stores offer used instruments as well.

Here are 10 great drum stores you should visit.

Note: We are not affiliated with any of these stores.

1. Resurrection Drums – Hollywood, Florida

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This is by far the best place for drummers in Florida. Located in Hollywood, this store offers everything a drummer will ever need. First of all, there is an impressive amount of new and used gear on offer, in all price ranges.

Also, this store is well known for having great personnel. The guys from this store are all huge drum enthusiasts, super nice, and will help you in any possible way. All in all, Resurrection Drums is more than just a store, a place that guarantees a great shopping experience.

2. Drumcenter – Cologne, Germany

This is probably the best drum store in Europe, and also the oldest specialized drum store in Germany. For more than three decades, I’ve been hearing nothing but amazing stories about this store.

It is located in the beautiful city of Cologne, by the Rhine River, and offers an impressive range of products. Moreover, they have been expanded a couple of years ago, with a new store that is just around the corner from the original location. The Drumcenter is led by drum enthusiasts, so you may count on excellent service as well.

3. Memphis Drum Shop – Memphis, Tennessee

Screenshot of memphisdrumshop.com

Memphis isn’t just a town of guitars, it’s also a great place for drummers, thanks to this amazing drum shop. This is one of the big names in business, definitely one of the best drum stores in North America.

Of course, the main reason is the wide range of products you can find here. It’s not just about drums, but also about all other kinds of percussions. There’s an impressive offer of cymbals, while the drum offer includes both vintage sets and modern, electronic drum sets.

4. Drum Center of Portsmouth – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Screenshot of www.drumcenternh.com

Located in New Hampshire, Drum Center of Portsmouth is one of the leading stores in the business. The first thing you will like about it is the beautiful location and the whole ambient of the store.

The range of products on offer is impressive. Still, the best thing about this store is that it’s located in a tax-free state. So, if you’re willing to spend a lot of money on your new gear, this is where you should go.

5. Long & McQuade – Various Locations, Canada

Screenshot of www.long-mcquade.com

If you’re in Canada, you will hardly find a specialized drum store with a more serious range of products. On the other hand, Long & McQuade may be a great place to visit.

This is the largest seller of musical instruments in Canada, with stores all over the country. The offer of drums and accessories is pretty amazing and includes products in all price ranges. Also, lessons are available in many of these stores, and some of them even have repair shops. This is your best bet if you’re looking for a well-equipped drum store in Canada.

6. Pro Perc – Bergen, Norway

Located in Bergen, a city in western Norway, this small specialized store has everything a drummer needs. It is owned by a local music store called Musikk-Miljø and offers a pretty wide range of products.

There you can find drum sets in all price ranges, including high-end products from renowned brands like DW, Pearl, Yamaha, Ludwig, etc. All guys from this shop are active drummers, some are even professionals, so there is probably no problem they won’t be able to solve.

7. Graham Russell Drums – Fareham, UK

Screenshot of www.grahamrusselldrums.com

Located between Southampton and Portsmouth, Fareham is famous for being one of the best drum stores in the United Kingdom. Although a specialized shop, this place is huge. So, it’s no wonder you can find pretty much everything that has something with drums here.

The offer of drum sets, parts, accessories, and other percussion is amazing and includes pretty much every major company in the world of drums. Besides new products, this store also has a huge offer of used drum products.

8. Drummers Only – Glasgow & Leeds, UK

Screenshot of drummersonly.co.uk

Although a relatively fresh name in the business, Drummers Only has already become one of the leading drum sellers in the UK. The company started in Glasgow as Rhythm Base, while the second store has been opened in Leeds recently.

Both stores are huge spaces, equipped with an impressive amount of all kinds of drum products. Of course, all major brands are included in the company’s offer.

9. Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums – Chicago & New York

Screenshot of www.maxwelldrums.com

Steve Maxwell is more than a seller. He is a true drum enthusiast who owns two amazing stores, located in New York and Chicago. Both of them are amazing and also pretty unique. As you may presume, these two stores are all about vintage and custom drums.

The offer is great but the thing with these places is that they are much more than just regular stores. It is also a museum, as there is a lot of drum equipment that is not for sale but rather just a part of the exhibit. Additionally, there is a nice number of new gear, including all kinds of accessories, books, etc.

10. Drum Depot – Cardiff, UK

This is by far the best drum store in Wales and one of the best places for drummers in the whole UK. The place is huge and amazingly equipped.

Here you can find pretty much everything you need about drums and other percussion instruments. You may count on a great offer of used gear as well.


As you can see, great drum stores can be found in many places around the globe. All these places offer an amazing experience. Whether you’re going to buy something or just to look around, you won’t regret it. Still, keep in mind that these are just our recommendations. There are many more amazing stores you can find around the world.

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