Drumless Backing Tracks for Drums (Free and Paid Options)

Drumless backing tracks are a great and convenient way to practice drumming while having a lot of fun. Paid and even free option platforms may be found almost everywhere that offer drumless backing tracks.

Finding enough quality audio and video materials used to be quite a struggle for drummers. Fortunately, things are much better these days. Tons of lessons can be found on various websites, including plenty of high-quality drumless backing tracks.

Here is a list of some websites with drumless backing tracks you should check out.

1. Karaoke-Version.com – Paid

Screenshot of www.karaoke-version.com

Karaoke-Version is one of the best places to visit if you want to get high-quality backing tracks. The library of popular songs is huge and the best thing is that you can edit each one of them.

By editing, I mean much more than just removing the drum section. Of course, there is a section of drumless backing tracks, but this website gives much more than that.

Drumless backing tracks are quite affordable and if you pay just a little bit more, you can edit not just drums but other instruments in the song as well. You can remove some of them, play with volume and equalizer, etc.

The best thing about this editing is that, once you pay for a certain song, you can make as many of these mp3 versions as you want. The sound quality is amazing.

2. Drumless backing tracks on Amazon Music (Free 30 day trial)

While searching for drumless tracks, don’t forget to check Amazon Music as well where you can get a free 30-day trial, where you can find great resources such as ‘Drumless Backing Tracks Volume 1‘ by ‘Drum! Drum! Drum!’.

There are a lot of resources on Amazon in this area. You will find a lot of eBooks with lessons and instructions which, besides tabs or sheet music, can also include codes or links to backing tracks, which could be either streamable or downloadable.

Usually, you will find eBooks that offer lessons for specific groups of songs, either from one band or various artists, but you can find good lessons for a specific playing style as well.

For example, here’s a Heavy Rock drumless backing track by ‘Drum! Drum! Drum!’

Here’s a cool funk backing track (click track version). It’s really great to practice playing a song with a click track because it really helps to keep you on time. If you want to pick up a dedicated metronome separately then check out our article on the best metronome for drummers.

3. FreeDrumLessons.com – Free

Screenshot of www.freedrumlessons.com

Drumless backing tracks are just a small part of the content this platform offers.

FreeDrumLessons is probably the first website that offered free drum lessons on the internet. Even these days, it is one of the best places to visit if you want to learn rudiments and all other things about drumming. When it comes to play-along tracks, all content is free.

The bad thing is that you won’t find any popular songs, but rather a bunch of original tracks. However, I don’t see this as a drawback. If you want to improve your skills and knowledge, these tracks are amazing.

You can work on various styles, as there are tracks in rock, metal, jazz, funk, techno, and many other styles.

4. DrumlessVersion.com – Free/Paid

Screenshot of drumlessversion.com

Good sound quality and a long list of backing tracks are the strongest points of DrumlessVersion.

The first thing we should mention is that there are more than 3.200 backing tracks in the offer. Pretty much all the essentials of pop and rock music are covered, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the songs you want to play. Also, it is good to mention that there are several free tracks and, judging based on them, the sound quality seems very good.

The bad thing about this website is the price, which is a little bit higher compared to the competition. Still, you have a choice to either pay per song, or to pay to unlock the whole library.

5. DrumlessSplitSongs.com – Paid

Screenshot of drumlesssplitsongs.com

DrumlessSplitSongs sticks to the proven, old-school method of channel splitting. Basically, every track is recorded with two channels. One channel is for the drum section, while the other takes care of other instruments. This allows you to turn on/off any of these two channels.

So, besides playing tracks with or without drums, you can also play an isolated drum section, which is great if you want to focus on details. The library is not too big but covers many essential songs of different genres, including rock, metal, funk, jazz, Latin, etc.

The sound quality is good and the price is quite affordable.

6. OrlandoDrummer.com – Paid

Screenshot of orlandodrummer.com

OrlandoDrummer is a great place if you want to improve your skills. It has a lot to offer, starting from great lessons, a well-written blog, interviews, and more. However, the best thing is backing tracks or, as they are called, practice loops.

These are original tracks that are usually very long and repetitive, which is great if you want to work on your chops, try some new ideas, etc. Speaking of the styles, you can find practice loops for pretty much every popular genre.

Moreover, count on weekly updates. Each track has a short preview, so you can get ideas for how to start. Still, the best thing about these practice loops is the sound quality, which is spectacular.

7. Halleonard.com – Paid

Screenshot of www.halleonard.com

HalLeonard is one of the world’s leading companies for all kinds of music publications, so it doesn’t need a special introduction. Among tons of products, you can also find a lot of drum play-along products.

Each one comes as a compilation of songs from either various artists or certain bands. The sound quality of backing tracks is amazing and another great thing is that you can adjust the tempo. Moreover, tabs are also included.

8. Hudsonmusic.com – Paid

Screenshot of hudsonmusic.com

Hudson Music is a highly renowned company that started as a project of a couple of enthusiasts decades ago.

These days, it offers tons of high-quality audio and video material, which is mostly about lessons and instructional videos. Among them, you can find a lot of play-along tracks. The focus is on learning and improving drumming skills, so if you’re searching for backing tracks of popular songs, skip this website.

On the other side, if you want to learn tons of new rhythms and grooves, these play-along tracks are perfect.

9. Youtube.com – Free

Sometimes, the best way is to keep things simple and one of the simplest and easiest ways to get drumless tracks is to check out ones on Youtube.

If you’re looking for tracks of popular songs, you will probably find what you’re looking for. Just type the name of the song and add “drumless” or “minus drums” and something will show up. The negative here is that the sound quality can vary dramatically. Still, keep in mind that everything is free, and appreciate the efforts of drumming enthusiasts.

10. Bsbackingtracks.com – Free

Screenshot of www.bsbackingtracks.com

Best Songs Backing Tracks is a free platform that offers drumless backing tracks. It’s worth noting that the website has backing tracks for a variety of instruments, not just drums. Not only that but there is a karaoke tab too!

It’s an easy-to-use platform with a clear filter system that navigates really easily toward what you want and which song you are looking for.

While this platform is free, they do have a Donate option for those looking to support the platform for further growth and updates. They’ve been around for a while so make sure to check it out and see what’s in the menu.

11. Spotify.com – Free/Paid

We all know Spotify very well by this point, so, it’s no secret that there are many drumless backing tracks on the platform, all you have to do is search for them.

You would be amazed at the playlists that will appear. Much to anyone’s surprise, you will even find tracks with and without click metronomes, which is a plus in this situation.

Spotify is the largest streaming platform in the world and for good reason, meaning that there should be a lot of material to find on it, as well as an ever-growing topic that will most likely be updated daily.

12. VicFirth.Zildjian.com – Free/Paid

VicFirth.Zildjian.com is another platform to check out for drumless backing tracks, although, it does have its limitations on the number of tracks if used for free.

The website offers a lot of insight into the world of drumming, as well as play-along and drum guides on multiple subjects. An educative and well-rounded website that will fit the needs of most drummers.

As far as selection goes, there is a good selection of drumless backing tracks to choose from. You can also choose a given genre to target it further.

If you get the paid version then all the tracks are no longer just excerpts but full-fledged tracks. Try it and see!


Drumless backing tracks are really useful. They can be used for so many things, either to get inspired or just to work on some patterns.

You can find them almost everywhere, paid or even free but they are not all the same quality-wise. That’s why you must always do proper background research before checking out any content that might be drumless backing tracks related.

This list features only the best drumless tracks that you can find. They are free and paid options that are very useful for those looking to work on their drums or just get inspired by some great music!

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