12 Great Drumming Podcasts for Any Drummer

Podcasts offer a great way for us to get insights, knowledge, and tips from other drummers. There’s something for everyone, including interviews with famous drummers, to learning tips and techniques.

If you’re looking at exploring this new frontier of drums and music, I have created a list of some of the best drumming-related podcasts out there.

This is not a definitive list of the drummer podcasts available. There are a large number of drum podcasts available online, so if you’re looking to branch out then be sure to do a bit of your own research!

1. The 180 Drums Podcast

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Produced by online drum education company 180drums.com and led by Jake Nicole, this podcast ran from 2015-2018. It features dozens of drummer interviews in which the podcast hosts and guests explore unique and inventive topics.

Let Brooks Alexander (Julia Michaels, Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert) explain why knowing the lyrics of songs is important for drummers or explore how Andrew Hammerling (High Valley) began his career as a touring drummer at the age of 11.

Though this podcast has not been updated for a while, the back catalog has evergreen episodes that are sure to hold your interest even today.

2. The Drummer’s Resource Podcast

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The Drummer’s Resource Podcast is one of the most comprehensive of all drumming podcasts available, this is currently on its 576th episode and shows no sign of slowing down.

Hosted by Nick Ruffini, the podcast features in-depth interviews with a variety of drummers.

Topics discussed range from general interviews to ones that directly react to contemporary events. The show also features episodes dedicated to delivering drumming advice, for those looking to better their technique and playing ability.

3. The Modern Drummer Podcast

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Hosted by Mike Dawson and Mike Johnston, this podcast recently posted its 250th episode. It’s a great resource for all drummers.

They take the form of conversations between the hosts, in which they discuss topics that range from artists featured on Modern Drummer to education tips for everyone from beginners to experts, and insightful reviews of new products.

All of this is peppered in with insights into industry happenings, making it a great all-around listen for every type of musician.

4. The Working Drummer Podcast

The Working Drummer Podcast is hosted by Matthew Crouse and Zack Albetta, this is a must-listen for everyone looking to get into drumming professionally.

This podcast features long-form interviews with working drummers, from the well-known to the smaller names who have still successfully carved out a space for themselves in the industry. As a running podcast, they also respond to contemporary issues facing working drummers in real time.

5. The Drumeo Podcast

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The Drumeo Podcast is hosted by Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson, this podcast ran from 2016-2019. During its 50-episode run, the hosts covered everything from drummer interviews to equipment comparisons.

They also hosted general drumming-related discussions, talked about drumming education and techniques, and explored the challenges and possibilities of running a drumming podcast.

Take a look at Episode 13 for a discussion about which is better between Electric and Acoustic Drums, Episode 15, which explored the Five Misconceptions of drum technique with Bruce Becker, and Episode 35, titled The Truth About Being A Drumming Podcaster.

6. The Trap Set with Joe Wong

The Trap Set podcast is hosted by Joe Wong features compelling, insightful interviews with a wide variety of musicians. Wong creates a great rapport with his guests and poses questions designed to elicit both thoughtful and funny responses.

The Trap Set was initially focused only on drummers for the first 200 episodes. Since then, they have expanded their focus to include all types of musicians.

For those looking for interviews solely with drummers, some great interviews include those with Fred Armisen of SNL (Episode 32), Jason McGerr of Death Cab for Cuties (Episode 123), and the legendary drummer Dennis Chambers (Episode 59).

7. The Drum Shuffle

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Hosted by drummer Jamie Eads, The Drum Shuffle has been active since February 2018 and is a currently running podcast that can offer some insight into the world of drumming.

It features interviews with a wide variety of drummers, exploring everything from what their latest projects are to general interviews about their journey to success.

Eads interviews both multi-million album-selling artists and smaller names who have nonetheless experienced success. Interesting interviews include ones with Troy Luccketta (Tesla) and Dafnis Prieto, who runs the indie record label and publishing company Dafnison Music.

8. Drummer Daily

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Drummer Daily is hosted by Daniel Hardway, who also runs Pro Drum Academy, this is a great choice for drummers looking to improve their technique and break into the professional scene.

An active podcast that has been running since 2016, it focuses primarily on topics that are beneficial for people looking to go professional.

Hardway facilitates this exploration of how to increase your professional chances through discussions with working drummers and general discussion. The podcast makes sure that leave every episode with actionable steps to help further your career.

9. Meinl Radio

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Meinl Radio is hosted by the Meinl company’s head of artist relations, Chris Brewer. Running since 2017, this podcast not only interviews drummers, it also has interviews with adjacent artists and people in the industry, like online drum educators and producers.

As a podcast for one of the biggest cymbal makers in the world, the artists interviewed include everyone from Grammy Nominated Damion Reid to Nick Raskulinecz, producer for bands including Rush and Foo Fighters.

10. You’re Good. Get Better.

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You’re Good. Get Better is Hosted by Nashville-based professional drummer Tim Buell, this podcast focuses on helping drummers improve their technique and playing style.

At the same time, it uses the drums and drumming to jump off into discussions on music, inspiration, and life in general, and how they can help with your career.

Some interesting topics that this podcast covers include ‘Does Social Media Help Your Music Career?’, ‘What winning a Grammy is Really Like,’ and ‘Should You Move to Nashville to Pursue Music?’

11. The Drum Show

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The Drum Show is a very resourceful drumming podcast hosted by Stephen Taylor.

The podcast centers around answering the most common and uncommon questions related to drumming. You also get to listen to various interviews with musicians and drummers while getting an insight into the drumming world from an experience drum instructor.

There are many useful topics going around on the podcast from sloppy technique to musical knowledge and terms. Stephen also has a YouTube channel where he goes over drumming techniques, hacks, and various other useful things.

12. Drum and Drummer

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Drum and Drummer (an awesome name for a podcast) is hosted by Ben Whyntie and George Pickering and revolves around various questions and discussions about drumming. The topics vary from basic drumming tips to gigging, even something as trivial as choosing drumsticks.

This is a very friendly podcast where you have a chance to listen to two drummers discuss different topics and their take on certain matters. With 1-hour episodes, you’ll hear everything from the worst gig experiences to rehearsals and everything along the way.


Podcasts can be a great resource for any drummer, whether a beginner or a more experienced musician. Dozens of drumming podcasts available online serve all your needs, however, these are a few that I thought were the most effective and educational as a way to both improve your skills and find inspiration for your career.

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