The Ultimate List of Free Drum Kits (2024) – 91 Free Drum Kits

Drum kit sample packs and loops are a must for producers in many different genres. Luckily there are plenty of free drum kits/sample packs out there!

Drum sounds are the foundation of your groove, and there an almost ever-lasting need for producers to expand their arsenal with drum sample packs and drum kits. Here are 90 free drum kits (samples/loops) to consider.

If you want to take your beats to the next level, then check out our list of the best drum samples for even more options.

91 Free Drum Kits (Samples/Loops)

  1. 100+Premium Drum Samples by Real Drum Samples: The website “Real Drum Samples” have some very popular premium drum packs on their site, but these 100+ samples are completely free, so it’s definitely worth getting them.
  2. Free 808 Drum Kit by Roland: Sounds from the famous Roland TR-808 Drum Machine with over 200 drum samples from kicks to snared to hi-hats and more.
  3. NEPTUNES Drum Kit by The Neptunes: Neptunes-inspired drum sounds and samples, with almost 700 quality sounds in WAV format across 3 different drum kits to play around with and get a well-recognized sound going.
  4. SYMBOLYC ONE S1 SAMPLE PACK by CYMATICS: Symbolic One’s personal drum sounds, a producer-inspired hip-hop sample pack with various percussion sounds and loops for a thumping vibe.
  5. OLD TOWN Hip Hop Sample Pack by CYMATICS: Inspired by Lil Nas’ “Old Town Road” song, this sample pack features a mix of country and trap sounds like hard-hitting kicks to hi-hats, 808s, as well as melody loops and FX samples.
  6. Drip Hip Hop Sample Pack by CYMATICS: A collection of one-shots and samples for the modern hip-hop producer, with over 100 sounds, from melody loops to 808s to MIDI progressions and of the sort.
  7. BOOM BAP DRUM KITS by DJ Premier, Pete Rock, KRS-One, and Marley Marl: A drum sample pack inspired by the likes of DJ Premier, Pete Rock, KRS-One, and Marley Marl, boom-bap percussions with a well-known and respectable sound.
  8. Astro – Hip Hop Sample Pack by CYMATICS: Inspired by Travis Scott’s ‘Astroworld’, the Astro Drum Kit sample pack features almost 100 similar-sounding samples and loops to play around with and get a professional beat going.
  9. Lil Jon Crunk Sound Kit by Crunk: With over 300 samples of pure kicks, hats, snares, and percs, the Lil Jon Crunk kit features not only that but also MIDI drum patterns and instrument patches.
  10. Hit Boy Drum Kit (Official) by Hit Boy: Another artist-inspired pack, this time from the famous Hit Boy who worked with the industry’s finest, contains over 240 quality drum samples, this is a good pack to go for.
  11. 808 Mafia Drum Kit (Drumkit) by 808 Mafia: A huge sample library inspired by 808 Mafia, with over 400 classic samples from standard kicks to soundfonts to pianos as well as FX transitions and many more.
  12. Johnny Juliano’s Drum Kit by Johnny Juliano: A cool drum sample pack that features Johnny Juliano’s kits, 6 to be precise, all jam-packed into 1 kit with versatile sounds.
  13. J Dilla Drum Kit by J DILLA: Suitable for the modern rap/hip-hop producer, the J Dilla drum kit has numerous kicks, percs, snares, loops, and bonus drum kits to play around with.
  14. Sonny Digital Drum Kit by Sonny Digital: Drum sample pack for trap producers that incorporates various 808s and hard-hitting snares, kicks, percs, bass, and FX samples.
  15. Organic Drums & Foley Percussion by HelloSamples: An ultimate drum sample pack with over 300 samples that features Ableton kits, machine kits, and MPC kits for the complete percussion sound, complemented by quality recording.
  16. VCO Drums VOL1 by Waveshaper: With over 100 drum samples, the VCO Drums Vol.1 comes with a great variety of synths, filters, modulations, as well as classic kicks, loops, and more of the sort.
  17. Sample Pack Vol 1 by Lion Studio Dundee: A sample pack ideal for underground hip-hop producers and artists for that raw sound of great 808s, kicks, hits, snares, and similar sound samples for the ultimate old school vibe.
  18. Jazz Funk Drums by Orange Tree Samples: A collection of jazz and funk drums (mixed) with a complete kit of toms, kick, snare, and cymbals for an expressive beat-making experience that builds a real and true vibe.
  19. Unit: 808 by Loop Cult: A beat-maker trusted sample pack with one-shots, 808s, kicks, snares, cymbals, toms, and various percussion sounds for trap and hip-hop producers.
  20. 37 Tropical Samples by SoundUWant: A versatile sample pack that features claps, hi-hats, cymbals, and similar percussion sounds including vocal chops, snaps, and FX samples.
  21. Trap Stems by Blvck: A collection of over 200 sample sounds for hip-hop/trap producers and artists, crisp 808s, thumping kicks, as well as guitars, and many more sounds.
  22. Hip Hop Vol.1 by Kodak: A Kodak Black-inspired pack of 100+ sounds like one-shot drums, 808s, loops, percussions, and Kodak-type samples for the ultimate and expressive experience.
  23. Dreams – Nick Mira Drum Kit by BVKER: The Nick Mira (Dreams) drum kit is for trap producers that are looking for good 808s, one-shots, kicks, and full-sounding percussions for beat making.
  24. Drillers – UK Drill Drum Kit by BVKER: Another sample pack from BVKER, this time with over 150 samples of drums (kicks, hi-hats, etc.), including melody and drum loops, plus, MIDI sounds.
  25. Mike Will Made It 2015 Drum Kit by Mike Will Made-It: This is a raging sample pack with various sounds like bells, whistles, hits, drum loops, as well as synth loops, and sound fonts, a beatmakers dream.
  26. Timbaland Drum Kit by Timbaland: A Timbaland-inspired sample pack with 63 drum samples of snares, kicks, claps, hi-hats, FX samples, and a few unique sounds to propel your track even further and make it authentic.
  27. 9th Wonder Drum Kit by 9th Wonder: Inspired by a great hip-hop producer – 9th Wonder, this drum sample pack/kit has over 500 percussion samples for that added drum flavor many tracks need.
  28. Cool & Dre Drum Kit Vol.2 by Cool & Dre: Every beatmaker knows Dr.Dre, so, if you want vintage-sounding Dr.Dre drum samples, this pack has over 200 of them, from kicks to claps and many more percussion sounds.
  29. Free Lo-Fi Sample Pack “Lunar” by BVKER: Hailing from well-known drum machines, the Lunar sample pack has all you need regarding percussion sounds and loops, over 100 samples to play with.
  30. IV Vintage Drum Machines by Ingo Vogelmann: A wide collection of drum machines from the likes of Roland, Yamaha, Korg, and more, get that signature sound and thumping beat going.
  31. Kick Ass Drum Samples by Golden Samples: As the name suggests, this is a kick drum sample pack with over 100 kick drum sounds of great quality and expressive kicks.
  32. Massamolla by 99 Sounds: Complete with sound effects, percussions, and hits, the Massamolla sample pack has 99 samples that benefit the modern producer/artist.
  33. Odyssey EDM sample pack by CYMATICS: The Odyssey sample pack ‘packs’ numerous loops, drum sounds, and even vocal chops to experiment with and get a good beat going.
  34. Brute Drums by Drum Depot: A drum kits sample pack with 24 kits and almost 300 samples that has the essentials as well as MIDI drum patterns and pads.
  35. MT Power DrumKit 2 by Manda Audio: A drum sampler by Manda Audio that includes quality drum sounds that support any operating system, with the additional EQ, compressor, and other crucial effects and controls.
  36. NSA Custom Series Drumkit by Nekro: A collection of acoustic drum samples by Nekro that features over 750 samples like kicks, hi-hats, cymbals, and toms for that much-needed real ‘feel’.
  37. Singerland Kit by Indie Drums: A rock drum sample pack with 23 samples or classic-sounding kicks, hits, cymbals, and various other percussion sounds.
  38. Spice Rack Samples 1 by DJ Pain 1: If you’re looking for mellow hip-hop, R&B, and trap sounds (samples), the DJ Pain 1 and Stacktrace’s sample pack has what you want.
  39. araabMUZIK Drums (Drumkit) by araabMUZIK: A drum kit sample pack with 45 drum sounds and samples for a cool-sounding and thumping beat.
  40. Hi Tek & Nottz Drum Kit by PAV Beatz: Old school hip-hop just sounds cool! This sample pack emulates those vintage sounds in the form of claps, snares, kicks, loops, and percs.
  41. Eternity by CYMATICS: The Eternity ‘vintage’ sample pack is just what the name suggests – Vintage sounds, complete with piano sounds, loops, guitars, pads, and more.
  42. Em & Dre Drum Kit by Eminem & Dr. Dre: Who doesn’t want Eminem and Dre sounds? This pack features an Eminem drum pack 2 Dre drum kits for recognizable and familiar-sounding beats.
  43. Swizz Beatz Drum Kit by Swizz Beatz: A drum kit by Swizz Beatz with over 60 drum sounds from kicks to hats to cymbals and various other hits for that extra thump factor.
  44. 500 Free Kicks by Markus Hakala: A sample pack devoted to finding the perfect kick drum sound, the Markus Hakala sample pack has over 500 kicks to get just the right kick.
  45. Sean Pandy Drums by A drum sample pack that features the essentials like kicks, snares, and toms, but has an additional Sub Blower for extra flavor to your tracks.
  46. Frank ocean drum Kit by Sound Scientist: A Frank Ocean-inspired sample pack that includes loops and samples from standard kicks, hats, and snares to various other percussions.
  47. OVO Sound Pack by Tony Starks: With samples inspired by the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, and Lil Wayne, this sample pack has numerous 808s, percussion sounds, and FX samples for an electrifying tune.
  48. Free West-Coast Drum Kit:Sounds From LA by Tony Starks: If you’re a fan of West Coast rap and those trademark sounds, the West Coast Drum Kit will suit you well with over 150 samples of classic percussion sounds.
  49. BIG SEAN DRUM/SOUND KIT by BeatmakerZone: A Big Sean-inspired sample pack with all the essentials like kicks, hi-hats, cymbals, claps, and more for hip-hop producers.
  50. Damn That Dirt by DJ Pain 1 & HHM: If you’re after full kits, instrument loops, and other percussion sounds, the ‘Damn That Dirt’ sample pack it all and is multi-applicable to a DAW of your choice.
  51. Bass Drops Sound Kit by Beat Production: Sometimes, the ‘Drop’ means everything, this sample pack features great bass drops that can make it in any DAW of your choosing.
  52. AVL Drumkits F by AVLdrums: A full-sounding and complete drum sample pack with all the essentials like kicks, hats, cymbals, and toms for a classic and true sound.
  53. Lex Luger Drum Kit by Beatsmith: Great for trap producers and artists, the Lex Luger Drum Kit comes with over 50 samples of kicks, bass, snares, claps, and even more percussion sounds.
  54. G&S Custom Work Drum Kits for Kontakt 2.0 by Beatsmith: Percussion sounds that come fully equipped with controls like level, pan, tune, and more for excellent sound-shaping capabilities for the modern producer.
  55. Lo-Fi Drums Vol.1 by Musiciangoods: Almost 100 drum samples from the usual kicks, snares, and hats to various other percussion sounds.
  56. Kanye West Drum Kit II by PAV Beatz: Everything about this sample pack is Kanye West-inspired, with just over 50 samples like snares, basses, and other percussion sounds and samples.
  57. BOSS DR-202 Drum Kit by Beatsmith: The BOSS DR-202-inspired drum sample pack has all the known drum machine sounds, over 200 to be more precise, very suitable for trap, hip-hop, and other electronic music genres.
  58. Snare Kit Vol. 1 by DrumKitSuppy: This drum sample pack comes with a variety of controls like layering, variations, and others for ultimate sound-shaping tunes.
  59. 100 KICK DRUMS VOL 1 by TRISAMPLES: With a total of 100 kick drum samples to choose from and get just the right one, the Vol.1 pack has a good selection of the most important element in hip-hop/trap music.
  60. Free Afrobeat Drumkit by Musiciangoods: The Afro Trap Vol.1 is a free afrotrap and afrobeat sample pack of over 170 samples that include the usual – kicks, hi-hats, snares, and other percs.
  61. Hip Hop Claps by Beat Production: Hip-hop is known for its clap sounds that have become a trademark to most tracks, this sample pack features a variety of claps that can be layered with snare sounds.
  62. HANDS MAKE SOUNDS by 99Sounds: Another clap sample pack, this time with included finger snaps, professionally recorded so you can choose from up to 158 samples with a natural reverb.
  63. THE SAMPLE SET VOL 2 by TRISAMPLES: With almost 100 samples, The Sample Set Vol.2 features many great kick sounds, snare sounds, cymbals, and FX samples, providing a great selection for producers.
  64. Mega cymbal samples Drum Kit by Beat Production: Applicable to most DAWs, the Mega Cymbal Samples pack includes a plethora of cymbal sounds for that resonating factor and realistic touch.
  65. Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack by Tony Starks: The Supreme Hi-Hats Sample Pack is just what the name implies – a collection of hi-hat sounds, with over 270 to be precise, including cymbals, it is very suitable for many genres.
  66. Triton Drum Kit by Beat Production: Emulating the famous Korg Triton keyboard, the Triton Drum Kit features a whopping 382 drum samples that can suit many genres like R&B, trap, hip-hop, and other electronic styles.
  67. Roland TR-505 Samples Pack by Roland: Modeled after the infamous Roland TR-505, the 505 Drum Kit packs trademark vintage sounds ranging from kicks to hats to sound FX, and more.
  68. ASAP Rocky Sound Kit by Roland: An ASAP Rocky-inspired sample pack that includes signature-sounding samples like 808s, brass, strings, sound FX, and other samples for a modern hip-hop/trap beat-making.
  69. Lil Wayne Drum Kit by Hipstrumentals: Inspired by one of the biggest and most influential artists in hip-hop – Lil Wayne, this drum kit has some familiar sounds that carefully capture the essence of Lil Wayne through kicks, hits, snares, and sounds.
  70. THE SAMPLE SET VOL 5 by TRISAMPLES: The Sample Set Vol.5 has a total of 67 samples that include quality-sounding kicks, snares, cymbals, FX, and other percussion sounds, needless to say – a 5th volume is not by coincidence.
  71. East Coast Sound Kit by BEATKINGZ: Professional, quality-sounding sample drum kit pack that can be imported into FL Studio, Ableton, and many other DAWs, includes kicks, hats, snares, and more.
  72. Young Chop Drum Kit by Beat Production: Young Chop-inspired drum kit sample pack with great trap sounds and over 50 samples to play around with, including instrument samples.
  73. Darkchild Drum Kit by RODNEY “DARKCHILD” JERKINS: Not just a drum sample pack, the Darkchild Drum kit has basslines and keyboard loops as well as good percussion sounds for the modern trap/hip hop artist.
  74. J.U.S.T.I.C.E League Drum Kit by THE J.U.S.T.I.C.E LEAGUE: No, it’s not the DC movie/comic, it’s a carefully-crafted drum sample pack that includes 30 samples from essential kicks to resonating hats.
  75. Trap Drum Samples by Modern Mixing: Trap samples are all over the internet, this sample pack, in particular, has some great kicks, hats, cymbals, toms, as well as tuned 808s, claps, and FX samples.
  76. Mannie Fresh Drum Kit by DJ MANNIE: A great sample drum kit pack for hip-hop producers with over 100 signature Dirty South sounds and sample loops to unleash your creativity.
  77. Zaytoven Drum Kit by Zaytoven: Hailing from one of many that have given the trap genre its signature sound, the Zaytoven kit has great hits, stabs, 808s, drum samples, and loops, as well as instruments like bass, pianos, gongs, and more.
  78. THE SAMPLE SET VOL 4 by TRISAMPLES: The 4th volume of The Sample Set also features many useful kicks, and snares, with an emphasis on cymbals (36 in total), as well as other percs and FX samples.
  79. Dubstep Empire Drum kit by Beatsmith: When it comes to dubstep, DnB, house, and similar genres, the Dubstep Empire sample pack (drum kit) has over 1000 samples to play with – kicks, hats, crashes, claps, toms, shakers, FX, and more.
  80. Pete Rock Drum Kit by Pete Rock: From Pete Rock’s signature SP-1200 drum machine comes the sample pack that includes many of his trademark sounds like kicks, hats, snares and percs, great for hip-hop use.
  81. Jazze Pha Drum Kits 1 & 2 by Jazze Pha: The Jazze Pha Sound kits one and two have 125 sounds from kicks to claps as well as snares and other percussion sounds for beat-making.
  82. THE SAMPLE SET VOL 3 by TRISAMPLES: Another installment of the Sample Set – Vol.3, it comes with kick drums, snares, cymbals, FX, and percussion sounds to further shape and create cool beats.
  83. The Alchemist Drum Kit by ALAN THE CHEMIST: The Alchemist Drum kit sample sound pack is filled with beginner-friendly sounds and has over 150 kicks, 153 snares, and over 80 hi-hats and percussion sounds to use.
  84. Marvelous J – Quality Sounds: Drum Kit by Marvelous J: This is a Marvelous J-inspired drum kit that has numerous sound fonts, kicks, snares, claps, as well as other sounds and percussion-based samples for beat producers.
  85. 80s Retro Futuristic Drum Pack by Data Drive: If you’re after that retro sound and cool vibes, the Futuristic Drum Pack has over 300 samples to suit your needs, it’s especially great for synthwave producers who want cool leads, falls, claps, TR-808 drums, and more.
  86. Polow Da Don Drum Kit by Polow Da Don: If you want superior sound-shaping or drum pattern creation, then the Polow Da Don Drum Kit will do a good job of providing quality kicks, hats, snares, and other percs for cool hip-hop beats.
  87. Bangladesh Drum Kit by Hipstrumentals: Responsible for some bombing beats, the Bangladesh Drum Kit holds many great percussion sounds that are familiar and can provide thumping kicks, hard snares, and of the sort.
  88. Drumma Boy Drum Kit by Drumma Boy: A sample pack full of cool hip-hop sounds like signature claps, kicks, hits, and snares, the Drumma Boy Drum Kit is a cool addition to any hip-hop or trap producer/artist to have.
  89. Scott Storch Drum Kit Vol.1 by Beatsmith: In the style of Scott Storch, this drum sample pack has over 500 quality kicks, snares, and hats, along with a cool selection of claps, plus, congas and toms.
  90. Boom Bap Addict (Soundkit) by Hipstrumentals: If you’re into that old school vintage hip-hop sound, the Boom Bap Addict is filled with 400 vintage-sounding drum samples from standard stuff to instrument stabs and one-shot bass notes.
  91. 70MB of free Mainroom Techno & Tech House samples by Wave Alchemy: A feature-packed sample library with cool-sounding melody loops, SFX, and a bunch of other useful sounds to pick and choose from including bass loops, vocal loops, and quality drum sounds/samples.

Are Free Drum Kits (Samples/Loops) any good?

Free drum kits are no different than paid ones. Many of these drum kits and samples you see above were paid ones at a given time and are now free. It is a general rule that no matter the cost, the outcome will ultimately revolve around the producers’ imagination, creativity, as well as the mixing and mastering process.

Professional-sounding beats can be made from either paid or free sample packs, all you need is the creativity and your way around a DAW. From the list above you can pick and choose, and extract what you need for a given situation.


Free drum kits can be just as good as paid ones, it all depends on the producer’s creativity and imagination. With the right mixing and mastering, professional-sounding beats can be made from either free or paid sample packs.

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