The 10 Best Gifts for Drummers – Make the Drummer in Your Life Feel Loved

Not sure what gift to buy for the drummer in your life? Fret not! After reading this article, you will see that drummers are incredibly easy to buy for, thanks to the vast amounts of accessories and gadgets available!

The 10 best gifts for drummers in this article range from fun and quirky to practical and useful. They also range from small to large budget presents.

Let’s get right into it!

1) The most useful drum accessory I’ve ever owned

Gift type: Practical and useful
Price: $

If the drummer in your life does not own a practice pad, this is the number 1 gift you should buy them. The level of practice and improvement you can get from this quiet practice pad is astounding.

Drummers can quietly practice their rudiments for hours on this. This results in massive improvements in coordination, technique, and speed. The 6-inch version is great as it’s extremely portable and slightly quieter than the larger one.

My one RealFeel 6-inch practice pad has lasted me over 12 years of constant abuse. You don’t get much better value than that in a gift.


The drum instructor in the video below is using a ReelFeel practice pad (keep in mind that this is the larger 12 inch version)

2) Help them light up the stage:

Gift type: Fun and quirky
Price: $

The previous gift mentioned was extremely practical, now let’s get down to the flash!

Regular drum-sticks will look boring after your drummer gets a hold of these. The Rockstix 2 HD’s are bright LED light up drumsticks, which automatically fade between colors.

These can really add spark to a performance, and they are particularly cool if your drummer plays pop or electronic music.


These are very cool. Check out the video below to see them in action:


3) Buy them an electronic drum set

Gift type: Fun and practical
Price: $$$

If the drummer in your life only currently plays an acoustic kit, then an electronic drum can be an amazing gift that really opens up a world of practice and performance opportunities.

Getting into the world of electronic drumming can be really useful for many genres of music, which require a vast array of different sound and percussion samples.

Check out our guide to Electronic Drum Sets to learn more.



4) Easy access to their spare drumsticks:

Gift type: Practical and useful
Price: $

It’s surprising how many drummers don’t have a stick holder. This can become a problem if they drop a drumstick during a performance and don’t have access to their spare ones.

This is a drummers nightmare! No need to fear, the On Stage DA100 drum sick holder comes to the rescue.




5) The Drummer’s Survival Kit – You don’t get more practical than this

Gift type: Practical and useful
Price: $

I can’t believe how many times I’ve shown up to a gig and misplaced cymbal washers and felts.

Another drummers nightmare that can be easily averted. Get them the survivors guide.

Not all heroes wear capes. This is a very cheap and practical gift for any drummer.




6) A Roll Up Drum Kit

Gift type: Fun and practical
Price: $$

Drum sets tend to take a whole lot of time to carry around. The roll-up drum kit comes to the rescue, including pedals, drum-sticks and everything needed to get started.

I’d recommend buying the version that has built-in speakers, as otherwise, your drummer will need to always use earphones or an external speaker.



7) The Cajon – A drum kit in a box

Gift type: Fun and practical
Price: $$

Cajon’s are fantastic little percussion instruments. You can create fantastic drum kit grooves out of these, which work with many different styles of music.

The two main sounds on these instruments are their bass and snare sounds, which are played by the drummer hitting different zones of the Cajon.

You may have seen people play these on street performances or more stripped-down versions of full band performances.

The Meinl Percussion HCAJ1NT Cajon is a great option as a gift for drummers.



8) Personalized Drumsticks

Gift type: Fun and practical
Price: $

Personalized drumsticks are a fantastic and personal gift for the drummer in your life.

These gifts are popular for boyfriends and girlfriends, but the drumsticks can also be personalized for other needs.




9) Deskdrums

Gift type: Fun and quirky
Price: $

This is a nice novelty present for any drummer, especially if they are students or work in an office. The sound is actually pretty decent on these too.

I used to own one of these and loved it, but my girlfriend put a candle way to close to it and burned the plastic of the main drum head.

Candles are now banned from my desk and smoke alarms are mandatory in my household.





10) Let them practice all the time

Gift type: Practical and useful
Price: $

It’ll come as no surprise to say that drums are exceptionally loud! If the drummer in your life practices on a regular (acoustic) drum kit, then these SoundOff Drum mutes by Evan’s are a great solution to muffle the noise.

You can also buy separate ones that will fit on top of cymbals. These can really the sting out of big hits.

Housemates, neighbors, and the drummer’s ears will be happy with your gift!




What’s the best gift to buy?

I hope this article has inspired you with ideas on how to make the drummer in your life feel loved!

If you’re still unsure then I’d recommend going with the practice pad, it’s a cheap and extremely useful option.

If the drummer in your life would like to add a bit of flash to their performance, then the ultra bright LED drumsticks would be an awesome drummer gift.

However, many of the options above are quite cheap so you could pack a few of them in as a mega gift!

Do you have any other suggestions on the best gifts for drummers? Please write a comment below if you would like me to add anything to the list!

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