The 5 Best Earplugs for Drummers – Protect Your Hearing Before it’s Too Late

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Ear protection is absolutely essential for every drummer. I personally hear ringing in my ears on a daily basis. However, I’m not the only one. It’s a very common complaint among musicians.

As a musician, if you’re not careful, you WILL be in the same boat unless you protect your hearing.

Hearing damage and tinnitus can really affect the quality of your personal and professional life. It is something that you can learn to accept; however, the most important action is always to limit any further damage.

Hearing is a musician’s bread and butter. That’s why every musician has to take all the necessary measures to protect their hearing throughout their career.

However, exposing your ears to loud music during rehearsals, gigs, and concerts could damage the way you hear and perceive music. Because of that, getting equipped with the best possible earplugs is a must in every environment in which music volume keeps extending 80 dBs for a longer period of time.

In this article, you’ll learn some important points about hearing protection. I also suggest some good earplugs that will keep you safe during exposure to louder sounds.

I personally wear either a set of in-ear monitors while playing gigs or a set of musicians’ earplugs like below.

When you’re choosing earplugs for your ears, you need to check the ergonomic features of the given set as well as the level of protection they ensure.

By comparing these elements, we’ve chosen the following earplugs as reliable protective agents for various musical contexts.

The 5 Best Earplugs for Drummers—Our Pick

1. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs
Editor's Choice - Very popular and great quality
2. Alpine Hearing Protection Classic Earplugs for Musicians
Easy fit, multiple filters for different levels of noise reduction
3. Earasers Musicians Plugs Medium
-19 dB reduction, specifically made for musicians
5. Loop Earplugs (Quiet)
High level of noise blocking, 12 different tips for a good fit, stylish look.

1. Eargasm High-Fidelity Earplugs

The Eargasm High-Fidelity Earplugs are a wise choice for all sorts of music events.

Also, they’ll protect your hearing from noise in everyday life, from your work environment, and public transportation sounds.

The ergonomic requirements are met with the soft silicone material that has hypoallergenic features. Since they fit softly into the ears, these earplugs can be worn for a long time without any pain or itching.

The manufacturer has anticipated that people have different ear sizes, as well. That’s why every Eargasm set comes with two different types of shells.

These add-ons will help you adjust the thickness of earplugs to your ears. Still, if you have significantly smaller ears, think about getting the smaller version of the Eargasm earplugs.

As for the sound quality, these plugs provide a high-fidelity sound, just like their name says, by eliminating the noise, only to sharpen the quality sound from the source.

Unlike cheap foam plugs, these earplugs won’t hush the music or lower the quality of the sound. To top it all off, the aluminum case comes with waterproof rubber, so your earplugs are always protected from dust, moisture, and unwanted rubbish.

2. Alpine Hearing Protection Earplugs for Musicians

I’m quite a fan of the Alpine Hearing Protection Earplugs. I’ve worn them quite a lot for both drumming and attending concerts and other loud events.

These earplugs contain 3 different filters for various levels of noise reduction.

However, I recommend that you always go for the highest level of reduction. You’re wearing these to protect your hearing, so why not go for the highest level of protection.

The pack also includes a spare earplug (though there are only 2 of each type of filter).

There is also a string with plastic clips on each end to connect your earplugs to—a pretty handy way to ensure you don’t lose them.

3. Earasers Musicians Plugs (Medium)

Earasers Musicians Plugs (Medium) are a reasonable all-round solution for different noise environments.

With more than 40 years of tradition in manufacturing music equipment and top-notch sound features, Earasers suits various ear types.

No matter if you’re a music fan who often goes to concerts or a musician, this set of earplugs will protect your hearing while retaining the sound quality.

The Earasers earplugs don’t muffle music and keep the sound genuine while reducing the level of harmful noise. This is achieved by filtering out the unnecessary buzz and isolating the pure sound of music.

To cut a long story short, these Earaser plugs ensure a high level of protection and high-fidelity sound, thanks to the special V-filter.

As such, these earplugs help musicians concentrate on the tones they play, as well as feel them more precisely when played with the rest of the band.

4. Mute Audio M-Series M7

The Mute Audio M-series M7 earplugs keep your hearing safe and ensure that you get top-notch sound quality.

Their high-quality noise filter funnels only the clear tones to your ears and removes all the unwanted noise and unclear frequencies. By doing so, it simultaneously protects your hearing and enhances your music performance. The M-Series M7 earplugs are especially popular with session musicians, producers, and DJs since these three groups spend a lot of time in noisy environments.

What’s more, these people often have to wear headphones in such surroundings, and the M-Series M7 are easily placed under the headphones.

As for the ergonomic features, these earplugs are made of silicone, so they easily adapt to different ear types and shapes.

Also, you can easily maintain them with soap and water so that they last for a long period of time.

They come with a small, soft case that can be easily stored and barely takes an inch of space.

5. Loop Quiet – Noise Reduction Earplugs


I received a pair of these for free from Loop; however, it was my own decision to include them on this list.

They have a few different product options, but their Loop Quiet earplugs offer quite a lot of protection while including 12 different silicone and foam tips to ensure a good fit in your ears.

I often find it difficult to get a good seal with earplugs on my right ear. I was happy to say that these do the job very nicely.

I found there to be a significant reduction in volume. In order to achieve this, it appears that they are blocking the sound rather than filtering it. However, as someone who has to deal with tinnitus, I appreciate a heavy amount of volume reduction when drumming. Therefore, I have found these to be a good option.

They’re pretty stylish, so if you want to wear earplugs that have cool aesthetic qualities, then these are definitely one to check out.

If you’re planning to buy a set of Loop earplugs for drumming, then I think you should go for their “Quiet” option. The “Experience” and “Experience Pro” earplugs have a lower amount of hearing protection (though they do seem to filter the sound a bit better).

Day-To-Day Hearing Protection

Apart from music events, sound engineers, producers, and musicians need to take good care of their hearing in other situations, as well.

For instance, if you’re passing by a construction site, the level of noise might be unbearable. Similarly, long traffic jams can also lead to honking, revving, and other high-intensity sounds that could put your hearing at risk.

Because of that, you should always keep a pair of earplugs with you in everyday situations. I always have a set of earplugs attached in a handy case on my keyring. That way, you’ll be able to insulate your hearing from the outer world in case the noise becomes too intensive or threatening to your hearing.

Rehearsals, Gigs, Concerts

Many amateur musicians underestimate the loudness they’re exposed to during gigs. No matter if you’re a musician or just a gig-goer, think how many times you went to bed with a ringing sound in your ears after a gig.

The situation can be just as bad in rehearsal studios, and this is exactly where you could significantly damage your hearing if you don’t protect your ears properly.


The modern world is polluted with noise. Cars, construction machines, loud music in cafes and in the streets, as well as loud concerts and gigs all pose a threat to our hearing.

We should all make an effort to protect ourselves from such loud sounds. If you’re a musician who makes a living through hearing, it’s essential that you always stay cautious and keep your hearing safe from any potential outside risks.

I hope the advice in this article will make this easier for every musician who reads it.

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