The 5 Best Hi-Hat Stands for Smooth and Stable Playing

A hi-hat is an integral part of every drum set. The smoothness and quality of your hi-hat stand can allow you to properly control the pressure and sound of these cymbals. If you’re using a junk hi-hat stand then you’re missing out.

Hi-hat stands often don’t get the treatment they deserve. A good hi-hat is important not only in terms of durability and reliability but in terms of its impact on the whole drum set. You also want a stand that has a great mechanism, which works smooth and ensures effortless playing. A good mechanism is not just allowing effortless playing, but also provides lots of dynamics to your playing.

Another thing we should mention is that a good stand should feature a heavy-duty tubing with integrated memory locks, so you won’t bother with height adjustment before each show and rehearsal.

Hi-hat stands can be 2-legged or 3-legged. This is very much a matter of preference. Stands with 2 legs offer more space for other hardware such as a double bass drum pedal, whereas 3 legged stands offer more stability. It’s very much a matter of preference.

There is also the option of remote hi-hat stands, which allow for very flexible positioning of the hats within your kit.

Our Roundup: The 5 Best Hi-Hat Stands

1. Pacific Drums by DW 800 Series
Very affordable hi-hat stand (2 Legs)
2. Pearl H930 Hi-Hat Stand, Demonator Style
Editor's Choice - Very smooth feel, great pedal (3 legs)
4. Yamaha HS-740A
Great build quality (3 legs)
5. Tama Speed Cobra 315
A pro two-legged stand (2 Legs)
6. Gibraltar 5707 Double Braced
Affordable and perfect for beginners (3 legs)

1. Pacific Drums by DW 800

Check Price: Amazon

A great thing to know is that Drum Workshop isn’t reserved for professionals anymore. The renowned company has also beginners and intermediate players in mind these days. DW 800 is a perfect example.

Please note: the video below shows the entire 800 hardware pack, but it shows the 800 series hi-hat stand.

Based on the popular Pacific series, which set new standards in the industry years ago. The new model is a more affordable version, which comes with a similar overall design, though slightly simplified, as well as with lower-grade materials.

Of course, “lower-grade” doesn’t mean anything bad. This two-legged stand will satisfy professionals’ need with ease. It is compact, but also sturdy. Also, the hi-hat pedal works incredibly smooth, like in other, much more expensive DW products. The price is relatively affordable, and we also like the fact that the stand is available in various color options.

2. Pearl H930

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Pearl is a household name in the business, so it’s no wonder that hi-quality hi-hat stands are included in its offer as well. Based on the legendary H2000 series, this model comes as a cheaper alternative.

The overall design is pretty much the same, as well as the famous Demon look. One of the first things that you’ll notice is the famous Demon-style foot board, while the chain drive provides effortless and, at the same time, pretty responsive playing. Another thing we should mention is that you can adjust spring tension, which means you can adjust resistance, which means you will find this stand comfortable, no matter how “heavy” your foot actually is.

The sturdiness and overall quality of this stand are amazing, despite that we are talking about a mid-range price tag. The only thing that could bother you is that this is a three-legged stand. Still, if you don’t play double bass drum pedals, you shouldn’t have any problems with finding enough space for it in your drum set.

3. Griffin Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal

Check Price: Amazon

This is a very popular and solid remote hi-hat stand. Remote hi-hat stands are a great option for those that want a very flexible placement of their hi-hat on the kit. You could place your hi-hat in a completely different position than is done traditionally.

Using a pedal like this saves a lot of space and is great for double bass drum pedals.

You can buy a separate clamp to fasten the hi-hat stand to another cymbal stand or drum rack.

4. Yamaha HS-740A

Check Price: Amazon

If you’re looking for the best balance between price and quality, Yamaha is the brand for you. All Yamaha instruments are famous for excellent build quality, drums in particular.

Besides top-class durability and reliability, this product is also quite functional. There are 11 tension settings, which in practice means that drummers of all music styles and genres will find this hi-hat pedal super comfortable. It’s a very solid and comfortable hi-hat stand.

5. Tama Speed Cobra 315

Check Price: Sweetwater | Amazon

There are no words to describe how Speed Cobra 315 amazing is, considering the price tag. Practically, you get the same design of the famous 915 series, including some features that are pretty exclusive for this price tag. Another feature that is typical for much more expensive products is a direct pull action system, instead of a regular chain mechanism. This provides smoother and responsive playing compared to other products at this price range. Finally, there are six tension settings.

All in all, we could say that the Tama Speed Cobra is a highly functional and versatile product, which seems like a natural choice for metal drummers, as well as for all other drummers that are tight on budget and don’t have room for three-legged hi-hat stands.

6. Gibraltar 5707

Check Price: Amazon

When it comes to drumming hardware and accessories, Gibraltar is a very well known name in the world of drums. This company also makes very good hi-hat stands. This one is one of the most popular models, as it delivers a lot of value for the price. The overall design of this stand is pretty simple. It is a medium-sized three-legged stand, which is compact and stable at the same time.

The only complaint goes to a relatively small footprint. If this doesn’t bother you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this one, especially if you consider the price tag. The stand is flexible and adjustable, as well as pretty compact when packed, which makes it perfect for transportation. Definitely a great choice for those with a tight budget.

A quality hi-hat stand is a good investment, no matter if you are playing on a professional or some mid-grade drums.


Every drummer deserves a quality hi-hat stand. Fortunately, the offer is great in today’s market. Decent stands can be found at any price tag, especially if you are looking for something with a more basic design.

Also, double-legged stands have become a lot more commonplace. You can find one for a pretty reasonable price.

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