The 10 Best Hip Hop Drum Sample Packs (Free and Paid Options)

Hip Hop beats just don’t have the right punch unless you’re using great quality drum samples. In this article, we’re sharing some of the best options to take your beats to a whole new level.

We have included some great free options, as well as paid samples packs that are recorded and processed to a pro level.

Be sure to check out a few of these sample packs to see what works best for you.

1. RealDrumSamples (Free/Paid)

line of legends

If you’re looking for free drum samples, you should definitely check this option. Real Drum Samples offer over a hundred premium drum samples for free.

However, if you want premium features and a complete set of high-quality, attractive drum sounds, check out the Line of Legends Premium Package. You get Monster Sounds, ultra crispy sounds, crystal clear sounds, high-definition sounds, etc.

The package is 100% royalty-free and doesn’t have any filler sounds, you get to experience beautiful, versatile, quality drum sounds that allow maximum creativity and high productivity.

Real Drum Samples are offering a 20% discount to our readers for any premium pack, use the discount code “DRUMADVISOR20”.

2. Hip-Hop Gold on (Paid)

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The package Hip-hop Gold features the classic hip-hop style and works of some well-known personalities in the industry.

They include J. Dilla, DJ Premier, Mos Def, Jay-Z, and many others. The package offers an elaborate collection of versatile drum sounds that have both high and low amplitudes.

With this sample pack, you get your hands on several Hip-hop Atmosphere Loops, hip-hop bass loops, drum loops, clap and snare loops, kick loops, and many other amazing sounds.

Hip-hop Gold is a royalty-free sample pack, meaning that you can integrate them in any content without any license fees.

3. Loopcloud (Free/Paid)

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Loopcloud is a music platform that offers updated software and packages to create different sounds. But most importantly, it includes plenty of drum samples that you can look through and choose from.

Loopcloud offers four different plans and packages that you can choose from, depending on your needs and preferences.

The free package allows you to get a 30-days free trial and five free sounds a day. Other plans include Artist, Studio, and Professional. These are monthly packages, and they offer more features than the free one.

All of the Loopclouds samples are royalty-free, and you are free to use them in any content you want.

4. Live Hip-Hop Drums on Splice (Paid)

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Splice sounds is an easy way to search and download hundreds and thousands of presets and samples. The Live Hip-hop Drums on Splice is a sample pack that allows you to chop, remix, sample, and create musical masterpieces of your own.

All the hip-hop drum loops in this collection are high-quality inspirations of some of the industry’s greatest hits, including Pete Rock, Madlib, The Pharcyde, and many other famous personalities.

The best part is, while this is a paid platform, you can get a free trial. When you sign up, you can either go for a monthly package or an annual one.

Either way, you will get a 14-day free trial to test and explore the platform and see how it works. If you are not satisfied, pause and cancel the subscription whenever you want.

5. Vintage Hip-Hop Kit at MusicGateway (Free)

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Out of the many free drum kits available on MusicGateway, Vintage Hip-hop Kit has the most classic feel. If vintage, R&B, and Lo-fi music are up to your alley, you will love this particular kit of hip-hop drum sounds samples.

Just click on the hyperlinked text to download the package and enter your details.

Enjoy a library full of plenty of hip-hop drum samples, dusty pieces, and snares, without paying a penny. All samples are unique, versatile, and high-quality.

The platform is free and doesn’t charge you anything. Plus, you can avail of a 14-day free trial to see whether it makes sense to you, and you want to continue.

6. The Drumz on Loopmasters (Paid)

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The Production Master’s product, “The Drumz” is a collection of complete kits containing trap and drum sound samples. It consists of 4 essential drum kits, namely Lo-Rez, The Cartel, The Flavor, and Trap world.

Lo-Rez features modern lo-fi hip-hop collection of drum sounds. The Cartel consists of heavy EDM trap music and features a sophisticated, heavyweight vibe.

The Flavor is platinum plan charting Hip-hop and Trap music collection. It consists of analog and digital machines as well as synthesizers.

Finally, Trapworld comprises modern mainstream trap music and highlights the melodic aspects of the trap sound.

In each of these drum kits, you will find hundreds of loops and shots. Together, they allow you to merge, mix, modify, and get inspired.

7. Free Hip-Hop Loops and Drums at Sloopy

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With 112 sounds in its collection, Free Hip-hop Loops and Drums by r-loops intend to help artists create hip-hop music.

All the samples in this pack are carefully chosen and selected to fit the appropriate genre. Instrumental choices in these samples are drums, kick, open hat, snare, and hi-hat.

Inspirations include Schott Starch, Lex Luger, Drumma Boy, and ASAP Rocky. Using their masterpieces, you can create your personalized versions and become a hit!

The entire pack is royalty-free and free to use for commercial purposes, such as YouTube videos, mash-ups, and remixes, etc.

Signing up is entirely free, and so is the download process. There’s no reason not to start immediately!

8. Free-Sample-Packs

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Another great platform to help you find the right drum sound samples is Free Sample Packs (link). It features plenty of options for you to choose from, and you can decide which package features serve you best.

Some of the drum kits it highlights include OhGosh Essentials 5, Audio Animals, The Plan Beats, and the Warm 808’s, etc.

These are all packs and kits that consist of drum sounds and other elements, perfect to create hip-hop music pieces and inspire you with the best of music.

The platform allows you to set filters and choose categories to find what you’re looking for quickly.

9. Oracle Hip Hop Sample Pack – Cymatics (Free)

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With hundreds of diverse samples, the Oracle Hip-hop pack has a combination of everything you will need to make great hip-hop and classical music pieces.

You can choose from three different packages: Oracle sample pack, Oracle midi collection, and Oracle 808 collection.

Each of these packs has enough material to allow you to manipulate, merge, and generate new music from them.

The Oracle sample pack consists of over a hundred melodies that will help you create trap and hip hop music.

The Oracle midi collection takes you a step forward and helps you learn composition and build tracks more efficiently.

The Oracle 808 collection can help you amp up your music game. This premium pack features 808 material that improves your content by several folds.

10. Hip-Hop Hardcore Loops 2 by Zajo (Free)

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Freesound is a platform or a ‘collaborative database’ that allows its users to browse, share, and download unique sounds for free.

It also offers hip-hop music aids that are downloaded and shared frequently, advocating for its usefulness.

The Hip-Hop hardcore loops 2 by Zajo consists of 13 sounds, all of which are good quality hip-hop loops that help you improve your studio production quality or give you a great inspiration to create your own musical pieces.

Either way, these samples help you take your music abilities up a notch.

You can log in and download these samples for free.


So, there you go! We have compiled the list of ten best online paid and free hip hop drum sample packs for your convenience.

When you figure out the definite answers to these questions, pick and choose your favorite sample pack and improve your music productions quickly.

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