The Best 7 Kick Drum Mics Available To Buy Online


A kick drum mic should be able to capture a good mix of the low end from the bass drum, as well as the upper ranges that can be captured closer to the batter head. This article lists out some of the best options.

It does not matter if you are new to drumming world or doing it for past years; you probably enjoy the sound of the beloved bass drum. Do you want to mic your kick drum with one or two mics (one inside the kick, and the other on the outside to capture the sub sounds)? If you’re not sure, then check out our article on recording drums for more information.

The Best Kick Drum Mics

1. Shure BETA 52A Supercardioid Dynamic
One of the Best Kick Drum Mics on the Market
2. Sennheiser e602 II Evolution Series Dynamic
Perfect Bass Sound for Decent Price Tag
3. Audix D6 Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid
Perfect Mic for Low-Frequency Instruments
4. MXL A-55 Kicker Dynamic Drum Microphone
The Most Affordable, High-Quality Kick Drum Mic
5. Electro-Voice PL33 Kick Drum Microphone
Great Kick Drum Mic with Immediate Attack Response
6. Shure PGA52-LC Cardioid Swivel-Mount Dynamic
Sturdy Kick Drum Mic That Can Stand the Test of Time
7. Sennheiser e901 Boundary Layer Condenser Mic for Kick Drum
Elegant and Amazing Kick Drum Mic for Studio Performance

1. Shure BETA 52A Dynamic

You have probably heard about the Shure brand, which is one of the most prominent ones for microphone equipment. That is why their kick mic is one of the best choices that you can make on the market.

In case you wish to find a high-end piece of equipment that will provide the dynamic for the bass note sounds, you should consider Shure BETA 52A best kick drum mic. When it comes to studio quality performance, you will get the exact clarity by choosing this particular mic.

It has an incredible rejection of unwanted noise, which makes it perfect for drummers especially when compared with cheap mics that you can find on the market. It is a realizable choice, and you can rest assured because you will get the perfect microphone for the money.

It is ideal if you wish to ensure vibrant and deep bass tones instead of fleeting and flat. You will be able to use it for both studios and live performances, and construction is protected and safe, which means that it can withstand accidents and scratches.

Check out this video so that you can learn more about it.

2. Sennheiser e602 ii Dynamic

Sennheiser is a brand name that everyone knows and understands at some point in time. The popularity comes due to the amazing quality of microphones that they create and sell. Similarly, as other Sennheiser products, e602 ii Dynamic kick drum mic features ten-year warranty.

That way, you will be able to use it for years after purchase, and if anything goes wrong on your end, you can always find a way to repair or replace it. The sturdy construction is another positive aspect of this particular microphone, mainly because it will last you for a long time.

It comes with a sleek design, which is unique and pleasing to look especially when compared with other kick microphones that you can find on the market. Due to large diaphragm inside the design, it will pick up the lowest bass sounds and produce them as real as possible.

The integrated stand mount is an excellent addition that will help you position it and improve its stability during studio recordings. In overall, it is one of the most reliable brands in the industry, and a perfect example that you will get the combination of ideal performance for the decent price tag.

The best way to learn more on this particular kick mic is by watching this video:

3. Audix D6 Cardioid

This is another brand that we have to mention here primarily because it is recognized for supplying online retailers and music shops with products that could last for a lifetime.

If you choose the Audix D6 kick drum mic, you will get exceptional clarity for both recordings and live gigs. In case you wish to get deep and crisp tones that will help you boost your bass drum, this is the best choice for you.

It is also important to understand that they are assembling and testing their products personally, which means that you will get a high-end product that will serve your musical purposes.

It can provide you high-pressure sound without unwanted, painful and uncomfortable distortion. Due to the low mass diaphragm, you will be able to ensure the authentic and unique kick sound during the playing.

You can also use it to handle bass cabs and floor toms, primarily because of its great perspective of reproducing bass instruments. In overall, it is great looking, sturdy, and robust microphone that you can use for your studio purposes without any additional hassle.

Visit this link for a more comprehensive review on Audix D6 cardioid kick drum mic:

4. MXL A-55 Kicker

MXL A-55 Kicker drum mic is an excellent choice if you have a limited budget and you wish to find a sturdy and high-quality microphone for kick drum.

It is specifically designed for bass instruments due to its ability to capture low-frequency sounds with great authenticity and precision. You will get a dynamic product that will provide you the possibility to use it for both studio and live sessions.

You can also use it for bass cabinets, floor toms, and other instruments that emit low frequency and rick sound. It comes with metal construction, which means that it will be able to endure the most massive tear and wear.

You will be able to enjoy in low and robust kick sounds that will provide you punchy feeling as well as immediate response, especially if you are playing acoustic drums. By saying that, you will be able to record and perform a wide array of genres and styles without affecting the final product.

In overall, MXL A-55 Kicker drum mic is the perfect choice if you wish to find the one that will provide you the immediate response time for the affordable price tag.

Learn how to record with MXL A-55 kicker by watching this video:

5. Electro-Voice PL33

Electro-Voice PL33 best kick drum mic is an excellent choice if you wish to find a microphone that will provide you the fastest and most profound bass sound possible when playing your drums live and recording in the studio.

It is mostly suited for bass instruments, due to low-frequency resonance, which is an excellent addition to your drum set. Its robust and metal frame will make sure that it stays protected and safe inside, so you will be able to wear and tear it.

Due to the super-cardioid pickup pattern around the head, it will reduce the bleeding and feedback that you will get from other instruments and parts of your drum set.

The main reason why people enjoy this particular kick drum microphone is due to the immediate attack and snap response, which is necessary when playing drums live and recording.

Since even slight delay of powerful kick can cause havoc to your performance, you should consider this mic for your future use.

This video will help you understand this mic better than before.

6. Shure PGA52-LC

This is another Shure mic on this particular list, and we have to mention it due to its greatness when it comes to low-frequency sounds. We are talking about Shure PGA52-LC kick drum mic, which is the perfect choice for your drumming needs and requirements.

It comes with a zipper pouch so that you can improve its protection especially while traveling on gigs and leaving it in the studio. Its high-end construction and design are exceptional, and it will endure hours of recording without making a single mistake and problem.

It is straightforward and simple to use it and set it up, and due to cardioids pattern, you will be able to place it on a drum mount. The design is perfect because it will reject unwanted noise and surrounding sounds from other instruments.

The main thing you should learn is that it focuses on a single sound source, but with high intensity and accuracy. The combination of metallic and black finish will create a perfect touch for your newly bought drum set.

Reviews will help you find the best kick mic, and for this particular one, you should watch this video:

7. Sennheiser e901 Condenser

If you wish to play your drums with amazing sound, you should consider Sennheiser e901 Condenser, stylish microphone with perfect results.

The best way to implement a modern look to your drum set is by checking out this particular condenser mic, for both studios and live performances. This specific microphone will provide you the optimization that will easily record; reproduce and capture bass kick drum sounds.

Adjusting mics for getting perfect kick sound is vital for everything, but if you choose E901 bass mic, you will not need any stand. You can take a pillow and lay in front of the bass drum, and it will provide you perfect performance every single time.

It comes with a ten-year warranty deal, which means that you will be able to reduce the hassle and use it for years after you make an initial investment. That is another proof of its durability.

This is one of the most convenient kick drum microphones, and to hear it in play you should check out this link:

Best Kick Drum Mic – Buying Guide

  • Polar Patterns – Every mic you choose will have a different polar pattern, and this particular feature decides which side of the mic captures the sound. In case you consider cardioids model, it means that you will capture audio from the front and reject sides, which is great for live recordings. In fact that you wish to play in a noisy environment, you have to make sure you know which polar pattern you mic features.
  • Frequencies – When it comes to kick drum mic, you should choose the one that will pick the lower ends of frequency scale, mainly because that way you will get what you want from it. It means that you should look at ones that could go as low as 40Hz.
  • Sound Pressure Levels – SPL is a measure in decibels that will help you determine the maximum volume that mic you choose can take. It is a crucial feature and specification especially because kick drums are loud instruments and some mics cannot handle them. The ideal sound pressure level is between 130 and 160 decibels.


As you can see from everything, we have mentioned above; you will be able to find the best kick mic on the market. The idea is to do comprehensive research before you make up your mind because that way you will be able to make a quality purchase.

Of course, it is vital to check out different guides as well as customer testimonials, especially if you need kick drum mic. We will present to you our best considerations for both budget and high-end requirements.

  • High-End Option – The best choice that you can make from this particular list is Shure BETA 52A best kick drum mic. Due to cardioids design, you will be able to use it for a wide array of low-frequency instruments. You can also achieve high gain quality due to sound rejection and pattern.
  • Budget Option – Sennheiser E602 kick drum mic is the excellent choice that you will get for the decent price tag. Its slim design is highly attractive, and you will be able to suit your drumming needs especially if you wish to get the perfect piece of equipment. Combination of the cheap price tag as well as ten-year warranty deal means that you will use it for years after purchase.

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